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Best dog coats to keep your pooch warm this winter

Without the right kit, enjoying the outdoors in bad weather is impossible and our beloved dogs feel the same. Protect your pet from the rain, cold and wind this winter with our selection of the best warm coats for dogs.

By Gemma Lumley | Last updated Jul 24, 2023

hero dog

The many dog owners on Mumsnet would agree that taking care of their pets is one of the great joys of life. Keeping your fur babies fed, safe and warm is a big responsibility but it’s one that pet owners cherish.

However, choosing products for your dog isn’t an easy task. The choice is mind-blowing and, as each dog is so unique, it’s difficult to get it right.

If this winter will see you taking your dachshund on rainy dashes around the block or hiking in the countryside with your husky, you’ll want them to be happy in the great outdoors in a high quality dog coat.

With the help of recommendations from dog-loving Mumsnet users, consumer reviews from caring pet owners and dedicated research on the best buys, we’ve collated the warmest, comfiest and most waterproof outerwear for dogs.

Here are the best dog coats to buy in 2021.

1. Best overall dog coat: Ancol Stormguard

Ancol Stormguard dog coat

Price: From £14 | Buy now from Amazon

“I got the Ancol Stormguard coat. I have a big (35kg) cross who measures 65cm and I ordered the XXL. It is perfect. Slot on the top with a zip and a gap at the front too.” - Bebeschitt

We love this Ancol Stormguard jacket as it offers fantastic weather protection, fit and comfort at an amazing price.

The length of the coat and chest coverage prevents the need for post-walk baths without restricting your dog’s playtime.

Another feature we were impressed with was the reflective edges –  ideal if you’re walking your dog in the evening. With over 2,400 five-star reviews on Amazon, this is a top choice that will be suitable for many different breeds and sizes of dog.


  • Waterproof outer shell

  • Soft fleece lining

  • Chest protection against mud splashes

  • Reflective edges for walks in low visibility

Key specs

  • Sizes: XXS to XXL (20cm to 70cm)

  • Harness hole: Yes

  • Material: Polyester

  • Colour: Chocolate brown

2. Best budget dog coat: Outhwaite Padded Dog Coat


Price: From £12.15 | Buy now from Amazon

“My dog has an Outhwaite's one for pavement walks if it’s very cold and she’s just had her coat cut or it’s raining.” - Cleverpolly3

The Outhwaite padded dog jacket is remarkably high quality with resilient, waterproof fabric, taped seams and double stitching – fabulous features and finishing for a dog coat at such a low price point.

The attention to detail and styling will make your pooch look really smart. We adored the classic navy blue with gold trim colourway too. Reviewers also loved the quality and fit of the coat.

The larger sizes are more expensive due to the amount of fabric used but as a functional, everyday option we thought this ticked all the boxes when it came to value. It’s worth bearing in mind though that there is no harness hole, so you will need to attach the lead to a collar.


  • Waterproof fabric

  • Padded lining for cosy comfort

  • Taped seams and double stitching for durability

  • Large range of sizes available

  • Neck and belly straps - larger sizes have two belly straps

Key specs

  • Sizes: 26cm to 77cm

  • Harness hole: No

  • Material: Polyester

  • Colour: Navy blue

3. Best waterproof dog coat with harness hole: Joules Olive Bee Print Raincoat

Joules bee print

Price: From £18 | Buy now from Amazon

Function doesn’t have to mean compromising on fashion, and this gorgeous patterned coat from Joules will certainly have your pooch being the top dog. In terms of cute patterns, these Joules raincoats have to be one of the best dog coats UK retailers offer our furry friends.

It’s not just style over substance though – we were also impressed with the lightweight fabric, making it great for warmer days and allowing your pup to move freely. It’s more suitable for spring and autumn walks rather than deepest, darkest winter, but we rate this for its aesthetic, comfort and quality.


  • Water resistant - perfect for short showery walks

  • Padded lining for softness

  • Lightweight fabric

  • Adjustable fastenings secured simply with tough velcro

  • Machine washable

Key specs

  • Sizes: S to XXL (35.2cm to 65.8cm)

  • Harness hole: Yes

  • Material: Polyethylene terephthalate

  • Colour: Olive green with bee print

4. Best waterproof dog coat: Ruffwear Waterproof Jacket

Ruffwear dog coat

Price: £78.99 | Buy now from Amazon

“Have a look at Ruffwear raincoats - brilliant coat that my dog has worn for years. It is definitely waterproof and hard wearing - not the cheapest but you get what you pay for.”mrsrobin

This eye-catching Ruffwear jacket is one of the best dog coats for rain we found. It will work hard to keep your dog dry, even in a downpour, as the fleece lining is water repellent too.

