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What are the funniest slogans you've seen on baby/toddler clothes?....

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Inthebloomingnightgarden · 25/01/2008 20:52

Needs some light relief after a stressful day. Saw these earlier:

"I will not sleep.... I will not sleep...." on a little romper suit

"I poop therefore I am!"

"Volatile substance...handle with caution"

OP posts:
Pan · 29/01/2008 01:29

my friends baby has shirt with "i-pood" on it.

minko · 29/01/2008 19:27

I saw a baby-gro in a shop in Soho which said 'I've done fuck all today' on the front. Don't know when DCs would actually wear it but love it!

StripeyMamaSpanx · 29/01/2008 19:29

Friend's dd (16 weeks) has one saying "Breast Milk Only - No Udder Milk Will Do" which I rather like.

onlygirl · 30/01/2008 20:05

tempted to get one for ds2 - A.S.B.O

whomovedmychocolate · 30/01/2008 20:09

I want one with 'I was conceived in the night garden' on.

whomovedmychocolate · 30/01/2008 20:10

DD also has one that says: 'I like milk from my mummy not from just any old cow'

BTW OP - the last wasn't directed at you - only just noticed your screen name

bunnyhunny · 30/01/2008 20:14

saw one that had "mothersucker" on it!
thought that was quite funny

BroccoliSpears · 30/01/2008 20:16

I generally dislike slogan tshirts, but was tempted by a popper vest with a screen print of Bob Dylan and the words 'Time I need a-changin'' on it.

needmorecoffee · 30/01/2008 20:18

dd has several slogan t-shirts. One says 'look at me, not my disability'
'keep staring, I might do tricks'
and 'I'm gorgeous and I have wheels'

glitterkitty · 30/01/2008 20:23

Peacocks actually do a 'Sleep is for the weak' babygro. Do you think they got it from mn?

dirtylilminx · 03/02/2008 10:41

haha saw one that says " just like president bush my daddy didnt pull out" hell thats awsome

also " now that im safe im pro-choice"

look at these

oliviaelanasmum · 03/02/2008 10:47

I saw one to the tune of "I travelled the birth canal and only got this poxy t shirt"

peasoup · 03/02/2008 10:49

"I See Big People"
"I've done Fuck All Today"

oliviaelanasmum · 03/02/2008 10:49

DD3 has some rompers my mum bought her:
"Give peas a chance" with a huge peace sign
"stop the wailing" with a whale on

Feenie · 03/02/2008 10:54

"50% English, 50% Welsh, 100% gorgeous,"

But (English) dh won't let me get it for our ds, he says it's racist!

UnquietDad · 03/02/2008 10:56

When DD was little we had a Mothercare T-shirt which said "I wasn't born yesterday". I normally hate T-shirts with slogans on but I quite liked that one!

AdamAnt · 03/02/2008 10:57

Dirtylilminx - OH no some of them are vile. Really not funny. ("They Shake Me"?? "Hung Like a Five Year Old"?? YUCK)

But I did lol at Daddy Drinks Because I Cry

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