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The best toilet seats to spruce up your bathroom

From toilet seats for family use to luxury, heated seats, here are our top picks of the best toilet seats for everyone and every budget.

By Hannah Wilson | Last updated Apr 13, 2022

Best toilet seats

Whether you want to replace your old toilet seat to perk up your bathroom without blowing the budget or you want to install a new three-piece suite and need a loo seat to complement your new design, there are plenty of toilet seat shapes and sizes to choose from.

D-shaped and round toilet seats are most popular in the UK, but before you go ahead and purchase one, you need to ensure the seat is compatible with your toilet by measuring it. 

But shape and size aren’t the only things you need to consider when choosing a toilet seat, as there are also a variety of seat styles and features too. For example, 2-in-1 toilet seats are ideal for families with little ones who are learning to use the toilet, while a soft close toilet seat is a good choice for those who want a quieter seat.

From budget-friendly buys to elaborate and luxurious picks, we’ve researched trusted toilet seat recommendations on our Mumsnet forums and consulted with customer reviews, on Amazon and Argos, to bring you the best loo seats for your bathroom.

How we chose our recommendations

Recommendations from real parents

We value real recommendations at Mumsnet, which is why we took to our forums to find toilet seats that were tried and tested by real parents and families. Relying on their honest and unbiased toilet seat opinions and suggestions, we were then able to compile a list of highly-rated seats to further investigate. 

Consumer feedback

After spending three hours scouring the forums, we then spent two hours comparing consumer feedback on retailer websites such as Amazon and Argos, to get a clearer picture of which toilet seats were best for modern and family homes.

Celebrated best products

Before our journalist wrote this article, they also checked which products received recognition from trusted sources and fed this research into their top picks.

Using the real recommendations and research, we then choose toilet seats that we thought would make the best buys, taking into consideration ease of installation, material quality, features, styles, and fitting.

1. Best overall toilet seat: Bemis Venezia Slow Close Toilet Seat

Bemis Venezia Slow Close Toilet Seat

Price: £50 | Buy now from Amazon

“Soft close Beamis New Yorker. The only problem is when you get used to soft close and stay somewhere else, you forget and slam the lid.” Recommended by StarlightLady.

The white Bemis Venezia slow close toilet seat comes in a standard oval shape that fits most manufacturers' universal shaped pans - which along with the easy to follow instructions, make this bottom fixing seat a breeze to install. In fact, due to the tight fit and minimal fittings, installation should take less than five minutes.

It may be pricier than other options, but this seat uses STA-TITE technology, which means that it stays tightly in place for up to 30 times longer than regular fixing systems. The durable thermoset plastic is both scratch and heat resistant, and it has a ceramic-like shine with a non-slip finish.

When cleaning the toilet seat, you must only use warm soapy water and a soft cloth, and keep the lid and seat upright while bleaching the toilet, as harsh abrasives and cleaners can harm the plastic and hinges. You might also want to measure the distance between your bolt holes before purchasing because this toilet seat fits better on toilets with bolt hole spacings of 14.5, 15.5 and 16.5 inches but may not fit for spacings of 15 or 16 inches.


  • Easy to install
  • Durable thermoset plastic
  • Heat and scratch-resistant
  • Uses STA-TITE technology for a sturdier hold


  • Can’t use bleach or bathroom cleaners - can only use warm soapy water to clean the seat
  • Slow close is slower than other seats
  • Doesn’t fit properly for bolt holes that are 15 or 16 inches


  • Shape: Standard oval
  • Material: Thermoset plastic
  • Size: 44 L x 37 W x 4 H cm
  • Weight: 3.31 kg
  • Soft close: Yes

2. Best budget toilet seat: Croydex Anti-Bacterial Toilet Seat

Croydex Anti-Bacterial Toilet Seat

Price: £19 | Buy now from Amazon

If affordability is your main consideration, you might want to go for this round antibacterial toilet seat by Croydex. With a Hygiene ‘N’ Clean treatment, this toilet seat helps to reduce the build-up of germs and bacteria on the seat. It also has a soft close feature, which makes it ideal for en-suites and family bathrooms.

