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10 best dog beds according to pet owners

From supportive memory foam mattresses to chic doggy sofas, we’ve listed the best dog beds to buy for your furry friend. 

By Gemma Wilcock | Last updated Dec 13, 2022

Dog sleeping on dog bed

When they’re not playing or exploring, our beloved pups spend a lot of their life snoozing - hours, in fact. So while they may be happy snuggled up next to you on the sofa, it’s important for them to have a cosy space to rest.

There’s a lot more to a good dog bed than just how comfortable it is. The best dog bed for your pooch should be cosy yet supportive, durable (especially for pups that like to chew) and washable. 

For more style-conscious dog owners, there are chic dog beds in plush velvet, cosy dog sofas for your pooch to relax and budget-friendly options that your dog will love too.

Knowing how much our Mumsnetters love their pets, we scoured the Mumsnet forums to see which dog beds come highly recommended, as well as researching which designs come out on top on other review sites - so you’re certain to find the best dog bed to suit all your doggy needs in our roundup. 

Whether it’s something tasteful to compliment your home, a calming doughnut cushion to soothe your pup or a supportive mattress for an older dog, our list has got you covered. And, while we're on the subject of man's (or woman's!) best friend, don't miss our guides to the best dog leads, best dog treats and best dog harnesses.

Here are the best dog beds UK.

The best dog beds 2022: a roundup

1. Best overall dog bed: Danish Design Luxury Deep Duvet

Danish Design Duvet Dog Bed

Price: From £25.34 | Buy now from Amazon

“Our large Doberman has a lovely grey Danish Design bed. We took her to a pet shop to try some out and as soon as this was on the floor she settled herself down in it! That sold it to us. Still going strong two years later.” (Vetted by Mumsnet user Kayjay2018)

“I buy my doggie Danish Design beds and they last a lifetime. They have removable covers which are washable and have memory foam inners so are really supportive, etc. I have a very large Basset Hound and she prefers these to a bed as can stretch right out in them. The first one I bought her lasted me about six years and outlasted any other bed I purchased.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user Cosmos45)

Danish Design makes great value dog beds that are both fun and functional. We love this woodland stag print duvet which is filled with super soft polyester for your furry friend to happily doze away on.

The covers are made from 100 percent cotton and can be easily removed to go in the washing machine. They are available to buy separately if your pooch likes to chew everything in sight and, as the beds come at a very reasonable price, you can buy more than one to dot around your home. 

Mumsnet users particularly rate the durability of this bed which can last for years and years, making it the ideal resting spot for any tired pooch. That, combined with its stylish design, snug feeling and ease of cleaning, make this a clear choice for the best overall award.

You can choose from Danish Design’s range of quirky prints, including their collaboration with FatFace in which they produced a whole collection made from recycled bottles.

Key specs

  • Size: 138 x 87 x 20cm (large, but available in a medium size too)
  • Material: Cotton and polyester

2. Best budget dog bed: Amazon Basics Round Pet Bed

Amazon Basics Dog Bed

Price: from £18.66 | Buy now from Amazon

"It's a dog bed, they don't give a hoot as long as its comfy, warm and smells of dog." (Advice from Mumsnetter Tessasanderson)

If you're not sure which dog bed is best for your pup, or if you're going through dog beds at a fast pace (especially in those first few puppy months) this budget-friendly Amazon Basics option could well be the answer. Suitable either as a cheap starting point or for a dog who is (like Tessasanderson says) just looking for a comfy, warm place to sleep without any bells or whistles, this dog bed ticks all the budget-friendly boxes on our list. 

Dogs that like to curl up when they sleep will love the soft cushion, and the curved edge provides somewhere for your pooch to comfortably rest their head. It’s small enough to fit in a dog crate or kennel and can be easily taken away with you on holiday, making it a great travel bed. 

Made from plush flannel and filled with polyester, the neutral colour scheme will complement any home and it’s easy to wash, though it does need to be line dried.

