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Didn't get anything for Mother's Day

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littlese · 27/03/2022 11:10

DH didn't get me anything for Mother's Day, not even a card. When I asked him about it, he said the kids had made me cards from nursery and when he asked what I wanted I didn't say anything.

Just a card and a wish would have been nice. I'm so disappointed and upset I don't even know what to say

OP posts:

AHungryCaterpillar · 19/03/2023 14:47

Crazy that someone resurrected this thread as if there isn’t already a million threads on this topic! Glad you had a better one this year op


Toughsteak · 20/03/2023 21:37

littlese · 27/03/2022 11:31

I wanted my husband to appreciate me, the mother of his children

Make a mental note for Father's Day...

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