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10 best electric shavers for women

Electric shavers promise quick, convenient and pain-free hair removal – but these handy, versatile tools are not all created equal. Here's our pick of the best. 

By Jessica Carter | Last updated Mar 4, 2022

Woman in bathrobe with smooth legs

When it comes to getting rid of unwanted body hair, some methods are more enjoyable than others. While waxing and epilating may give the smoothest, longest-lasting results, anything that involves pulling out the hair at its root isn’t going to be a pain-free, relaxing experience.

This makes shaving a far more enticing option, although the naked blades of manual razors don’t come without their hazards (think cuts, scratches and rashes), especially for sensitive skin and inexperienced users.

That’s where electric shavers come in. Although they don’t usually give as silky a result as manual razors, they’re often considered safer (they’re popular among parents on the Mumsnet forums for teenage daughters who want to start shaving) and cause less skin irritation.

As they can be used on dry skin as well as wet, they’re handy for a quick once-over on your way out the door too, without the need to lather up.

Here are the best electric shavers for women as recommended by Mumsnetters. 

1. Best overall electric shaver for women: Brori Electric Lady Shaver

Brori Electric Lady Shaver

Price: £29.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Far from the most expensive bit of kit on this list, the Bori Electric Lady Shaver offers some silky-smooth bang for your buck. It has an impressive number of five-star customer reviews and often comes up in expert reviews of the best electric shavers out there.

Cordless and waterproof, this electric shaver is safe to take in the bath or shower for some leisurely preening – it’s designed to be completely submerged in water – but will work dry too if you need to do a super-speedy job on those pins before you head out the door.

Shaped very much like a regular razor, it only has one head – so there’s no need to change it depending on what job you’re doing – and the three blades are carefully positioned at the optimum angle for the closest of shaves.


  • Promises a close shave
  • You don’t need to change heads for different areas


  • Head can be tricky to remove for cleaning

2. Best budget electric shaver: Philips Ladyshave

Philips Ladyshave

Price: £18 | Buy now from Amazon

"I am a long-standing electric Ladyshave user. I have an ancient Philips one, which does the job."  HopeForTheBestExpectTheWorst

For the best results, use the Philips Ladyshave on wet skin, lathered with soap – although it also gives a surprisingly good shave when used dry.

Battery-operated (it takes two AAs), this slim shaver doesn’t need a charger, making it handy for fitting in even the smallest of wash bags if you’re going away for a couple of nights.

It can be used all over the body – the bikini comb attachment is great for trimming longer hairs, while the ergonomic design makes it easy to handle, wherever you’re reaching. While it might not be the quietest electric shaver out there, for under £20 it offers decent value for money.


  • Handy for travel
  • Works on all body hair


  • Requires battery replacements
  • Quite loud

3. Best electric shaver for legs: Remington Cordless Wet and Dry Lady Shaver

Remington Cordless Wet and Dry Lady Shaver

Price: £25.32 | Buy now from Amazon

“The Remington products are fab.” kellyw1989

You won’t be rummaging in kitchen drawers for batteries if you’re using this popular electric shaver – just pop it on its charging stand in between uses and it’ll be ready to roll when you need it. Each full charge gets you 30 minutes of use.

There’s a soothing aloe vera strip on the head to make for a comfortable glide and alleviate any post-shaving redness, which you’ll be well-acquainted with if you have sensitive skin.

You can use the showerproof Remington Cordless Wet and Dry Lady Shaver on all body hair (there’s a bikini attachment that lets you trim longer hairs, too), but is especially good on the legs, achieving a nice smooth finish.


  • Rechargeable
  • Soothes as it shaves with an aloe vera strip


  • A slightly bulky head means it’s not quite as easy to use on all areas

4. Best women’s electric shaver for sensitive skin: Philips SatinShave Advanced Wet and Dry Rechargeable Lady Shaver

Philips SatinShave Advanced Wet and Dry Rechargeable Lady Shaver

Price: £27.99 | Buy now from Amazon

“I have this one. Much better to have rechargeable even though it’s a bit more money.” homemadecommunistrussia

Designed to be as gentle as possible, the Philips SatinShave is a good choice for those who have sensitive skin, and prone to post-shave rashes and irritation. The head has cushions for a smooth glide and rounded trimmer tips – as opposed to square – to avoid scratching.

This shaver takes eight hours to reach a full charge, and will give up to 60 minutes’ cordless use before needing more juice.

The S-shaped handle gives an ergonomic feel and allows for good grip, which is especially handy when you’re working on hard-to-reach areas. That said, the head is quite big, meaning this might not be for you if you’re after real precision or detail.


  • Good usage time between charges
  • Rounded trimmer tips eliminate scratching


  • Not as close a shave as some alternatives

5. Best electric shaver for a smooth result: Braun Silk-épil 9 Wet and Dry Cordless Epilator

Braun Silk-épil 9 Wet and Dry Cordless Epilator

Price: £74.99 | Buy now from Amazon

"I have a Braun Silk-épil 3 and will upgrade to a Silk-épil 9." cherrypiepie

The Braun Silk-épil is a bit of an investment, coming in at just under £80. But for that price you do get several attachments designed for different types of hair removal, as well as two speeds, making this a really versatile choice

The epilator option can grab hairs as short as 0.5mm (that makes it even more thorough than a professional wax), while the smartlight will help you to find them. Pulsating vibrations alleviate the wince-inducing pain that many associate with this type of hair removal too.