Key specs

  • Size: 50 x 50 x 15cm
  • Material: Flannel and polyester

3. Best orthopedic dog bed: JOYELF Orthopedic Dog Bed


Price: From £39.99 | Buy now from Amazon

“We've bought several beds but the ones that have really lasted are the JOYELF ones. They are quite hard wearing and wash up nicely and they have firm but comfy edges to rest doggy chins on.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user AlwaysLatte)

The JOYELF Orthopedic Dog Bed offers great support to help prevent your dog from developing joint and hip issues, especially common in older pups or those that suffer from arthritis. 

It has a memory foam mattress and soft fabric for ultimate comfort, and the padded bolster cushion provides extra support for their neck and head. 

The cover easily zips on and off for fuss-free washing and the bottom of the bed is rubber to prevent it from slipping around. The bed also comes with a bone-shaped squeaky toy for your dog to play with. 

This bed is suitable for medium to large sized dogs, but there are many other sizes available and we love that it comes eight dimensions, so you can find the perfect fit for any breed. One thing to be aware of is that it does increase in price quite a lot for the larger models, but it's a long-lasting, snug bed that many will find is worth the initial investment.

Key specs

  • Size: 102 x 77 x 23cm (extra large, but smaller sizes are available)
  • Material: Memory foam, rubber and cotton

4. Best calming dog bed: Comfy Calming Donut Bed

Argos Donut Dog Bed

Price: £35.00 | Buy now from Argos

"My mini schnauzer loves her doughnut bed." (Vetted by Mumsnet user MissyB1)

If your dog likes to curl up and get cosy, they’ll love this Comfy Calming Donut Bed from Argos. A soft padded cushion with a long fluffy pile for them to burrow into, doughnut beds are thought to have a calming effect on anxious dogs - and are a great alternative to your sofa!

This bed comes at a really reasonable price too so if you have a pup that likes to chew, replacing it won’t cost the earth. The downside is that it only comes in one size so do check that your dog isn’t too big. It’s thought to be suitable for mid-sized dogs, with a working Cocker Spaniel and Labradoodle giving it a big paws up in consumer reviews. 

Key specs

  • Size: (Internal) 20 x 76 x 76cm
  • Material: Polyester 

5. Best memory foam dog bed: PetFusion Waterproof Memory Foam Mattress

PetFusion Dog Bed

Price: £89.95 (large) | Buy now from Amazon

“This PetFusion bed is very popular with the arthritic dog group. There’s a massive one that made a Greyhound in it look small. It also has replacement covers which can be swapped when you need to wash.” (Rated by Mumsnet user Scattyhattie)

With a 10cm memory foam base, the PetFusion Waterproof Memory Foam Mattress provides a comfortable yet supportive place for your dog to relax after a hard day playing and sniffing.

If your furry friend likes to rest their head on your lap, the generously filled bolster cushion offers a great alternative. The polyester and cotton blend material is water-resistant and durable as well as being tear-resistant, but there are replacement covers available if your pup ends up having a fight with their bed. 

The removable cover is easy to clean and is available in three colours and different sizes to suit all kinds of dogs, both big and small. 

Key specs

  • Size: 91 x 71 x 23cm
  • Material: Polyester/cotton blend 

6. Best waterproof dog bed: The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Mattress Bed

The Dog's Bed Waterproof Dog Bed

Price: from £47.99 | Buy now from Amazon

“The Dog’s Bed from Amazon - great quality, completely waterproof and washable, and lovely bolstered sides for snoozing.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user Baybetterdays)

If your dog is prone to accidents, a waterproof bed like The Dog’s Bed will help with clean-ups. The removable cover and washable inner protects the memory foam mattress while also being resistant to mould, mildew and dust mites.  

Suitable for any dog who likes to stretch out when they nap but especially older dogs or those that suffer from mobility issues, this bed will provide a hygienic and comfortable place for them to rest. It’s available in a range of colours and sizes, although some owners suggest sizing up to ensure your dog has plenty of room to spread out.

Key specs 

  • Size: 91 x 70 x 10cm (large)
  • Material: Foam 

7. Best luxury dog bed: Barbour Luxury 35 Inch Pet Bed

Barbour dog bed

Price: £99 | Buy now from Pets at Home

"I have three beds I use for my dog... She likes the big Barbour one the best." (Brand vetted by Mumsnet user blueskyinmarch)

If you can afford the price tag, Barbour dog beds are a great investment for your four-legged friend. Known for their country chic aesthetic, this snug bed fits into the brand's signature style thanks to its classic tartan pattern. We also love the leather Barbour badge for that extra touch of class. 

