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If your dog or cat could say one word/phrase in English...

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VentventVENT · 21/10/2020 18:46

What do you think it would choose?

OP posts:
dexterslockedintheshedagain · 21/10/2020 18:49

Oh bugger

ladybee28 · 21/10/2020 18:53

Butt-scratch, please.

iklboo · 21/10/2020 18:53

Knobhead (Cat1 - his face says it all the time).

FOOD!! (Cat 2)

user1471453601 · 21/10/2020 18:54

Mine would say " you can keep saying "Daisy,no" until the cows come home, but Daisy is gonna, so get used to it, sucker"

JayAlfredPrufrock · 21/10/2020 18:54


VentventVENT · 21/10/2020 18:55

Posted too soon - mine would say “belly tickles”!

OP posts:
Pelleas · 21/10/2020 18:56

My cats would sneer 'Oh, for God's sake, you dimwit' at me 50 time a day.

CassieNightingale · 21/10/2020 18:57

Food or feed me

kennelmaid · 21/10/2020 18:57

Not one word, but I think he'd say 'Thank you for rescuing me, I'll love you forever and ever'

DelurkingAJ · 21/10/2020 18:58

Food now, slave (DCats)

ohidoliketobe · 21/10/2020 18:58

Feed me, slave

GreeboIsMySpiritAnimal · 21/10/2020 18:59

Feck off.

(Cat hates everyone)

OnCandyStripeLegs · 21/10/2020 19:00

#1 food now
#2 fuck you

CompleteBarstool · 21/10/2020 19:01


He has a very loud, impatient meow when he wants to go in or out, or when he thinks he should be fed

(Officially not our cat but he lives here a lot of the time)

Jaxhog · 21/10/2020 19:02


Coffeeandaride · 21/10/2020 19:02

What can you do for me? (Cat)

LittleMissnotLittleMrs · 21/10/2020 19:03

ME!!! Ie stroke ME, feed ME, cuddle ME, love ME, pay attention to ME

QueSera · 21/10/2020 19:03

Cat: "Rub my belly NOW PLEASE"

MagicSummer · 21/10/2020 19:05

I love you so much.

CollieDug · 21/10/2020 19:06


If your dog or cat could say one word/phrase  in English...
DistantShores1 · 21/10/2020 19:06

How many times do I need to show you where my food is kept before you take the hint.

Al1langdownthecleghole · 21/10/2020 19:06


It's always dinnner time for labs.

FlyingFlamingo · 21/10/2020 19:09

‘Feeeed me, I’m starrrrving, look how I have to lick the worktop for scraps’. Alternated with ‘open the door! I don’t necessarily want to go through it but I would like to check that it still works, oh yes, it does. You may close it now. Hey! Where are you going? I said open the door! You humans have no idea.’

TazMac · 21/10/2020 19:11

I’m still hungry.

Another Labrador. He would say it every 5 minutes.

contrary13 · 21/10/2020 19:24

The dog would say: "[DS] is in the shower, so I'm obviously gonna be walked soon!!!" or "Annihilate the post!!!"
The cat would say: "I love [DS]" ('cause he really does)
Male kitten would say: "Feed me everything, as soon as possible!"
Female kitten would say: "Kiss?"

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