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Teenage girl sharing hotel room....

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AndOnAndOn · 18/06/2019 13:20

After opinions on whether it is OK or not for 12/13 year old girl to share a hotel room with step dad while mum sleeps in another room with the the baby?

No drip feeding, no issues, mum and step dad married for about 8 years, no previous concerns.

Is this OK or not ever?

Thank you in advance

OP posts:
CarolDanvers · 18/06/2019 13:23

Not appropriate.

BlueMerchant · 18/06/2019 13:24

I can't see a problem if they are both fine with it? Presumably they have a good relationship and get on? They've been stepdad/daughter since your DD was 4/5 years old. I say ok.

CORSACORSA · 18/06/2019 13:24

Weird. Why can’t dad sleep with baby?

hopeishere · 18/06/2019 13:24

Would it be ok if it was her bio dad?

AndOnAndOn · 18/06/2019 13:27

I know. I don't feel that it's appropriate but also agree with everyone that says otherwise....

OP posts:
Sparkletastic · 18/06/2019 13:28

Family room for mum, dad and baby. Give teen her privacy.

newmomof1 · 18/06/2019 13:28

Cant you just get a family room?

BeardedMum · 18/06/2019 13:34

Yes why not.

AppleKatie · 18/06/2019 13:34

If they are both happy I don’t see the issue really? If they have an established paternal relationship and he isn’t a predator then it’s fine.

blackcat86 · 18/06/2019 13:34

No it's not appropriate and really ill advised for the step dad who is leaving himself at risk of accusation. A teenager needs more privacy. I would dream of room sharing with teenage DSS with or without DH in the room.

AppleKatie · 18/06/2019 13:35

And obviously if he is dodgy then he shouldn’t be sharing with the baby or spending any time at all with a family so....

cakeandchampagne · 18/06/2019 13:37

Not appropriate.

Mrscog · 18/06/2019 13:40

It sounds ok to me as long as it’s a twin room and there is a lockable en suite for each of them to change in.

It would also depend on how the DD felt and if she was comfortable with the arrangement.

StopMakingATitOfUrselfNPissOff · 18/06/2019 13:49

I'd say ok in a twin room

SoupDragon · 18/06/2019 13:53

TBH I don't think it's appropriate even if it was her actual father - I think a teen girl needs privacy at that age. I don't think there's anything dodgy about it, I just think that with all the body changes that go on for a teen girl at that age, privacy is important. Teen DD shares with me on holiday but I can't imagine her wanting to share with her father.

Breathlessness · 18/06/2019 13:55

I wouldn’t.

negomi90 · 18/06/2019 13:57

No parents can share with the baby, she needs own room.
I've had a step dad since I was little no way would I have been comfortable with it. Neither me nor my sisters at that age would have shared with our dads alone either.

EmmaGrundyForPM · 18/06/2019 13:59

Why can't dad share with baby and mum share with teenager?

NoBaggyPants · 18/06/2019 14:02

If daughter is OK with it, it's fine.

For those suggesting daughter has a room of her own, that wouldn't be permitted in a hotel.

OKBobble · 18/06/2019 14:08

How about adjoining rooms and leaving door open and putting daughter and baby in one room and the adults in the other?

knittedthrow · 18/06/2019 14:10

What does the teen think about the idea?

AnneTwackie · 18/06/2019 14:11

That’s weird, no way my husband would want to share with my teenage daughter and vice versa even though they’ve known each other since she was 4. Can’t see why it’s necessary

Insignificant0ther · 18/06/2019 14:12

How old is the baby? Can't Mum and Teen share one room, Dad and Baby in the other? If baby isn't being breastfed, this would work I guess.

Magenta82 · 18/06/2019 14:34

For those suggesting daughter has a room of her own, that wouldn't be permitted in a hotel.

I've just checked the T&Cs of a couple of different hotel chains, there is a minimum age to make a booking but none of them say anything about minimum age to stay in a room next to their parents.

Nesssie · 18/06/2019 14:39

Fine if they are both happy. Hes been in her life since she was 4, I imagine they are both very comfortable around each other and can sleep in the same room for a few nights.

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