It's not all style over substance though, as comfort is ensured with thick wadding and a faux suede inner lining. We also rate the raised walls on this bed, creating a den-like atmosphere that dogs will love when they're napping post-walkies. 

The only drawback is its washability, however. The base cushion can be popped in the washing machine with no trouble, but the rest of the bed is sadly sponge clean only which may make keeping it spick and span a little trickier than other beds. Users did find it was simple to remove dirt with a wipe though, but there is a little more effort involved than throwing it in the washing machine for a quick spin.

Key specs

  • Size: 35 x 27 x 13 inches (large)
  • Material: Wool blend material, polyester wadding, faux suede inner lining, leather badge

8. Best stylish dog bed: Joules Velvet Chesterfield Pet Bed

Joules Chesterfield Dog Bed

Price: £70 | Buy now from Joules

“Our dog loves the Joules dog beds - she's a sprawler too so we tend to buy a size up. They're really nice!” (Brand tried and tested by pet owner Ginlsln

The Joules Chesterfield Velvet Pet Bed is for pups that like to relax in style. The bright colour and soft plush velvet design comes complete with traditional tufting detail that’s inspired by Joules’ bestselling Windsor Sofa.

Just like on the real thing, the bed’s raised back is extra padded so your furry friend can cosy up. But while it may feel luxurious, it’s durable too, with a non-slip base, reversible inner cushion and machine-washable fabric. 

Pick between two sizes and two stylish colours to suit your pup.

Key specs

  • Size: 47 x 54 x 52cm
  • Material: Velvet 

9. Best for small dogs: Scruffs Manhattan Box Bed

Scruff Manhattan Box bed

Price: From £27.49 | Buy now from Amazon

We love the cosy look of this box bed from trusted pet supplies brand Scruffs, and we're happy to report it's just as snug as it looks. Coming in at 50cm x 40cm, it's ideal for smaller breeds, although it does go up to XL for larger pooches too. Reviewers also loved the all-in-one design which prevents dogs from removing (or destroying) the base cushion.

We were impressed with the colour choices. Available in Light Grey, Dark Grey, Berry Purple and Denim Blue, you get a lot more choice than some beds and can pick the perfect hue to complement your home. The Scruffs logo on the front is a nice touch too, although some may not be a fan. 

Best of all? It's machine washable (at 30 degrees), so you can easily clean it after it's been dirtied by the muckiest pup! 

Key specs

  • Size: 50 x 40cm (small)
  • Material: Polyester

10. Best dog bed for large dogs: Tuffies Durasoft Nest Dog Bed

Tuffies Nest Dog Bed

Price: From £137 | Buy now from Tuffies

“We have them. Excellent beds. You can hose or spray down the mattress and wash the covers which controls the pong of your dog. The mattresses we have are almost three years old and show no signs of wear.” (Recommended by Mumsnet user GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman

“We've got a Tuffies bed. Our Cocker and Sprocker share the XL size and have more than enough room each in it. It doesn't smell, is easy to clean and the best bit is that the puppy hasn't chewed any of it. It wasn't cheap but I'm really pleased with it.” (Tried and tested by Mumsnet user JaneEyre07)

Tuffies come up time and time again on our forums, with Mumsnetters agreeing that Tuffies dog beds stand the test of time even though the initial outlay may be eye-watering. 

Made in Scotland, the Tuffies Nest Dog Bed is loved by both dogs and their owners thanks to its thick high sides and super soft fleece-covered futon mattress. The fabric is waterproof and, while it may not be chew-proof (though Tuffies does have a range for this), owners say the beds last for years and the thick mattress doesn’t lose its shape or flatten, even after cleaning.

This large bed is suitable for dogs weighing 15 to 30kg, but the nests come in sizes small to extra large and are available in 32 colourways.

Key specs

  • Size: 75 x 60cm (large)
  • Material: Texturised nylon and fleece

What type of bed is best for dogs? 