Use the shaving head if you’re not up for epilation – the beauty of the Braun Silk-épil is that it can suit your mood and time frame, whether you want the speed and comfort of shaving or the silky smooth finish that the epilator promises.


  • Super-versatile
  • 40 minus of use for just a one-hour change


  • Expensive

6. Best compact women’s electric shaver: Miserwe Hair Removal Mini IP4X Waterproof Rechargeable Cordless Lady Shaver

Miserwe Hair Removal Mini IP4X Waterproof Rechargeable Cordless Lady Shaver

Price: £14.99 | Buy now from Amazon

This little number fits right in the palm of your hand, meaning it’s really discreet and will take up almost no space in your handbag or overnight case. Just as handy is its in-built battery which can be charged with a universal USB cable,  so there’s no need to carry a special charger around with you. 

As this Miserwe shaver is waterproof, it can be used in the bath or shower as well as on dry skin, and only takes a couple of hours to charge. 

It might not be the most efficient of all the shavers on our list, but its convenience and price more than make up for the extra time it might take to get those smooth results. 


  • Ideal for travelling
  • Doesn't need a branded charger


  • Smaller size means it takes longer to cover larger areas

7. Best electric shaver for women’s facial hair: Wahl 3-in-1 Ladies Face and Body Hair Remover

Wahl 3-in-1 Ladies Face and Body Hair Remover

Price: £16 | Buy now from Amazon 

There are three attachments for this handy little shaver: a rotary shaver head for a close shave on soft hair and delicate areas; a trimming head, which is ideal for the bikini line and underarms; and a precision detail trimmer for more intricate jobs like eyebrow shaping. 

After a full charge, you’ll get about an hour of battery life, so you can take your time over the more involved and detailed jobs that this shaver is designed for. 

The trimming heads – one for using on eyebrows and an adjustable one for the bikini line – mean you can tidy up hair and achieve a consistent length. 


  • Good for detailed shaving and trimming
  • Small and travel-friendly
  • Gentle on facial hair


  • Not for larger surface areas like legs

8. Best electric shaver for battery life: DynaBliss Electric Lady Shaver

DynaBliss Electric Lady Shaver

Price: £18.99 | Buy now from eBay

For two hours of charging time, you get 70 minutes of use with the DynaBliss Electric Lady Shaver – that makes it the most efficient on our list when it comes to power. What’s more, there’s a handy LED display on the handle that shows you how much battery life is left, so you can avoid being caught short halfway through a shave. It charges with a straight-up USB cable too. 

The multi-purpose head has three blades, each for tackling different types of body hair – leg, armpit and bikini – and hair of different lengths, without causing irritation. You can easily swap between all three by adjusting the angle you shave at. 

This shaver comes with a spare head too, so when you feel the blades have seen better days, you’ve already got a backup in the bag. 


  • Doesn’t require much charging
  • Can be charged with a universal USB cable
  • LED display tells you when you recharge and clean


  • May need to go over longer hairs twice with the different blades

9. Best electric shaver for ease of use: ZAHRVIA Electric Lady Shaver

ZAHRVIA Electric Lady Shaver

Price: £22.99 | Buy now from Amazon

Designed to fit in the palm of your hand as you use it, this little shaver has five floating blades which follow the contours of the area you’re using it on, for as close and comfortable a shave as possible.

It’s a versatile little shaver too: nice and compact, the head is still large enough that it makes removing leg hairs quick and easy, but the blades are gentle enough to use even on facial hair.

It also comes with a handy brush for cleaning out the head after use.


  • Gentle enough for facial hair
  • Great for travelling


  • Longer hair may need trimming before use

10. Best electric shaver for body hair: EESKA 2-in-1 Electric Shaver

EESKA 2-in-1 Electric Shaver

Price: From £24.35 | Buy now from Amazon

Users applaud the close shave that this razor can achieve even when used on dry skin, making it a convenient option if you seem to always be in a hurry. That said, it’s made to be used in the shower or bath as well. 

You’ll get several uses out of one charge, and there’s a handy indicator light that flashes red when it could do with being plugged back in.

The straight blade on the edge of the head is intended for leg hair, while the curved blade promises a soft and gentle – not to mention close and efficient – shave for armpits, bikini lines and other contoured areas. There’s a separate head for facial hair too. 


  • Multifunction head is great for all body hair 
  • Gives a smooth result


  • The positioning of the off button means it’s easy to turn off accidentally, mid-use

Is electric shaving better for the skin? 

Most people find that electric shavers are more gentle on the skin than manual razors, and cause less redness and irritation. They’re also safer: their specially designed heads mean that nicks and cuts happen less often than with the naked blades of a standard razor. This makes them a great choice for novices.

How often should you replace blades on an electric razor?

Just like with manual razors, you’ll need to replace the head of your electric razor – or the whole thing, if the head is not replaceable – at some point, as the blades will become blunt. How long they last depends on how coarse the hair is that it’s used on, how often it’s put to work and what brand you have. Often though, they last for about a year. 

The instruction manual should give you an indication, but when the blades are worn you might notice that they’re causing some skin irritation or aren’t giving you as close a shave as they once did, so look out for the signs that you could do with a replacement. 

What is the best women’s electric razor?

The Brori Electric Lady Shaver is tough to beat and the best women’s electric razor we’ve found – just read through some of the thousands of five-star reviews it’s racked up online. Great for legs, underarm and the bikini line, it’ll make quick work of hair removal all over the body. 

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