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What are the funniest slogans you've seen on baby/toddler clothes?....

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Inthebloomingnightgarden · 25/01/2008 20:52

Needs some light relief after a stressful day. Saw these earlier:

"I will not sleep.... I will not sleep...." on a little romper suit

"I poop therefore I am!"

"Volatile substance...handle with caution"

OP posts:

cluckyagain · 25/01/2008 20:53

Haven't seen this but would really like this for dd2 - 'Yeah - like I care....'


Nappyzone · 25/01/2008 20:54

'i only cry when ugly people hold me' - my ds has it and i always have him wearing it when he goes to the mil


ROSEgarden · 25/01/2008 20:54

one other day..i put the P in Nappy

and one of my indees has one saying 'just got back from the naughty step'..oh how true it is[gron]


PersonalClown · 25/01/2008 20:55

Ds has a t shirt saying 'I got out of bed for THIS?'
I find his 'What are you looking at?' t shirt very handy when he's in autistic trantrum mode!


Idobelieveinfairies · 25/01/2008 20:55

my nephew has a bib which says 'a bottle of the house white please'...made me laugh.


FAQ · 25/01/2008 20:57

I liked the bib I got for DS3

"I love whoever feeds me"


snowleopard · 25/01/2008 20:57

We had a great top fromjohn Lewis with loads of tiny text about "little pirates". Little pirates sail the seas, hoist the flag, dig for treasure etc etc on and on it went, smaller and smaller until right at the end it said "little pirates drink lots and lots of beer". Brilliant. Obviously put there by a bored designer who knew their boss wouldn't be arsed to read the whole lot


Chuffinnora · 25/01/2008 20:57

A friend bought DS a t shirt that said "Sleepthief". How true.


WigWamBam · 25/01/2008 21:00

I don't normally like slogan t-shirts but I had a snigger at one I saw a while ago ...

"You lick that tissue, I call Social Services"


Inthebloomingnightgarden · 25/01/2008 21:03

PMSL at house white....will have to get one like that for SIL who is 25weeks preggers.

OP posts:

Inthebloomingnightgarden · 25/01/2008 21:04

v good WWB

OP posts:

FriedGreenTomatoes · 25/01/2008 21:06

"All daddy wanted was a blowjob"

My DH wouldn't let our child wear it though


Inthebloomingnightgarden · 25/01/2008 21:11

Just found these:

Blame my parents

I may not be perfect, but I'm so damn close it scares me

humpty dumpty was pushed

OP posts:

fingerwoman · 25/01/2008 21:12

fgt, i'm not surprised!


Inthebloomingnightgarden · 25/01/2008 21:13

fgt - CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OP posts:

cluckyagain · 25/01/2008 21:14

These are fab - particularly like the house white and the licky tissue one (which I now do!!)


specialmagiclady · 25/01/2008 21:17

Friend saw one in New York:

I'm proof Mommy likes f**king.

Beat THAT!


CrushWithEyeliner · 25/01/2008 21:19

I always liked - "Mama ain't raisin' no fool"


Inthebloomingnightgarden · 25/01/2008 21:20

sml.....mhhhhh not sure I'd be brave enough for this one

How about:

Grandpa thinks I'm the next miraculous conception

OP posts:

fingerwoman · 25/01/2008 21:20

that's just vile


nzshar · 25/01/2008 22:18

I had the spit on a tissue i call social services one for ds so didnt want to throw that one away


CrushWithEyeliner · 26/01/2008 18:03

don't get the grandpa one - I must be really dim....


fruitful · 26/01/2008 18:16

There is someone selling slogan babygros on Ebay at the moment, you can get

I drink until I pass out - just like Daddy


MrsBadger · 26/01/2008 18:26

I like these


dippydeedoo · 26/01/2008 18:32

i saw one on a newby suit saying 'just done 9 months inside'it was striped to look like a convict ......ds2 had a sweater saying it wasnt me ....on the back innocent til guilty ......when i was pregnant a zillion years ago i had a t shirt that said 'it started with a kiss....'

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