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12 best thank you gifts

Whatever you want to show your gratitude for, there’s a gift that will say ‘thank you’ in just the right way.

By Catherine Hufton | Last updated Sep 14, 2021

girl giving gift to teacher

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Saying ‘thank you’ is one of the first things we teach our children and, when thanks are given thoughtfully, it can mean such a lot.

Whether you’re looking for a thank you gift for a much-loved teacher or key worker or something to show your appreciation for a special friend, colleague or family member, a small (or large!) gift can help you show just how grateful you are. 

We’ve collated our pick of the best thank you gifts for every person and occasion here, for those times when a box of chocolates just won’t cut it.

1. Best overall thank you gift: The Calathea Plant

calathea plant

Price: £35 | Buy The Calathea Plant from Moonpig

“For anyone who’s a keen gardener, I would buy them a plant”.

A gift that keeps on giving, this lush green Calathea Plant in a jute pot will remind the recipient of just how appreciated they really are for weeks to come. It should last far longer than flowers and chocolates, and they can even bring it into the office to sit on their desk. At £35, it’s little on the pricey side, but we think it’s worth it given the lifespan.

2. Best thank you gift for a group: Cartwright & Butler Swaledale Hamper

cartwright and butler hamper

Price: £125 | Buy the Swaledale Hamper now from Moonpig

“If you’re buying for a lot of people I would go for one big group present, such as chocolates or biscuits to share over a coffee.”

Planning to treat all the staff at school or a group of talented colleagues? This Cartwright & Butler Swaledale Hamper is a lovely choice for a group of people who like their foodstuffs. Filled with luxurious sweet and savoury treats, it’s stocked with everything from rosemary focaccia bread thins to dark chocolate Viennese whirls and after-dinner coffee. It also comes in a beautiful wicker basket that someone can keep for storing things in.

3. Best thank you gift for fellow parents: This Works Choose Sleep Pillow Spray Duo

this works pillow sprays

Price: £10 | Buy the Choose Sleep Pillow Spray from Moonpig

“The tiny This Works kits are definitely worth a go.”

What better than the gift of a restful night’s sleep for a parent? The Choose Sleep Pillow Spray Duo from This Works features two sprays: The Stress Check Superblend, which helps to relieve tension, and the Deep Sleep Superblend to encourage some much-needed shut-eye. All they need to do is spritz one of these scents onto their pillow and they’ll be off to the land of nod in no time.

4. Best thank you gift for teachers: Personalised Thank You Teacher Mug

thank you teacher mug

Price: £10 | Buy the Personalised Thank You Teacher Mug from Moonpig

"I’m a teacher and I’ve just finished a coffee in a lovely mug that was given to me a few years ago by a pupil!"

If you want to give a teacher a gift that feels thoughtful and personalised, this bright pastel-print mug from Moonpig is a great choice. It has a cute cartoon-style print on the front and space to have your teacher’s name added if you wish. The personalisation doesn’t cost any extra either so we think that it’s excellent value at £10. If you wanted to spend a little extra, you could always add a packet of their favourite biscuits or chocolate to go with it.

5. Best thank you gift for an acquaintance: Amazon Gift Voucher

amazon gift voucher

Price: From 10p | Buy an Amazon Gift Voucher now

“I’m opting for a book token or an Amazon voucher. That way they can choose to spend it on what they like”.

Vouchers always go down well – especially when you don’t know what your recipient has already or what their home is like. Amazon is always a great choice as they stock such a wide range of items, and vouchers can be bought online and loaded with an amount of your choosing, starting from as little as 10p.

6. Best thank you gift for a neighbour: The Spring Treats flowers

spring treat flowers

Price: £32 | Buy The Spring Treats flowers from Moonpig

There aren’t many occasions that beautiful flowers aren’t appropriate for, and we think that this bunch of mixed coloured roses, carnations, lilac aster and more is a lovely way to say thank you to someone who’s fed your pet, watered your garden or just been there in a tight spot. Delivered in bud so the lucky recipient should be able to enjoy them for well over a week – if not two - this bouquet is sure to add a much-needed pop of colour to their home.

7. Best thank you gift for your mum or sister: Prosecco & Chocolates Gift Box

prosecco and chocolate gift box

Price: £30 | Buy the Prosecco & Chocolate Gift Box from Moonpig

“I’d always choose Prosecco/wine/nice chocolate.”

