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I had a Tummy Tuck, Liposuction & Muscle repair. AMA

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FlamingoAtTheBingo · 07/01/2021 21:27

As the title really Smile

Considering a tummy tuck or a spot of lipo? Or want to know about abdominal muscle repair? I had all procedures 13 weeks, so feel free to ask me anything

OP posts:
kazza446 · 07/01/2021 21:33

How much did it cost. How much have a difference has it made? How bad was the pain??!

I’m envious!

BettaSplenden · 07/01/2021 21:35

How much did you lose size wise? Like was a 12 now a 10 or was an 20 now an 8? Etc ;)

Horehound · 07/01/2021 21:37

Omg I want! How sore was it? Were you under anaesthetic or were you just numbed but awake?
How long did the procedure take

FlamingoAtTheBingo · 07/01/2021 21:39

@kazza446 it cost 8.4K. It's made an enormous difference - like I cannot explain! The difference is like night and day

The pain was brutal to begin with. The first week was painful and I wasn't very mobile. I felt regretful as I was so incapacitated. And then comes about day 6... and from then on, it's an improvement every day really

OP posts:
TheWashingMachine · 07/01/2021 21:40

How did you find a surgeon? What was the cost? How long were you in hospital? How do you maintain the weight loss now?

FlamingoAtTheBingo · 07/01/2021 21:40

@BettaSplenden I am 5 ft 4 and I was a size 14 beforehand. BUT a size 14 who could only wear stuff with stretch in it to accommodate my tummy!

I'm now a size 12 I'd say - my surgeon removed 12lbs in total .... 2 litres of that was lipo

OP posts:
Horehound · 07/01/2021 21:40

Did you have to meet a certain weight target before you could have the procedures? Or did they say have you tried diet and exercise etc? Did you have to fight to get it?

FlamingoAtTheBingo · 07/01/2021 21:41

@Horehound I was under an anaesthetic for 4.5 hours and this contributed to me feeling really unwell for a good 4 days afterwards. Like .. sick feeling, really zoned out. It was unpleasant

OP posts:
FlamingoAtTheBingo · 07/01/2021 21:43

2 nights in hospital and I paid 8.4K

I found a surgeon by googling, joining a few FB groups, speaking to people who'd been to my surgeon before and scrutinising his results. I chose just about the best I feel. I had two consultations beforehand

OP posts:
FlamingoAtTheBingo · 07/01/2021 21:45

@Horehound no fighting as I am a private patient. The tummy tuck you might receive on the NHS would be an 'apronectomy' where basically there is no contouring or lipo, they literally just view it as a medical procedure and chop off the apron!

My surgeon requires that you're under 32 BMI and preferably under 30. I was 28 BMI

OP posts:
Horehound · 07/01/2021 21:46

Yeh sorry I knew it would be private but I still thought they would try and make you exhaust all other options first lol

Sounds good. I'm gonna have one more baby and then get the works lol

Horehound · 07/01/2021 21:46

Do you now have to be really careful about putting weight on now?

FlamingoAtTheBingo · 07/01/2021 21:48

I'll attach a photo actually as it's probably good to show a before and after.

Now, the first photo was taken the day before my surgery in October. I KNOW I look absolutely enormous and I'm not exactly breathing in. The second photo was taken 6 weeks post op. You can see I'm still a bit swollen and yep, it's made my top half look fatter but oh well!

Happy to share other pics of anyone would like to see

I had a Tummy Tuck, Liposuction & Muscle repair. AMA
OP posts:
FlamingoAtTheBingo · 07/01/2021 21:49

@Horehound the good news is I can't put weight on my stomach anymore! Not an ounce. This is because the fat cells have been removed

The bad news is ... it'll just go everywhere else of course! And you can end up looking most oddly shaped!

I'm just being careful with what I eat and I'm able to exercise now I'm all healed. Err not that I've done much of that tbf

OP posts:
Horehound · 07/01/2021 21:49

Fucking hell that's AMAZING!!

Horehound · 07/01/2021 21:50

You don't look fatter up top at all. Just got boobs!

Horehound · 07/01/2021 21:51

Honestly. I'm sold. I'm doing it. I'm starting to save now lol

Alternista · 07/01/2021 21:52

My god, what a difference!
Good for you.

FilledSoda · 07/01/2021 21:53

You look great .
How did you decide this was the answer ?
I don't mean to sound like a dick but you could have lost 12lb in 6 weeks without surgery . I suppose the surgery still gives a better shape though .

VinoEsmeralda · 07/01/2021 21:53

Wow, went in skeptical but that is just amazing!!

FlamingoAtTheBingo · 07/01/2021 21:53

Here's a few more. I will say I think my new ish full length mirror is particularly flattering as I'm honestly not slim at all!

PM me if you're serious about going for it and I'd be happy to help when you're ready

I had a Tummy Tuck, Liposuction & Muscle repair. AMA
I had a Tummy Tuck, Liposuction & Muscle repair. AMA
I had a Tummy Tuck, Liposuction & Muscle repair. AMA
OP posts:
FlamingoAtTheBingo · 07/01/2021 21:54

@FilledSoda good question. I've been two stone lighter than I am now and alas, my stomach just doesn't change. Of course weight would come off it but the horrible overhang was always there

And anyone who has an overhang like mine will know just how awful they are and how tricky to keep clean and dry at all times. Ugh

OP posts:
Ithinkim · 07/01/2021 21:55

It looks great. What's the scar like?

FlamingoAtTheBingo · 07/01/2021 21:55

@FilledSoda and it's the lipo that gives the shape and contour - a decent plastic surgeon really is an artist

OP posts:
Horehound · 07/01/2021 21:56

@filledsoda I can't imagine if you exercise 12lbs you'd get rid of that tummy (sorry op don't mean to sound rude).

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