Our other favourite aspect of this Ruffwear design are the leg loops. It’s such a small detail but for dogs that like to run fast, especially on windy days, there will be no more flapping fabric to get in the way of the fun.

It’s not the cheapest option, but reviewers agree it’s worth the expense thanks to its accurate sizing and durability.


  • Waterproof and windproof

  • Soft fleece lining

  • A fold-out storm collar

  • Reflective trim for safe nighttime walking

Key specs

  • Sizes: XXS to XL (33-43cm to 91-107cm)

  • Harness hole: Yes

  • Material: Polyester

  • Colour: Blue, red

5. Best dog coat with high visibility: 4LegsFriend Reflective Vest

Reflective dog vest

Price: From £13.99 | Buy now from Amazon

The arrival of winter means that your early morning and late evening walks may be in the dark, so being seen is vital.

This 4LegsFriend Reflective Vest is water resistant and breathable, but most importantly it will also allow your beloved pet to be spotted in the dark from 500 feet away.

We loved the dog jacket’s easy fit and comfort, and with a price point this low it’s well worth the cost. Reviewers also loved the bright design of the jacket, making this a striking choice for any pup.


  • Waterproof

  • Double stitched and easy to use hook and loop fastenings

  • Breathable and soft-to-touch fabric but durable

  • Ergonomic design with extra adjustability

  • Machine washable

Key specs

  • Sizes: XS to XL

  • Harness hole: No

  • Material: Polyester

  • Colour: Orange

6. Best dog drying coat: Ruff and Tumble Dog Drying Coat

Ruff and Tumble dog drying coat

Price: From £28.95 | Buy now from Amazon

This Ruff and Tumble coat will provide a wonderfully toasty hug for your soggy friend. Cosy fleece fabric and an enveloping fit is perfect for post-bath or rainy walk snuggles.

Why do so many happy customers rate this as one of the best dog drying coats available in the UK? It removes the need to rub the fur, which in turn prevents painful coat matting.

One delighted dog lover also found the coat was ideal for comforting her anxious terrier when he was stressed.


  • Fast wicking fabric for efficient moisture absorption

  • Double thickness cotton

  • High collar and hood for extra warmth

  • Durable, long-lasting fabric

  • Machine washable and tumble dryer safe

 Key specs

  • Sizes: 3XS to 'Giant Mountain Dog'

  • Harness hole: No

  • Material: Cotton

  • Colour: Green, blue, red, purple

7. Best dog fleece: Hotter Dog from Equafleece

Dogs in a fleece

Price: From £26.95 | Buy now from Amazon

“I got her some Equafleece jumpers as recommended by a friend and they're absolutely brilliant. They don’t slip or twist, the dog stays bone dry however wet the weather, and they can also be used to dry a wet dog after swimming or a bath.” - YourWinter

Equafleece is a trusted supplier of one of the best dog winter coats and we can see why. These buttery soft but durable fleece jumpers are also remarkably water resistant.

They aren’t the easiest to get on a wriggly dog, especially at first. However, the pullover style also makes it impossible for your dog to get them off,  particularly helpful when you own a chill prone yet stubborn pooch.

Some reviewers did find that the sizing could be a little off however, so make sure you measure up your dog first to ensure you get the right fit.


  • Warm fleece fabric

  • Breathable material with fab wicking properties

  • Water-repellent

  • Ideal for use with a lead but not a harness

Key specs

  • Sizes: XS to XL (28-35cm to 66-76cm)

  • Harness hole: No

  • Material: Fleece

  • Colour: Black

8. Best extra warm dog coat: Hurtta Extreme Warmer Dog Winter Jacket

Extreme warm dog coat

Price: From £49 | Buy now from Amazon

This Hurtta insulated dog jacket is our recommended solution for long walks on very cold days. It may be pricey, but it’s a durable jacket that keeps your dog warm and dry, even in the coldest climates.

What sets this coat apart is its foil lining – this works to provide warmth by reflecting the animal’s own heat, making sure they stay toasty on those winter walks. We also rated how much coverage it gave and how long-lasting the coat is – it should keep you going for years.