Although cheaper than other toilet seats, it is by no means less durable, thanks to the polypropylene plastic that it's made from. It fits all standard UK toilet pans and has adjustable toilet seat hinges that fit bolt holes between 115 and 195mm.

It comes with all the necessary fittings and claims to be easy to assemble. However, several users found that it was difficult to install and that the seat didn’t always fit the length of the toilet pan.


  • Affordable
  • Fits standard toilets with bolt holes from 115mm to 195mm
  • Has antibacterial treatment


  • May be difficult to install
  • May be too short on some toilet pans


  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Polypropylene plastic
  • Size: 40 L x 36.5 W x 5 H cm
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Soft close: Yes

3. Best family toilet seat: White Family Toilet Seat

White Family Toilet Seat

Price: £20 | Buy now from The Range

“We have this one [from The Range] that replaces the entire seat. It’s good though sometimes the middle bit falls down on adults!” Tried and tested by 2tired2bewitty.

With an integrated removable child seat, this White Family Toilet Seat is great for those who are teaching their little ones to use the toilet. And at less than £20 from The Range, it’s also one of the more budget-friendly toilet seats on the market.

The round-shaped seat fits standard toilets and comes with a slow closing lid - meaning no more loud slams or trapped fingers. As it's made from polypropylene plastic, this toilet seat is durable, and the simple style will complement contemporary bathrooms.

It's easy to install, and the child seat is also easy to remove due to the quick-release mechanism. However, due to the hinges, the child seat can fall when you’re only wanting to use the adult seat.


  • Quick-release removable child seat
  • Budget-friendly
  • Slow close lid
  • Simple and clean design and appearance


  • Child toilet seat can fall down
  • Hinge may not be durable


  • Shape: Round
  • Material: Polypropylene plastic
  • Size: 44.8 L X 37.3 W x 5.3 H cm
  • Weight: 1.44 kg
  • Soft close: Yes

4. Best toddler toilet seat: Pourty Flexi-fit Toilet Trainer

Pourty Flexi-fit Toilet Trainer

Price: £15 | Buy now from Amazon 

“We have a training seat that we bought on Amazon, think it's called the Pourty. It's slightly adjustable and so suitable for square toilets, ours is square too. She has one at her DGPs house too who likewise have a square toilet. She took to it straight away and has always found it easy to put on herself as well so I'd recommend it.” Reviewed by MeadowHay.

Toilet trainers are ideal for families who don’t want to update their toilet seat but need a smaller seat for children. And this oval-shaped, sturdy Pourty Flexi-fit Toilet Trainer fits securely on a wide range of toilet seats, thanks to the adjustable prongs. However, it may not fit securely on large rectangular or square toilets.

The smooth plastic offers a comfortable and contoured seat to help children gain more confidence when using the toilet. It also comes with a hygienic full splash guard above and below the seat to prevent unwanted spills.

Once the prongs are fixed to the correct setting for your toilet, it should be easy enough for both you and your child to remove and secure the toilet trainer due to the squeeze flex design. To set the prongs up, you just need to slide them along the rails to the same distance on both sides so that the seat fits snuggly on top of your toilet seat. And due to the toilet trainer being lightweight, you can even take it out and about with you and quickly adjust the prongs to fit most toilets.


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Fits a variety of toilet shapes
  • Secure grip and doesn’t move around on the toilet


  • May not fit as well on large rectangular toilets
  • Might also not fit as well on large square toilets


  • Shape: Oval
  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 36 L x 28 W x 9.5 H cm
  • Weight: 0.41 kg
  • Soft close: No

5. Best child toilet seat: BABYBJÖRN Toalettsits

BABYBJÖRN Toalettsits

Price: £32 | Buy now from Amazon

“We had a BabyBjorn one and it was ace. Really stable as it has an adjustable wedge system to hold it tightly to the adult loo seat. Not cheap though but it lasted us 4+ years. For an older toddler, the two-in-one adult / child seats are good but found them a bit big for our dinky 2 year old.” Recommended by schooltripwoes.

