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I’m a vicar's wife, AMA

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RainbowWings84 · 03/09/2019 20:15

I won’t get too much into matters of faith and theology, but otherwise go right ahead!

OP posts:
writersbeenblocked · 03/09/2019 20:18

Are you regarded quite highly in your local community?

Mumpkind · 03/09/2019 20:19

Is vicar male or female? Are you also ordained?

EskewedBeef · 03/09/2019 20:21

Do you go to all of their gigs?

DameXanaduBramble · 03/09/2019 20:21

Hi Maggie.

drivingtofrance · 03/09/2019 20:22

Do you believe in God?

Kit30 · 03/09/2019 20:22

Following on from Mumpkind, are you defined by your partner's job/calling or do you have your own career?

RainbowWings84 · 03/09/2019 20:23

Hahaha I love the idea of being highly regarded! No, we live in a large town and nobody outside the churches and my own social/work group know who I am. DH is well respected though, and we are friends with the local MP (which I find hilariously Agatha Christie).

OP posts:
mogloveseggs · 03/09/2019 20:24

Have you watched rev? And if so what did you think of it?

RainbowWings84 · 03/09/2019 20:26

@Mumpkind and @Kit30
The vicar is male, and I am not ordained although I hope to be. He and I met through my discernment process.

I did have my own career as an academic but I’ve taken a step back from that now, to my relief tbh. DH insists that I am not defined by my "role" as vicar's wife, and thankfully the churches are reasonably good about respecting that!

OP posts:
RainbowWings84 · 03/09/2019 20:28

@EskewedBeef god no, I'm way too lazy for that. I do go to a fair few but mostly the ones at my "home" church (where I met him) and not so much at the others (put my face around the door about once a month)

@drivingtofrance I do!

OP posts:
RainbowWings84 · 03/09/2019 20:29

@mogloveseggs Rev is a huge favourite in our house. As the vicar says, "It's all true!"

It really is, honestly…

OP posts:
Twickerhun · 03/09/2019 20:31

Does your church have Rotas and are you expected to be on them? Are you expected to bake cakes for every event?

mogloveseggs · 03/09/2019 20:32

I knew it! I have a relative who is a vicar and says the same.
I would love to be a vicar but it's never going to happen.

RainbowWings84 · 03/09/2019 20:35

@Twickerhun I am on rotas at my home church, but I was before DH and I were married. I’m on PCC and some subcommittees and I run my own lgbt-positive group as we are an inclusive church.

I actually love baking but I refuse any cooking, baking or catering requests on principle! Fortunately the congregations know me well enough not to push boundaries!

OP posts:
RainbowWings84 · 03/09/2019 20:36

Aww @mogloveseggs that’s shitty, I’m sorry. It's horrible having an unfulfilled vocation in any sphere of life.

OP posts:
Twickerhun · 03/09/2019 20:40

Pleased to hear you have an lgbt+ group is that common in your flavour of churches? I don’t see many round here Promoting such inclusive gospel thinking and action

RainbowWings84 · 03/09/2019 20:42

@Twickerhun we are part of the inclusive church network and quite high anglocatholic - I think it's more normal for our sort of church than evangelical types, though one of the thriving local evangelical churches is also in inclusive church and we work together on loads of things.

OP posts:
Mumpkind · 03/09/2019 20:42

When were you first aware of your vocation?

RainbowWings84 · 03/09/2019 20:46

@Mumpkind errrrm about…five or six years ago, I think. I kept it very quiet for ages but eventually DH (pre-marriage!) called me on it and I agreed that yes, it had occurred to me! (He’s a very discerning person)

OP posts:
Twickerhun · 03/09/2019 20:47

(God of to Google inclusive churches) thanks!

Twickerhun · 03/09/2019 20:47

Goes not god!
although god can help google too I’m sure

scarecrowhead · 03/09/2019 21:03

Do you think gay marriage should be allowed in church ? (I know there's been the odd one or two), and would your dh be willing to conduct a same sex marriage?

RainbowWings84 · 03/09/2019 21:07

@scarecrowhead yes and yes

OP posts:
TwatCat · 03/09/2019 21:19

Do you believe in sex after marriage only?

RainbowWings84 · 03/09/2019 21:29

@TwatCat (awesome name, definitely suits both of my cats) unfortunately I was a thoroughly debauched areligious layabout before I came back to faith, so I’m afraid (sorry church) that I don’t give a flying wotsit what people do before or after marriage as long as it isn’t harmful to others. T'aint none of my business, just don’t hurt anyone else while you're doing it.

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