  • High levels of insulation for very cold days

  • Soft, padded fabric

  • High collar and hood for ear and head protection

  • Adjustable to fit all shapes and sizes

Key specs

  • Sizes: 30.5cm to 66cm

  • Harness hole: Yes

  • Material: Polyester

  • Colour: Granite

9. Best dog coat with legs: Kerbl Raincoat Manchester

Kerbl all over raincoat

Price: From £17.57 | Buy now from Amazon

On very wet days, when the park is obscenely muddy and you can’t face the damage a filthy dog will cause to your carpets, you will be eternally grateful you invested in the Kerbl full-coverage rain coat.

It can be hard to find a good fit in this style of dog coat but for adjustability, the Kerbl Manchester is one of the best dog coats with legs on offer. Drawstrings at all the important points – neck, belly and legs – ensure a snug fit for most dogs, and with sizes ranging from XS to 3XL it’s a great choice for a range of different breeds.


  • Fully waterproof and windproof fabric

  • Removable neck protection

  • Reflective strips

  • Zip back fastening for easy fitting

  • Machine washable

Key specs

  • Sizes: S to XXXL (30cm to 70cm)

  • Harness hole: No

  • Material: Polyester

  • Colour: Black

10. Best 2-in-1 waterproof dog coat: Danish Design Harness 2-in-1

Danish Design 2 in 1

Price: From £26.25 | Buy now from Amazon

“It's 2-in-1, so has a waterproof outer layer with a fleecy inner layer that you can pop out if it's raining but not that cold. It's durable, fits securely, and is cheap and cheerful - so no worries if it gets muddy and gross!” - rbe78

This fleece-lined waterproof dog coat does the job in all seasons – with an affordable price to boot.

The fleece liner is a cinch to remove on warmer days and the outer shell will let your dog’s skin breathe while being completely waterproof.

We were also thrilled at the range of sizes available and how quick and easy both layers were to wash and dry.


  • Removable soft fleece inner

  • Waterproof and windproof outer shell

  • Breathable fabric

  • Adjustable tummy straps

  • Pull up collar for added protection

Key specs

  • Sizes: 45cm to 75cm

  • Harness hole: Yes

  • Material: Polyester

  • Colour: Black

11. Best designer dog jacket: Barbour Quilted Dog Coat

Barbour quilted coat

Price: From £27.00 | Buy now from House of Fraser

Barbour is a quintessentially British outdoor brand and is beloved of the royal family and designer clothing fans.

This black quilted dog coat oozes understated class and will provide your stylish canine best friend with a warm and relaxed walk around their estate (or ok, maybe just the local park).

We adored the tiny pocket too, it’s a great place to stash a couple of spare poo bags.


  • Elegant styling and designer details

  • Thick, soft padding

  • Water resistant

  • Snap fastening pocket

  • Adjustable belly strap

Key specs

  • Sizes: S to XL

  • Harness hole: No

  • Material: Nylon

  • Colour: Black or pink

How to choose the best dog coat

  • Comfort: A practical, well-fitting coat will be much more comfortable and dignified for your pooch than a trendy, puffer jacket. Think about the fit and comfort, and look for features like an inner fleece lining for extra warmth.

  • Waterproofing: If you’re planning on long hikes in the hills, a waterproof coat will be more appropriate than a water resistant one. Look for breathability in the coat descriptions. As most walkers know, Gore-Tex and similar fabrics are excellent against the rain but can be unpleasantly sweaty.

  • Insulation: Thick, warm fabrics will keep your puppy cosy in cold weather but if they are energetic and love to run they might get too hot. Layering is an excellent option as you can add and remove them as needed and air trapped between the skin and each layer will provide natural, breathable insulation. There are some fantastic 2-in-1 designs available with fleece inner layers and a waterproof outer shell.

  • Windproof features: Dog coats which are described as windproof will be perfect for chilly spring or autumn mornings. They will be lightweight and constructed from soft, flexible fabric that won’t restrict movement.

  • Is it machine washable?: Unfortunately, dogs enjoy nothing more than a thorough roll in fox poo or the corpse of something long dead. If your walks are in fields or parks then machine washability is an absolute must.

  • A wide range of sizes: The correct size of garment is vital for a happy dog, so it’s useful to have a wide range of sizes to choose from. After all, there’s a huge difference between a miniature dachshund and a full-sized doberman. Some canine coats have straps and clips with lots of adjustability so don’t need to come in a vast number of sizes.