Suitable for children aged two and over, this child-friendly Swedish-made BABYBJÖRN Toalettsits toilet trainer is another great option for families who don’t want to replace their toilet seat but need to increase their child’s toilet confidence. Although it’s double the price of the Pourty Flexi-fit Toilet Trainer, this trainer is made from BPA-free plastic and meets the relevant plastic safety requirements in both Europe and the USA.

This toilet trainer can be adjusted to fit on most toilet seats and is easy for both children and adults to put on and take off. And when you aren’t using it, you can hang it up by the practical handle.

Along with increasing your child’s confidence, you’ll also be giving them a comfortable, ergonomic and sturdy toilet seat. The built-in splash guard and angled toilet trainer seat prevent spills, and it's easy to clean after use by rinsing it under the tap.


  • Made from BPA-free plastic
  • Child-friendly and easy to use
  • Splash guard and angled seat to prevent spills


  • Expensive
  • May not securely fit on square toilets
  • Won’t work on curved toilet seats


  • Shape: Oval
  • Material: Polypropylene plastic
  • Size: 29 L x 36 W x 9 H cm
  • Weight: 0.4 kg
  • Soft close: No

6. Best quick release easy clean toilet seat: Argos Home Slimline Easy Clean Toilet Seat

Argos Home Slimline Easy Clean Toilet Seat

Price: £28 | Buy now from Argos

“We always have to get ours in Argos because they seem to be the only place that do cream ones. We have just got a new one from there and so far it's great, the last few were rubbish though, so they must have improved the design.” Recommended by Deadringer.

Sleek and slimline, this Argos Home Toilet Seat is great for complementing a variety of toilets and bathrooms. The seat has a quick-release button, which makes it much easier for cleaning, whether it’s a quick wipe down or a deep clean job.

The universal oval shaped toilet seat has been designed to fit most standard toilets and can be adjusted accordingly. What’s more, is this simple and stylish toilet seat also has a slow-close feature and comes with a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee. And many reviewers have praised how easy it is to install. 

Although the slimline design is ideal for minimalist-lovers, you might find that this loo seat is colder than other ones (especially the likes of wooden toilet seats), that’s because there isn’t much material between you and the pan.


  • Quick-release toilet seat
  • Comes with a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Easy to install


  • The seat may be colder due to it’s slimline design
  • Weight of product unknown


  • Shape: Oval
  • Material: Thermoplastic 
  • Size: 45.5 L x 37.1 W x 5.1 H cm
  • Weight: Not stated
  • Soft close: Yes

7. Best soft close toilet seat: Mass Dynamic Soft Close Quick Release Toilet Seat

Mass Dynamic Soft Close Quick Release Toilet Seat

Price: £30 | Buy now from Amazon

“We have soft close in the en-suite, it's life changing!. Well maybe not but it saves so many arguments.” Recommended by gogohm.

With the ability to fix the Mass Dynamic toilet seat onto the top or bottom, this dual fixing seat is ideal for those who have limited access to the toilet pan or for those who are unsure which fixing is right for their toilet. 

The oval-shaped soft close toilet seat has antibacterial properties, adjustable 360-degree hinges and is made from Urea-Formaldehyde plastic - making it an affordable option that is easy to clean, manoeuvre and fit. It also fits the majority of standard toilets. 

Instead of removing nuts and bolts, this toilet seat has a quick-release design, which makes it easier to clean. Despite the non-slip bumpers, some users find that this toilet seat still moves around and wobbles when in use.


  • Top and bottom fixing compatibility
  • Antibacterial seat
  • Scratch-resistant material


  • May move around and wobble
  • Might not work as well for top fixing


  • Shape: Oval
  • Material: Urea-Formaldehyde plastic
  • Size: 46 L x 37 W x 4.8 H cm
  • Weight: 2.4 kg
  • Soft close: Yes

8. Best bidet toilet seat: GEOATON Toilet Seat with Non-Electric Bidet

GEOATON Toilet Seat with Non Electric Bidet

Price: £97 | Buy now from Amazon

“2000 percent yes to a bidet, but I suggest a bidet attachment for your toilet rather than a separate unit.” Recommended by SofiaAmes.

