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Chub rub shorts - worth it?

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NCTDN · 16/07/2022 22:36

I really want to wear more dresses over the summer but am limited how long I can wear them for before the top of my thighs get a rash. I keep looking at the shorts but that somewhat defeats the point of a dress to keep you cool.
Are they any good? Or could a pair of cut down tights do the same?

OP posts:
Flamingooooooooooooooo · 17/07/2022 09:12

I have some cotton shorts from sloggi, they’re exactly the same as wearing underwear (I won’t wear any with them).

I have a thin pair of some kind of polyester type fabric from M&S in an that I’ll wear over pants, so light I don’t notice them.

Flamingooooooooooooooo · 17/07/2022 09:14

Not RTFT but i got my sloggi from amazon - just typed in Sloggi Shorts

Pashazade · 17/07/2022 11:20

Agreed I'm 5'5 and find the snag ones a bit long, I've got bright red ones, so pair with a shorter black dress for a flash of colour! The M&S ones come just below mid thigh on me and I have no issues with them.

Bringbackwinter · 17/07/2022 11:47

I just use a cheap roll on between the thighs. Use the Aldi roll on currently. It works perfectly. Give it a try. Used to use shorts but defeats the purpose of a dress

SpaghettiSquash · 17/07/2022 15:59

For those of you saying that Snag shorts are too long they do a shorter version.

chickma · 17/07/2022 16:02

I have cheap cycling shorts from primark, I also have some leggings from pep and co which I cut to size. All in grey which I find better that under lighter coloured dresses.

Elmo230885 · 17/07/2022 16:07

I love my chub run shorts. We'll worth investing in. I have some from Snag and some from Better Tights. Both are amazing, couldn't wear dresses before I bought them.

Blondeissimo · 17/07/2022 16:16
LunaLoveFood · 17/07/2022 16:22

I wear big bloomers chub rub shorts and they're great, they really don't make you hot.

Workyticket · 17/07/2022 16:22


I forgot to pack mine yesterday (rare night away with dh for our anniversary) 10 minutes into mooching around shops and pubs in Leeds and I was sore.

Nipped into H&M for cycling shorts - they're a bit warmer than my chub rub tights but absolutely saved my day out

SecondhandTable · 17/07/2022 16:24

I bought some cheap black cycling shorts from George at Asda a few weeks ago to wear under dresses and skirts and they're great. Really comfy, I wish I'd have bought a few pairs.

waitingpatientlyforspring · 17/07/2022 16:39

I've just purchased some black cycling shorts and I feel so much cooler! Plus I'm not a sweaty down there. For ref I'm a size 22 so pretty big. The ones so have, haven't completely stopped the rub, just moved it further up a bit, but it's much better than it is without wearing them.

BashfulClam · 17/07/2022 16:43

I have ones from The Big Bloomers Company. They actually are designed to moisture wick and keep you cooler (just don’t wash with softener). I also used bandelettes which are lacy bands at the top of your legs. I was expecting them to roll down etc but after 8 hours in a roasting office the didn’t budge, you do need to measure correctly.

Cherrysoup · 17/07/2022 17:31

Snags, I love mine, plus they claim to cool you down a degree.

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