  • Space for a lead or harness: If you’re the frustrated owner of a puller, then a coat with a gap through which the lead can clip onto a harness is a must. If you prefer to attach the lead to the collar, you also need to think about accessibility if the jacket has a high neck.

How do I measure my dog for a coat?

Most dog coats are sized based on their length, so the measurement you need is the distance from the collar to the base of your dog’s tail. A girth measurement may also be useful for brands such as Ancol. Wrap your tape around your dog’s shoulders, just behind their front legs. It's also important to consider your dog's body shape too, as varying breeds and crosses will have different features.

The dog needs to be straight and still as you’re measuring and the tape needs to be taut and flat. If your pup is likely to wiggle, ask someone to help and have a delicious treat handy.

Convert your numbers into both cm and inches as brands can vary and some use a generic small, medium and large style of sizing. If that’s the case, check the size guide as it will describe the length range of each of the sizes. Reviews from previous purchasers are useful too as they will highlight any sizing anomalies.

A good fit means comfort and contentment for your pet. A coat should never restrict freedom of movement, chafe the skin or stop them from pooping or weeing as they normally would. Watch your pet closely when trying a new coat. Biting or scratching at it, licking at rubbing point or point blank refusing to walk are all clear signs they are unhappy with their new threads.

Do dogs need a coat?

Do dogs need coats in the rain or cold? Just like humans, some dogs feel the chill more than others. Even dogs of the same breed can have completely different reactions to getting wet and cold.

The majority of our canine buddies will be quite happy in just their own fur coats for short periods in bad weather but dogs with fine or thin fur, puppies, poorly and elderly dogs will feel the cold much quicker.

On longer walks in winter all dogs may benefit from wearing a warm and waterproof coat, even those with thick fur.

Take your cues from your pet. If it’s raining hard yet still whines and barks when he’s dressed in a new snug fleece, then runs off happily to chase a ball without it, he’s not distressed by the weather. Conversely, if your 10-year-old terrier shivers sadly in the first five minutes of a country amble, it’s time to invest in some new kit for them.

Remember to never leave a dog outside in bad weather without access to adequate warmth and shelter.

What temperature does a dog need a coat?

Even if your dog handles the cold well, keep an eye on small breeds from 7℃ and medium to large dogs from 4℃.

Your dog will let you know when they are too cold. Here are the signs to look out for:

  • Shivering and shaking

  • A tucked tail

  • Curling up

  • Whining or barking

  • Anxious behaviour

  • Refusal to keep walking or constantly looking back towards home

  • Look for shelter

  • Lifts a paw off the ground as if it’s too cold

Heat is as dangerous for dogs as the cold. So, to keep your pet safe, when the summer temperatures begin to rise, it’s a great idea to research the best cooling dog coat UK retailers are selling at the time.

What is the best dog coat?

Our overall best dog coat was the Ancol Stormguard. As a design inspired by human ski wear, we were excited at the opportunity for outdoor exploration it provided for dogs, even in torrential rain and bitter cold.

For a dog coat with such a long list of useful features the cost of this Stormguard is pleasing. And best of all? Dogs love it. The number of wonderful reviews we read convinced us this great value dog coat is worthy of our top spot.

What is the best waterproof dog coat?

The Ruffwear Waterproof Dog Jacket was created with the pets of alpine mountain guides in mind. It defends even the most active of dogs from rain, snow and wind, offering fantastic protection from the elements.

How we chose our recommendations

Our recommendations for the best coats to keep your pup warm have come from suggestions on the Mumsnet forums and from consumer reviews on the internet.

We researched the levels of waterproofing and warmth of each coat to ensure all our suggestions are effective, easy to put on and comfortable.

We also consulted independent review sites for opinions about products to ensure we were bringing you an honest summary of dog coats 2021.

Why you should trust us

Mumsnet has been helping parents make their lives easier since 2000 and, in that time, we’ve seen, tried and reviewed thousands of products.

We strive to provide honest and independent advice you can trust and we spend hours scouring the Mumsnet forums and online bestseller lists to find amazing products that real parents love.

Transparency is really important to us and that's why we're always honest about where we find our recommendations. We write about products that we feel offer the best value to most parents – the ones that our users would recommend to their own friends and family.