Available as a D-shaped or a round toilet seat, the GEOATON Toilet Seat with Non-Electric Bidet is easy to use for the whole family. To use this bidet toilet seat, all you need to do is pull the lever to control the type of water spray you want (front or rear spray) and choose the water pressure you need.

Unlike bidet toilets, this bidet toilet seat can be installed by anyone (so you don’t need to call a plumber or electrician), and installation takes around 15 minutes. It also fits the majority of standard toilet bowls.

The slow-close mechanism and contoured seat make this a quiet and comfortable experience. And the bidet nozzles have a self-cleaning feature, which is activated before and after each use, meaning that your toilet remains hygienic. 

However, the GEOATON toilet seat is quite expensive. If you’re on a tighter budget, then you could choose an attachment that fits your existing toilet seat, such as the IBAMA Bidet Toilet Attachment.


  • Dual cleaning functions
  • Easy to use and install
  • Self-cleaning nozzles
  • Comes with a 100-day guarantee


  • Expensive
  • Need to be careful when installing


  • Shape: D-shape or round
  • Material: Plastic and stainless steel nozzle
  • Size: ‎49.78 L x 36.32 W x 8.38 H cm
  • Weight: 3.07 kg
  • Soft close: Yes

9. Best heated toilet seat: VOVO STYLEMENT Electronic Smart Bidet Toilet Seat

VOVO STYLEMENT Electronic Smart Bidet Toilet Seat

Price: £379 | Buy now from Amazon

“Smart Toilet Seat is what you need. Front and rear adjustable washing nozzles with adjustable temperature, heated seat.” Recommended by PhilCornwall1.

Have you ever wanted to feel like royalty while you’re on the throne? Then the VOVO STYLEMENT Smart Toilet Seat might be just what you need. It has a bidet with a stainless steel nozzle with three different functions (feminine, posterior and TURBO WASH) and five levels of water pressure, a heated seat, warm water and a dryer, a soft LED nightlight, and an automatic deodoriser.

To manage the settings on the toilet seat, all you have to do is press a button on the wireless remote. This smart toilet seat is available for an elongated or a round toilet bowl, and it's easy to install, as it comes with a complete installation guide and electrical installation videos. 

Other features to note on this smart toilet seat include its eco-power saving mode and soft close seat and lid mechanism. You can also find a useful toilet fit check guide on the product listing - meaning there’ll be no nasty surprises of it not fitting after you’ve purchased it. 

Aside from the expense, the only downside is that some users found the polypropylene plastic scratched a little too easily.


  • Heated, LED, bidet toilet seat with auto deodoriser 
  • Five different water pressure levels
  • Easy to install
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty


  • Very expensive
  • Plastic may scratch


  • Shape: Elongated or round
  • Material: Polypropylene plastic and stainless steel nozzle
  • Size: ‎53.5 L x 39 W x 13 H cm
  • Weight: 6.26 kg
  • Soft close: Yes

10. Best wooden toilet seat: Burlington Mahogany Soft-Close Toilet Seat

Burlington Mahogany Soft-Close Toilet Seat

Price: £115 | Buy now from Amazon

“I think our sturdy one is from Burlington.” Reviewed by  JoJoSM2.

Add a touch of class and luxury to your bathroom with this traditional Burlington toilet seat. Made from moulded wood and finished in a lovely dark mahogany effect, this soft-close seat is not only durable but is also sure to suit a variety of bathrooms. 

The round seat is compatible with Burlington toilet pans and most other makes of toilet pans due to the universal shape. It’s also suitable for a variety of toilet types, including wall hung, back to wall, and free-standing toilets.

If you need a toilet seat with a bit of character that is comfortable, easy to install and easy to clean, then this could be a safe bet. While the chrome hinges are modernised with a soft-close feature, one user found that the hinge screws parted from the lid after a week.


