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Drugs/substance that stains mouth and lips

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Lookingforhelpplease · 12/09/2020 16:11

We have a suspicion that our son is using drugs. A couple of times over the last few weeks he's come home barely able to stand and out of it and his have been blue.

Does anyone know what this could be?

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Lookingforhelpplease · 12/09/2020 16:11

His lips have been dark blue that should have said.

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lyingwanker · 12/09/2020 16:15

Valium maybe? I've heard and seen people who've almost OD'd on dodgy valiums

Misknit · 12/09/2020 16:15

Nitrous oxide

SoddingWeddings · 12/09/2020 16:16

Blue as in stained or as in hypoxic / low oxygen?

Frequency · 12/09/2020 16:16

Blue WKD? I've never heard of a drug that stains your lips blue.

Lookingforhelpplease · 12/09/2020 16:17

Sodding Weddings stained

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SummerSnapdragon · 12/09/2020 16:17
Could be caused by some drugs but is a life threatening condition.

theDudesmummy · 12/09/2020 16:18

Hypoxic blue could be anything that decreases respiration including especially benzos (like Valium, Ativan) or opiates. Stain blue could be anything that has been taken orally and has some kind of blue dye in it.

SoddingWeddings · 12/09/2020 16:18

Sounds more like alcohol. Lots of blue dyed drinks out there.

theDudesmummy · 12/09/2020 16:19

Some E or LSD preparations may have dyes in them, eg if taken on paper with a blue pattern on it.

CoronaBollox · 12/09/2020 16:20

He may be doing balloons, lack of oxygen the high doesnt last long, so I imagine the staggering is just him being very drunk.

CoronaBollox · 12/09/2020 16:21

Just saw your update about staining blue. Ignore my last post.

Frequency · 12/09/2020 16:21

I think Blue WKD or that God awful white shite that pretends to be cider. We used to pour Panda Pop or Calypso carton drinks into ours to make it palatable. That always stained our lips.

Lookingforhelpplease · 12/09/2020 16:22

It's not lack of oxygen. It's a stain.

OP posts:
lyingwanker · 12/09/2020 16:23
CoronaBollox · 12/09/2020 16:23

Sounds like he's found a cocktail he loves. Blue lagoon from wetherspoons used to stain my tongue.

CatBatCat · 12/09/2020 16:23

Nitrous oxide or Nos. The cream whippets, its causes hyperventilation.

lyingwanker · 12/09/2020 16:24

See the link above regarding the Valium pills. A few people from my hometown died from them over the past couple of years and I've seen several over doses in the streets too

Lookingforhelpplease · 12/09/2020 16:24

It also looks like a darker blue than you'd expect from WKD. I suppose if he drank enough of them it would build up the depth of colour maybe.

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FilledSoda · 12/09/2020 16:30

It's more likely to be a blue coloured drink and he's drunk .

Lookingforhelpplease · 12/09/2020 16:33

The blue valium pills are ringing alarm bells. He's been in another world all morning and is now sleeping and was exactly the same the following day last time.

OP posts:
Yeahnahmum · 12/09/2020 16:34

How about asking him??

Crinkle77 · 12/09/2020 16:37

I've found something on reddit about a drug called Aderall which can stain the mouth and nose blue or could be something called etizolam

Lookingforhelpplease · 12/09/2020 16:37

He's insisting it's blue chewing gum. He's also spent £150 since Thursday with absolutely nothing to show for it and been spending like this for a couple of months. He works full time so it's his own money.

OP posts:
Lookingforhelpplease · 12/09/2020 16:38

yeahnahmum he won't talk to us.

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