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what IS "streaming music" and why can't I figure it out?

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vivariumvivariumsvivaria · 03/06/2019 20:09

I like CDs. I know where I am with a CD.

The kids have music on their phones, using up storage and then their phones don't work and I can't get hold of them and it drives me mad because what use is a phone that you can't phone on? What they need is a walkman AND a phone - but they refuse to see the sense in this.

I hear that you can get spotify for a family - an then play it though a speaker and keep playlist on your phone. I have some music (like 6 songs I needed for work stuff) stored on my phone and don't like the apple music app because it's not a CD.

I need to have music on my C25K app or I'll give it up.

I've honestly tried to understand - but, as far as I can tell, as soon as I think I've got it figured out there's a new system.

So, what do you, and will you please tell me so I can copy you?

OP posts:
tobee · 03/06/2019 20:29

My not me Grin

lljkk · 03/06/2019 20:30

What do you use to get hold of your kids, OP? Texts or ring them or WhatsApp or what kind of messaging app?

Deezer account maintains a list of the songs I like (under my profile). I can listen to them using any device that either has the app OR by logging into the Deezer website (which keeps a list of songs I have chosen as favourites, and a list of suggested songs I might like). Plus I can search for, say Eric Clapton, and his albums come up or playlists by others or all his tracks (roughly in order of most to least popular). I can download to my device to listen offline or just listen via streaming.

Look gals. Have more confidence in yourselves.... I'm a bit technically declined & even I can do this. Grin

I use headphones at work. DS has a bluetooth speaker, come to think of it, but I don't know which music sub service he uses.

Podcasts can work very similar; download or stream whichever suits you best.

vivariumvivariumsvivaria · 03/06/2019 20:30

Me too tobee!

So, what happens if Spotify went bust? Do you lose all your saved music?

OP posts:
tobee · 03/06/2019 20:31

I don't want to listen to someone else's stupid playlist . That doesn't sound beautiful to me!!!

Windyone · 03/06/2019 20:32

Download Spotify for free or pay £9.99 for better service. You can either download to your phone or “stream”. Play through a Bluetooth speaker.
What age are your kids. I’d be more worried about the other things that they are doing on their phones that you don’t know about/understand.

Jinglejanglefish · 03/06/2019 20:32

Why would you have to listen to someone else's playlist?

Glitteryfrog · 03/06/2019 20:34

Boo! I don't want iTunes to go! I like having a music library with music I own. Streaming sounds a massive faff. I don't want a subscription. I often don't download stuff for months.

You dont own any of the music. Just the rights to listen to it...
It's like having the biggest CD collection imaginable.
I've rediscovered stuff I'd forgotten about.

You just ask it to play your favourite music... be that Kylie, Cradle of Filth or Talking Heads.

Streaming is great.

vivariumvivariumsvivaria · 03/06/2019 20:34

Look gals. Have more confidence in yourselves.... I'm a bit technically declined & even I can do this

I will admit to being embarrassed. If you read up on tech stuff there's a lot of assumed knowledge. I have gone in to the Apple store to ask and got patronised by a child with a beard, who was very nice, but, clearly did not understand that the ideal solution to listening to music is a CD in a massive battery operated walkman.

No, quality of sound, dusting, storage, accessibility, battery use and looking like a throwback to 1990 does not matter. No.

OP posts:
RosaWaiting · 03/06/2019 20:34

OP you're paying to stream

so I imagine yes, if Spotify went bust, I'd lose the music. But I didn't buy the music, I paid for a streaming service.

Also think it makes no sense that the kids aren't contactable because of music apps.

Also confused by pp saying "listen to someone else's playlist". Spotify suggests playlists but I mostly just ignore them and use my own.

vivariumvivariumsvivaria · 03/06/2019 20:35

I’d be more worried about the other things that they are doing on their phones that you don’t know about/understand. They are old enough to be able to take advantage of their gimmer auld mamma, for sure!

OP posts:
Windyone · 03/06/2019 20:36

What age are you Viva Smile

Landlubber2019 · 03/06/2019 20:36

I use Google play music, no adverts lots of choice and at £9.99 per month its fab. I can listen to a wide repertoire of tracks, which I wouldn't have otherwise paid for. I listen using Google home and phone if at work.

megletthesecond · 03/06/2019 20:36

The only time I really need my music is when I have no wi-fi out running.