  • Mahogany wood effect
  • Chrome-plated soft-close hinges
  • Compatible with a variety of toilet pans


  • MDF wood - not made from solid wood
  • Hinge screws may be of poor quality


  • Shape: Round
  • Material: MDF wood
  • Size: 37 L x 43.2 W x 6.7 H cm
  • Weight: 2.8 kg
  • Soft close: Yes

Which type of toilet seat is best?

Choosing the best type of toilet seat for your home mostly depends on the size of your loo. However, there’s no one size fits all when it comes to toilet seats, so you’ll need to measure your toilet (not sure how to measure your toilet? We’ve got more on that later).

No matter what size your toilet is, you’re bound to find a variety of toilet seat options, so we recommend narrowing down your search by thinking about the shape, style and features that you want from your toilet seat.

Toilet Seat Shapes

The shape of your toilet bowl will often dictate the shape of the toilet seat you need. For example, if you have a round, traditional toilet bowl then you need a round toilet seat. Whereas if you have a square toilet bowl then you’ll need a square or D-shaped toilet seat.

Round toilet seats are the most common shape you can find and are suitable for traditional or budget toilets. Round seats may look simpler, but they create a traditional feel in your bathroom.

Square toilet seats offer a more modern and minimalist feel than traditional round seats and are ideal for square toilet bowls. Alternatively, you can opt for D-shaped toilet seats for square toilets.

Other toilet seat shapes include pointed or elongated (which tend to provide more comfort than round seats), oval, and open-fronted.

Toilet Seat Styles

There are two toilet seat styles to choose from; the first is a standard close seat. Standard close seats are easy to fit and come in a variety of shapes and materials. These toilet seats often work best when complementing traditional or contemporary bathroom styles.

The second option is a soft close toilet seat, which as the name suggests, has a gentle closing mechanism for both the seat and the toilet lid. Not only can this exude an element of luxury in your bathroom, but it may also be safer for family bathrooms, as it prevents fingers from getting trapped. These seats are also easy to fit and are often favoured by families.

Toilet Seat Features

There are also a variety of toilet seat features to choose from. From bidet seats to practical 2-in-1 family toilet seats, you’ll find a feature that is right for your home.

Bidet - For many family bathrooms, installing a bidet can be expensive and take up valuable room, but there are also bidet toilet seats which offer a cheaper and less space-consuming way to clean bottoms.

2-in-1 - Toilet seat trainers need to be removed after each use, and potties need to be emptied and cleaned, but with a 2-in-1 toilet seat, you can train your little one to use the toilet without all the hassle. These seats have a regular-sized seat and smaller drop-down seat, which makes them ideal for families.

Smart seats – And if you want something a little more from your toilet seat, you can always choose a smart seat, which often includes a bidet, an adjustable seat temperature, a drying system, and even LED lights. However, you will pay extra for features like these, with smart seats costing upwards of £200.

What is the strongest toilet seat material?

Most toilet seats are made from either plastic or wood, and both materials have pros and cons. Solid wood toilet seats are often stronger and more durable. But plastic toilet seats are often cheaper.

Plastic toilet seats often use Thermoplastic, Thermoset or plastic resin, and are ideal for complementing contemporary bathrooms. They’re also easier to clean, cheaper, and often more scratch and mark resistant than wooden seats. But they might not be as durable as wooden toilet seats and are colder to sit on in the winter months.

Wooden toilet seats often use engineered, moulded or solid wood, and best suit the aesthetics of traditional bathrooms. These seats have strong durability, are very sturdy and offer a warmer toilet experience in winter. But depending on the type of wood, they may be easier to scratch or mark and as a result, more difficult to clean.

How do I choose the best toilet seat?

When it comes to choosing the best toilet seat, first and foremost, you need to measure the size of your bowl and decide which shape is right for your toilet. Then you might want to consider the style, features, material, hinges and colour.

Style – As mentioned there are two options of style – the standard close and the soft close. Households with small children may decide that a soft close toilet seat is safer and easier. Soft close toilet seats are also quieter and will help prevent your toilet seat from banging, thus ensuring longevity and durability. While bathrooms with a traditional aesthetic may prefer the standard close toilet seats.

