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If you work outside, how do you keep warm?

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Turnedouttoes · 01/01/2021 21:56

DP is a sports coach and as we’re in tier 4 can only work outside which is usually 10-12 hours a day.
He already wears base layers and then a gilet under his North Face coat but is there anything else anyone recommends?
Since the temperature has dropped recently he’s been coming home absolutely freezing. Mainly his feet and face/ears and he can’t really coach in a balaclava Grin
I was also thinking he could get a thermos and start taking something hot for lunch as he can’t go inside at all so just sits in his car to warm up a bit in between lessons.

OP posts:
yeOldeTrout · 01/01/2021 21:59

women's tights, isn't that what roofers & builders wear, on their legs.
What sort of hat & scarf does he have now?

MrsWooster · 01/01/2021 22:01

Could he try ‘tea bag hand warmers’? They fit inside gloves and possibly inside a beanie hat and provide warmth for a good few hours. Constant hot drinks too, from a series of flasks to last him the day-Bovril etc and warm soup and pasta fir lunch?

Scissor · 01/01/2021 22:06

If you look at anything sold to people with Raynauds it should help. My daughter has a hot rox rechargeable hand warmer that she keeps in her pocket.

Also Sainsbury's have thermos food flasks for about £14 at the minute, so long as you put boiling water in and leave for about 10/15 minutes to warm it up, then put in really piping hot soup etc they work a dream and there's a really cute folding spoon in the lid.

Turnedouttoes · 01/01/2021 22:13

Ooh the Raynauds website looks great thank you. He did look at a couple of hand warmer type things on Amazon but reviews were very variable so it would be good to buy something recommended.

He does already wear thermal leggings under his trousers but perhaps a pair of tights under those could work.

OP posts:
Elisebev · 01/01/2021 22:36

What about a heated jacket. Quite a few of them on Amazon

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