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Just discovered I only have 1 Palmaris longus muscle. Do you have 2?

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Pamelaaaaa · 28/09/2020 21:07

How on earth have I got to my mid 30s and never noticed this before? I only know now because it was pointed out to me!

Put your thumb and little finger together and flex your wrist slightly towards you. See the long, hard thing sticking out from your wrist going down your arm? That's it! Some people don't have it at all and some seemingly only have 1. I just can't believe I've never noticed I only had 1 before now.

If you have no idea what I'm on about google it and you'll know from the pics. Quite a fascinating little muscle and what they can use it for if necessary during surgery on the rest of your body.

OP posts:
BashfulClam · 30/09/2020 00:55

Even weirder is that I have two and also have 4 wisdom teeth (well two have been pulled). DH hasn’t got either the muscle or any wisdom teeth (confirmed by dental x-Ray). He’s evolved and is a Human Mark 2 we joke!

prettybird · 30/09/2020 01:19

I only have one - on my right wrist. I'm left handed Wink

noodlezoodle · 30/09/2020 01:40

I have them but I can't see them doing the thumb/little finger thing. I have to make a fist and move my hand in and then they pop right out.

Galvantula · 30/09/2020 08:40

I've one right two left i think.

Gingernaut · 30/09/2020 09:57
Rainyrain · 30/09/2020 10:02

I have one on each side but they only pop if I put my thumbs to my ring fingers so try that if you haven’t got any when you’re using your little finger and thumb....

BearSoFair · 30/09/2020 10:12

One on each side but the left stands out a lot higher than the right.

Monday55 · 30/09/2020 10:54

I seem to have 2 very thin ones in both arms. Bit if flexed at a certain angle it looks like I have one. The muscle also shows up if you open your palm as wide as it can go.

Can someone explain in layman's term what it all means ?

Iwasonceabrownie · 30/09/2020 11:57

2 on the left and 1 on the right.

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