Features – Think about what features you and your family need from your toilet seat. You can find toilet seats that are budget-friendly, family 2-in-1 toilet seats, soft close, or smart seats.

Materials – You can choose from plastic or wooden toilet seats, both of which have advantages and disadvantages. A plastic toilet seat will be lighter, scratch-resistant, cheaper, and perfectly complement a contemporary bathroom. While a wooden toilet seat will be heavier, more durable and sturdier, and suit a traditional bathroom.

Hinges – The types of hinges may also impact your decision on which toilet seat to buy, as not all are suitable for every toilet. There are top fixing and bottom fixing seats. The top fixing toilet seat uses two bolts to fit the seat into the toilet pan. The bottom fixing toilet seat uses two bolts that are tightened underneath the pan (so you need to make sure you can access underneath your toilet).You can also find quick-release toilet seats, which are ideal for easy cleaning as all you need to do is press a button to remove them. On a quick-release toilet seat, the hinges are attached on top of the toilet bowl and have two discs with sticks where you insert the seat.

Colours – Toilet seats come in a variety of colours and finishes. Black and white are the most popular colours to choose from, as these often complement most bathrooms. But you can also find a variety of wooden seats, including oak, mahogany and walnut, and even colourful patterned toilet seats.

How do you know what size toilet seat you need?

Toilet bowls and seats come in a variety of different sizes, but most are between 350mm and 500mm. However, the only way to know what size toilet seat you need is to measure your toilet. To do this, you’ll need to remove the current toilet seat and get a tape measure.

First, you need to measure from the bolt holes (at the back of the toilet) to the front of the toilet bowl. Then using the tape measure, calculate the distance between the two bolt holes. And finally, you’ll need to measure the width of the toilet bowl (take this measurement at the widest part of your bowl).Once you have the above measurements, you should be able to find a seat that fits your toilet.

How do you tell if you have a round or elongated toilet?

Some toilet bowl shapes look fairly similar, so it can be tricky to know what shape your toilet is just by looking at it. An elongated toilet looks more oval than round, but one way to tell the difference is by measuring the length of your toilet bowl.

To do this, place your tape measure at the back of the toilet between the seat bolt holes and take note of the measurement at the front edge of the bowl. If the length of your toilet bowl is between 16.5-17.5 inches, then you have a round toilet. If the length of your toilet bowl is between 18-19.5 inches, then you have an elongated toilet.

How do you remove a toilet seat?

Most toilet seats are fastened at the back of the toilet with two bolts, which are secured with nuts underneath.

Some bolts may have caps on, which can be removed using the flathead of a screwdriver and gently prying off. Once you have access to the bolts and nuts, you need to use a pair of pliers to loosen the nuts and then you should be able to remove the toilet seat.

How do you tighten a toilet seat?

If your toilet seat wobbles around when you sit on it, you may need to tighten it. To tighten a toilet seat, you need to locate the bolts and nuts, remove any bolt caps, then use a pair of pliers to tighten the nuts.

You can check that the toilet seat is stable by trying to jiggle it around or by sitting on it – if it still moves, you’ll need to tighten the nuts some more.

If you’re replacing your toilet seat then you’ll do a similar thing in tightening the seat into place.

But first, you’ll need to line up the seat and slot the bolts into the toilet bolt holes, then use a pair of pliers to tighten the nuts underneath. Be careful not to over-tighten the nuts, as you might need to adjust them once you’ve fitted the toilet seat.

When you’re happy with the toilet seat’s alignment, you can then tighten the nuts a little more and place any nut or bolt caps on.

What is the best toilet seat? 

The best toilet seat is the Bemis Venezia Slow Close Seat, as it offers an oval-shaped, affordable option that is compatible with the majority of universal toilet pans, has a slow close feature and is scratch and heat resistant, which makes it family-friendly.

We like that this toilet seat won’t wobble or move around when you sit on it, due to the STA-TITE snug-fit technology, after all nobody wants to be sliding all over the place while sitting on the toilet. And what’s not to love about a toilet seat installation that takes less than five minutes?

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