Sometimes the simplest of gifts are the best and we don’t think you can go wrong with a box (or two) of chocolates. This selection of luxury handmade delicacies feature Jacquot Classic Truffles and Linden Lady Chocolate Coated Marshmallows, and are delivered alongside a bottle of Accademia Prosecco.

8. Best thank you gift for your best friend: Orla Kiely Snail Candle

Orla Kiely candle

Price: £25 | Buy the Orla Kiely Snail Candle from Moonpig

“I love my candle that was a gift. It smells gorgeous and the scent drifts through the house.”

This pretty candle, scented with rose, geranium and eucalyptus, is a lovely way to show your gratitude to someone special; every time they light it, they’ll think of you. Kiely fans will love this snail candle, as will anyone who enjoys a bit of hygge in their home.

9. Best thank you gift for a childminder or key worker: The Garden Wellness & Care Hamper

gardening wellness set

Price: £15 | Buy The Garden Wellness & Care Hamper from Moonpig

“I went to a special spa shop and bought yummy, scented tubes of hand and foot lotion. I had the shop wrap them in beautiful bags with lots of frothing ribbon. I felt that somehow I had been a bit more creative than the usual chocolates and wine.”

After a tough few months, many of us are trying to look after our wellbeing a bit more and The Garden Wellness & Care Hamper from Moonpig will provide some much-needed encouragement. Inspired by plants found in the garden, it includes an intensive body cream, invigorating body wash and muscle soak bath salts made from shea butter, sunflower seed oil and rhubarb root extract.

10. Best thank you gift for couples: Moët & Chandon Rosé Impérial Gift Box 75cl

Champagne gift box

Price: £50 | Buy the Moët & Chandon Gift Box from Moonpig

“I love champagne but have a cava budget, sadly.”

What better way to thank a couple of helpful or supportive friends than with a bottle of proper champers to get their evening off to a glamorous start? This beautiful bottle of Moët with a sparkly bottle says ‘thanks, guys’ like you really mean it. And, if you’re lucky, perhaps they’ll keep it for a celebration with you!

11. Best gift for a bookworm: Waterstones Gift Voucher

waterstones gift vouchers

Price: From £10 | Buy the Waterstones Gift Voucher now

“I’d love a book token. I love reading.”

What could be a nicer way of thanking someone than the gift of a book of their own choosing? Whether you load their card with a little or a lot (prices start from £10), they’re sure to love picking the latest bestseller or much-loved classic to devour. 

12. Best thank you gift for keen gardener: Wrendale Organised Gardener's Gift Set

Gardening gift set

Price: £52 | Buy the Wrendale Organised Gardener's Gift Set from Moonpig

“Years ago, I was given a hand fork and trowel. Light and strong with comfortable handles - perfect and much better than anything I would buy for myself.”

Know someone who spends countless hours in the garden? Green-fingered loved ones will enjoy this beautiful gardening gift set from Wrendale. Featuring a trowel, fork and padded kneeler, it also comes with a gardening journal so that they can jot down everything from planting dates to wildlife sightings. 

How much should you spend on a thank you gift?

Most people say they spend between £5 to £10 on a thank you gift, however there’s no set rule on how much you cough up, and you should never feel pressured to go higher than your budget will allow. The best gifts are always the most thoughtful, so make that your main focus and spend as little or as much as you can afford. 

If your budget is very small, a handmade card can make a lovely gesture, or if you really want to make someone exceptional feel extra special, why not pool together donations with others? 

What is the best gift to say thank you? 

In terms of gifts that keep on giving and are also eco-friendly, we don’t think you can go wrong with a lush green plant such as Moonpig’s Calathea Plant in a pot. Ideal for both men and women, and folk of any age, a plant will serve as an acting reminder of your gratitude and hopefully last well (depending on how green-fingered the recipient is). We also really like the idea of an Amazon gift card for people who might like to choose something for themselves.

How we chose our recommendations

Because we know that there’s nothing like a real recommendation from a real parent, we headed to the Mumsnet forums to find out which gift ideas discerning Mumsnet users had gone for. We took note of the gifts that had previously proven most popular, in addition to feedback from consumers within our community. We then pooled all of this information together to come up with a shortlist that we think offers something for everyone and every occasion.

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