I might have to binge on itunes before it goes. I want specific songs, not playlists or everything Beyonce or 1980's pop. .

vivariumvivariumsvivaria · 03/06/2019 20:37

This has been really helpful. Thanks, I'll speak to them about signing up as a family.

Someone explained to me on here "twitter is like being in a pub with loads of conversations going on at once" - once I got that concept I could use it.

OP posts:
tobee · 03/06/2019 20:39

@Glitteryfrog thanks for your post. Maybe I should have said I like the illusion of owning the music! Grin

I love, love, love new technology and gadgets but curating a playlist makes me want to go to sleep!

Jinglejanglefish · 03/06/2019 20:39

Of course you can have specific songs!

Glitteryfrog · 03/06/2019 20:39

You can set up playlists of what ever you choose.
You dont have to listen to anyone else's... unless you want to.
We set up a wedding playlist with exactly what we wanted on it... then shared it with our venue so they could play it during the day.

Windyone · 03/06/2019 20:41

Viva, my son is 15 and way ahead of me technologically but he is my best source of tutoring/learning.I feign interest in what he’s doing/technology generally and he’ll chat away for ages. I learn a bit and he thinks I’m cooool (even though my eyes are glazing over Smile )

tobee · 03/06/2019 20:43

To be honest, I got the free trial of amazon music and didn't listen once after signing up. But if there was nothing else I'd use it. I remember seeing iPads for the first time and I thought I'd never use one...

Presumably, in a few years time, we'll listen to films and music by eating a microchip and watching them on the back of our eyelids or something! Grin

Michaelbaubles · 03/06/2019 20:43

The beauty of streaming is you can have any specific song, any time you like.

So when I had CDs and an mp3 collection I had a few albums from an artist I love - now I have instant, any time access to all those albums plus live albums, random tracks from compliations, collaborations with other artists and the newest stuff they release there to stream straight away. And I can use the radio or playlist features to find similar artists if I want a change. I can listen to one track, one album, my own playlist of my favourite songs, someone else’s playlist of their favourite songs, a playlist my boyfriend made me...I have basically infinite choice. No hardship there at all.

titchy · 03/06/2019 20:43

Spotify/iTunes going bust...

iTunes you own the digital music, so whatever you've bought you can download and save onto a pc or other device, or onto your own cloud storage even though iTunes won't exist much longer.

Spotify and Deezer - you never own the music. It's a subscription that allows you to play pretty much whatever music you want. Like a library where you can borrow unlimited books - rather than Waterstones where you buy the books. So if they go bust you won't subscribe any more, but will presumably find another subscription service.

tabulahrasa · 03/06/2019 20:44

“Streaming sounds a massive faff”

It’s honestly not, it’s like iTunes except you don’t have to download anything, if you want a specific song you can just play it...

Nancydrawn · 03/06/2019 20:44

If you like metaphors, streaming is like having access to a radio station where you get to choose the songs.

(You can also download them to your phone, which does take up space, but most people just listen to what they want.)

Most 'stations' (e.g. Spotify) will have playlists already created by other 'DJs' that you can listen to if you like. So, there will be one called something like Classical for Work or Dinner Party Jazz or Songs of Summer, and you can pick that and play it. If you hate a song, unlike the radio, you can skip ahead.

The money is the subscription to the radio.

Thus ends my tired metaphor.

FreckledLeopard · 03/06/2019 20:45

We have family Spotify. I've downloaded all my favourite songs to a giant playlist (nearly 2000 songs) so I have it to hand wherever I am (tube, plane, somewhere with no reception). Other stuff I just stream, rather than download. I have Spotify (with lots of songs) and quite a lot of other apps on my iPhone and no issues at all with them using too much memory.

I love Spotify. I've had it for over ten years and I couldn't be without it!

tobee · 03/06/2019 20:48

But but ... how does it work with just shuffling a library of stuff? Rather than me setting up a playlist. Apparently I've got 13.15 GB of downloaded music but only about 40 songs on playlists iyswim.

Sorry to hijack thread op!

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