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Victoria and David expecting their 4th...

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HappyCapybara · 09/01/2011 16:36

just wanted to remind them that they're both more than welcome to come and ask for advice/support


OP posts:
Eglu · 09/01/2011 16:54

That explains the move back to England. Even if DB is not going to Spurs. I'm sure she wants to have the baby in England.

belgo · 09/01/2011 16:56

DO you have a link?

spidookly · 09/01/2011 16:57

Apparently V does post on MN, so you might have already given her advice.

FellatioNelson · 09/01/2011 16:57

Is this official then?

NannyState · 09/01/2011 16:57

Its on Sky News at the moment. Their spokesperson announced it 10 mins ago apparently. Has she got a book out or summat?

NannyState · 09/01/2011 16:57

Baby due in June apparently.

IAmReallyFabNow · 09/01/2011 16:58

I just saw this on news 24. I feel it is quite soon to announce it though.

ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo · 09/01/2011 16:58

tenner on a girl.

ajandjjmum · 09/01/2011 17:01

That's lovely news.

ASecretLemonadeDrinker · 09/01/2011 17:04

:) That's nice, I had an inkling they would (no idea why!) , maybe I read they had said they would without realising IYSWIM Confused

MrsTittleMouse · 09/01/2011 17:05

Also think that this is a girl. I wish she hadn't been so vocal about her desire for a girl. Ditto Jamie Oliver and his hopes for a boy. Not really appropriate for the children to read when they're older.

bronze · 09/01/2011 17:06

I thought they already had Blush
Maybe cos I have four and with my first three they were justa bit ahead of me each time

lostinwales · 09/01/2011 17:08

Aha, that would explain why she cried at Sports Personality of the year, all those hormones. I did think they looked like a lovely family, her boys are similar ages to mine and the way she was touching and holding them was so maternal and normal.

arentfanny · 09/01/2011 17:09

Congratulations Victoria if you read this.

compo · 09/01/2011 17:11

It's not too early to announce it
friend just announced she's due in July, had 12 wk scan this week

belgo · 09/01/2011 17:12

Congratulations to them.

ragged · 09/01/2011 17:12

I think it's up to individuals to announce when they see fit.

ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBoo · 09/01/2011 17:20

agree ragged.

onadietcokebreak · 09/01/2011 17:21

not a huge celebrity fan but so this made me smile.

TotorosOcarina · 09/01/2011 17:41

How lovely :)

Congratulations to them.

Their sons are beautiful, happy children (afaics!!)

Yey for 4th children!

TotorosOcarina · 09/01/2011 17:42

im due in may and am 23 weeks, so if shes due June then shes well past 12 weeks - don't see how thats early to announce?

Cyb · 09/01/2011 17:42

Oh blimey

That means it's even LESS likely he'll leave her and come and marry me

ValiumTinselton · 09/01/2011 17:43

I think it's a good thing she's been vocal about wanting a little girl. Only stupid people will think that means she doesn't appreciate her boys or love them.

So often, women are completely demonised for wanting the sex they don't have. It shouldn't be taboo. So imo, good for vb

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