Consider what type of bed you need for your dog - these are some of the most common: 

  • Orthopedic – made with memory foam mattresses, they offer more support and comfort to a dog’s bones and joints and can improve mobility, as well as helping them get a good night’s sleep. This is especially helpful for older or arthritic dogs. 
  • Raised – another orthopedic option, raised beds offer firm support across your pet’s entire body. As they are elevated off the ground, air flows more easily to keep them cool and dry material making it more hygienic. The material is durable (and less easy to chew) and simple to clean. 
  • Bolster/sofa – a soft flat mattress with a bolster cushion around the sides, dogs love having somewhere to rest their head when you’re not around. A sofa or couch-style dog bed with higher cushions can give a dog a sense of security and comfort.  
  • Doughnut – a ring-shaped dog bed, these are very plush and cuddly for dogs that like to curl up and burrow in. They are thought to help calm anxious dogs and make them feel more secure. As they’re soft, they may be difficult for older dogs to get out of. 
  • Cushion/mattress – if your dog likes to spread out, they may prefer a flat mattress or cushion for lying on. Make sure that it offers plenty of support.
  • Tunnel/cave bed – this is a mattress with a roof for your dog to get under. This may be more suitable for dogs that are more inclined to burrow, like Beagles and Dachshunds.

Do dogs prefer firm or soft beds?

Look at how your dog sleeps - if your pup likes to curl up on the sofa then a bolster or sofa-style bed may be a good alternative to the real thing. 

If they’re getting older or suffering from mobility issues, a soft memory foam mattress will be more suitable. For dogs that overheat, a raised bed will help keep them cool while a plush doughnut bed will be cosier.  

How do I keep my dog's bed clean?

It’s important to keep your chosen dog bed fresh and clean, especially for breeds that shed a lot of fur. You can look for materials that don’t attract fur as easily such as mesh or have removable covers for washing. Hypoallergenic materials will also help to ward off dust and mites.

Some beds can go in the washing machine, but it’s worth checking the reviews to make sure  they don’t lose their shape easily.

How can I make my dog's bed last longer?

Try and look for a heavy-duty bed that won’t wear easily -  check that the material is durable and well stitched. For chewers, try a raised bed, one without padding or that is made with chew-proof material. If your dog is incontinent or has accidents, look for one that is waterproof.  

What size bed does my dog need?

Should a dog bed be bigger than a dog?  Dog beds come in all shapes and sizes, but it’s important to make sure the bed has plenty of room for your dog to get comfortable and move around. Their body needs to be fully supported so measure your dog to check the bed will be big enough and size up if needed. While wiggle room is necessary, it's also important to remember that dogs are pack animals who love a snuggle, so if their bed is a little on the large side, perhaps think about adding a pillow or a blanket.

What is the best bed for a dog?

We think the Danish Design Luxury Deep Duvet is the best dog bed to buy right now. Owners love the range of quirky designs while their furry friends enjoy snoozing away on the super soft mattress. The cover is easily removed for washing and the bed comes at a really affordable price too.

How we chose our recommendations 

When it comes to our precious pooches, we want the best for them. So, to help you choose the comfiest place for your dog to rest, we searched high and low for the top rated options for any pet owner. Here's how we whittled our list down to the best 10 buys.

Dog beds tested by Mumsnet users

We know the value of an independent suggestion from a real person, so the first stop in our quest for the best was the Mumsnet forums. Most of our recommendations for dog beds came from Mumsnet users themselves. We spent extensive time searching many threads for posts about which dog beds they really rated.

Honest consumer reviews

Our next step was to comb through customer reviews on various retailer and review sites to make sure each product was well-regarded amongst those who'd used them every day. We focused on comfort, ease of use getting on or off the bed, washability, style and how hardwearing users found them. We carefully weighed up the merits and limitations of each bed too, ensuring we were bringing you an in-depth guide you can trust.

Expert guidance

Our final step was to cross-check our shortlisted selection of recommendations with expert pet websites and best buy lists so we could be sure we had covered the best brands and products rated across the board. 

Why you should trust us 

We work hard to provide unbiased, independent advice you can trust. We do sometimes earn revenue through affiliate (click-to-buy) links in our articles. This helps us fund more helpful articles like this one.

The best dog beds 2022: a roundup