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WigWamBam and her party

191 replies

KangaMummy · 07/11/2004 00:30

Glad you had a good time decided to start new thread as bunglies box was so long

OP posts:
WigWamBam · 07/11/2004 00:34

Wow - a thread with my name in the title!!! . How long before I can give Coddy a run for her money? .

KangaMummy · 07/11/2004 00:40

I just thought that if we were talking just outside her box we may wake her up

And I didn't want to do that

OP posts:
KangaMummy · 07/11/2004 00:44

when Bunglie has woken up we will be able to go there for another tea party.

don't know what coddy will think

do you find the herby one a bit strange?

I don't know what to make of her sometimes she seems to ask very strange questions and then not listen to what people say to her.

I think people did think me a bit weird last night.

OP posts:
pixiefish · 07/11/2004 08:21

I didn't Kangamummy- in regard to the one about the how's your father i found your reply hilarious

bonkerz · 07/11/2004 09:30

must really get myself sorted out cos it seems that im letteing RL take over this weekend and thats just not acceptable! (got me bro up from devon and first time ive seen him in 2 years!)

Willl see you later with my priorities in tact

coppertop · 07/11/2004 10:25

Shame on you, KM! Posting a less-than-serious reply on a thread about rumpy-pumpy!

WigWamBam · 07/11/2004 10:43

I'm not sure what to make of the herby one either, maybe she likes to cause a stir? I do think there are problems there, I'm just not quite sure what they are. Perhaps we should start a similar thread on the Only Joking boards and see what response we get - non-serious comments very welcome of course ...

coppertop · 07/11/2004 10:50

Go on, go on, go on!

WigWamBam · 07/11/2004 11:50


suzywong · 07/11/2004 12:54

WWB who did you used to be? I reserve my right to be nosey and not play the game as I hardly ever get on to the boards when they are live anymore

Are you the poster formerly known as JanH?

KangaMummy · 07/11/2004 13:59

Thanks pixiefish and coppertop

OP posts:
WigWamBam · 07/11/2004 14:59

Suzy - I'm a poster formerly known as something else, but I'm not JanH.

WigWamBam · 07/11/2004 15:00

(That was incredibly informative, wasn't it!)

KangaMummy · 07/11/2004 15:08

WWB you are a tease

OP posts:
WigWamBam · 07/11/2004 15:16
Bunglie · 07/11/2004 23:28

I'm lurking......

Did you miss me...had to go away for the weekend!

WigWamBam · 07/11/2004 23:34

You've woken up! Can we come and play for a bit now?

Bunglie · 07/11/2004 23:37

WK is being nasty to me...she said you didn't miss me for 2 whole days...

wobblyknicks · 07/11/2004 23:37

How am I being nasty!!! I said I would have missed you, but I didn't get the chance!!

WigWamBam · 07/11/2004 23:38

Of course we missed you! I was only complaining a little while ago that there was no-one to play with and I couldn't wake you up! I threw dead snails at you and everything!

Bunglie · 07/11/2004 23:43

Awe! OK WK...but TWO whole days....and I was in my box...but needed to nip out to recharge the Kangeroo!


Can we be friends?

WWB will you please wipe the dead uhg off the outside of my box?

WigWamBam · 07/11/2004 23:44

No ... I do enough cleaning around here, it's somebody else's turn, surely? Do I have to remind you of the mess you made with the gerbil?

Bunglie · 07/11/2004 23:48
WigWamBam · 07/11/2004 23:49

Thought not.

Bunglie · 07/11/2004 23:52

Sorry! I'm off to my box now...see you in the morning!

I'm very sorry....can I have a new gerbil tommoroww...Pleeeeeeeease

Night night

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