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I've got Oxbridge educated professional parents - from an affluent area - my partner was brought up on a council estate by parents on benefits AMA

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SteepleJill · 20/02/2023 18:01

This basically!! AMA!!!!

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TheGander · 24/02/2023 20:20

My MIL is WC. She is very uptight, everything in their home is super controlled, has to be just so. She’s a bit too old for it now but used to get up before dawn to clean everything including the windows. My family on the other hand… could do with a bit more housepride TBH.

SteepleJill · 25/02/2023 03:30

925justtostayalive · 24/02/2023 19:37

Me too (sort of). My parents are both educated to Masters level, high level professionals. DH son of single teenage mum from council estate. To be honest, I get on with DH's side better because they're way more honest, open and uninhibited. My side of the family is up right and gets embarrassed over stupid things, and are very quick to disapprove of things. DHs family just want us to be happy, that's it.

Do you find this?

Yes. Absolutely 100% my experience

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BitOutOfPractice · 25/02/2023 03:36

What a very odd AMA. What would you like us to ask? Are we supposed to be impressed by any of that?

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