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VTech RM7767HD Baby Monitor Review: is this VTech's best baby monitor?

With crisp clear audio and HD colour video both day and night, the VTech RM7767HD Baby Monitor is packed full of useful features including remote access, a nightlight, ambient sounds and a built-in temperature monitor, allowing ultimate reassurance and peace of mind.

By Lucy Cotterill | Last updated Aug 1, 2023

VTECH RM7767HD Baby Monitor Review

Price on writing: £199.99 | Buy now from Mamas & Papas

This VTech RM7767HD Baby Monitor is packed full of features to help make parents’ lives easier. Wi-fi enabled, with the option to also check in remotely from your mobile phone, you can easily keep a close eye on your baby thanks to the full HD colour screen that offers a clear view during daytime naps and via full-colour nighttime infrared. 

With crisp audio and two-way communication, you can even play a number of lullabies or white noise sounds to help soothe your baby back to the land of nod, whilst the ambient nightlight creates a comforting and familiar environment as part of your baby’s bedtime routine. 

What we like

  • Quick and easy set-up 

  • Free live access app with no monthly fees or subscription 

  • Full HD camera has adjustable tilt, zoom and 360° pan

  • Large and clear 7” LCD screen with colour night vision

  • Light and sounds to aid bedtime routine 

What we don't like

  • Battery life is relatively poor when unplugged from the mains 

  • Costly 

Key features

  • Colour night vision

  • Temperature and humidity sensor 

  • Touch controlled three colour nightlight 

  • 360-degree pan camera 

  • Live remote access (listen, view and talk back) via the VTech app

  • 1080p CMOS lens and 720p HD Image quality 

  • Wide angle, standard angle and 8 x zoom 

  • Built-in intercom

  • Lullabies and ambient sounds 

Key specs

Range: 300m | Warranty: 12 months | Dimensions: Parent unit: L 18.5 x H 204.1 x W 112.6mm and Baby unit : L 76.9 x H 136.4 x W 85.6mm | RRP: £175  

What’s in the box? 

  • Monitor

  • Monitor charging lead with plug

  • Quick start guide/instruction leaflet 

  • Camera

  • Camera charging lead with plug

  • Wall mount 

  • Screws for wall mount 

How we tested

Parent tester Catherine tested the VTech RM7767HD Baby Monitor with her baby, using the monitor for daytime naps and nighttime periods of sleep, as well as during travel and weekends away from home. She assembled and set up everything herself to give us a complete experience with this baby monitor. 

When testing the VTech RM7767HD Baby Monitor, Catherine considered video and audio quality, safety and stability, set-up, range and connectivity, screen size and battery life, as well as features such as lullabies and two-way talkback, aesthetics, cleanliness, and how easy it was to use day-to-day. Crucially, she also considered whether the device offered good value for money.

While Catherine put the VTech RM7767HD through its paces, we researched wider feedback from the Mumsnet community and retailer sites, as well as scrutinising the impartial views of consumer champion Which? ensuring our tester’s views were consistent with the wider user experience. 

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VTECH RM7767HD 7" Full HD Smart WiFi Video Baby Monitor

How easy is the VTech RM7767HD to set up?

Our parent tester Catherine found the VTech RM7667HD Baby Monitor quick and easy to set up, praising the monitor for its simple and intuitive design. The box also comes with detailed instructions should you need to use them. 

“I actually set it up after putting my baby down in the crib. It was so easy I didn’t even disturb him.”

The monitor comes with some charge, so in theory, you can plug it in, raise the antennae and start using it straight away, however, VTech recommends that you charge the monitor fully before use, presumably to maximise battery life. 

Catherine says "The menu is easy to understand and navigate. You can choose to connect it to the WiFi or use it on a local connection - I liked this option as our WiFi can be a little patchy.”

If using WiFi, you can also opt to see video and notifications on your phone using the  MyVTech Baby Pro app which is available on both Android and iPhone devices.  

The camera comes with an optional wall mount should you wish to place it up high in your baby’s room, however, our parent tester used the camera directly on its stand. 

What's the audio and video quality like?

With crisp and clear audio and a range of volume settings, the VTech RM7767HD Baby Monitor can clearly notify you if your baby wakes or cries during the night. Even when the volume is turned down low, flashing lights on the top corner of the monitor screen serve as a visual notification that your baby needs your attention. 

“The picture quality on the VTech RM7667HD is one of the best I’ve seen.”

Thanks to the handy two-way talk feature, you can communicate directly with your baby from another part of the house - such as quickly comforting them or reassuring them that you’re on your way. Our parent tester Catherine found this a really useful feature, with audio that was clear in both directions with minimal background noise.

The picture quality on the VTech RM7767HD Baby Monitor is excellent, and one of the best our tester has seen when compared to other baby monitors such as the Hubble Nursery Pan and Tommee Tippee Dreamee. The camera offers a useful 360 degree rotation that is easy to operate via the parent unit or app, with the ability to pan around the cot and follow your child if they move around during their sleep. Our parent tester found triggering the rotation was quite sensitive, with only small touches needed to adjust the view of the camera. 

One big plus of the VTech RM7767HD Baby Monitor is that it also has excellent full colour night vision, so unlike some of the grainy black and white images you may be used to, you can still clearly see your baby’s features all night long.

Mumsnet user sunflowerandivy agreed, stating: “The picture quality is excellent. We have the white noise on in baby’s room which the monitor doesn't transmit, but all the sounds my baby makes can still be heard.”

VTECH RM7767HD Baby Monitor night vision

How about the signal?

The VTech RM7767HD Baby Monitor can be used on a local connection (the monitor and camera are automatically paired) or used on WiFi. When connected to WiFi, the monitor will automatically check for software updates every four hours. 

Our parent tester Catherine didn’t experience any issues with connectivity, but the monitor has an out-of-range indicator which will alert you if you take the parent unit too far away from the camera. With a range of around 300 metres, it’s long enough that you can take the monitor into your back garden without disconnecting. 

If your WiFi goes down, you can revert to a local connection - reassuring for those who may have issues streaming video or a poor wifi signal in certain parts of their home. 

How long does the battery last?

The VTech RM7767HD Baby Monitor has a camera that is mains operated and remains plugged in at all times. The parent unit/monitor can be used plugged into the mains or as a portable monitor thanks to its rechargeable battery, which takes around half an hour to charge in full. 

As recommended by VTech, our parent tester Catherine used the monitor mostly plugged in, however, some reviewers felt that the battery life was disappointing, lasting around four to five hours before the battery starts to run low. 

How does the VTech RM7767HD look?

Our parent tester’s first impressions of the VTech RM7767HD Baby Monitor were very positive, with a nicely designed and robust unit with a large 7-inch screen. With a relatively simple screen with just a small amount of buttons to navigate, it offers a simple yet stylish design which doesn’t look out of place or unsightly in your bedroom. 

“The design doesn’t blow me away but does it need to?”

Our parent tester loved the unique design of the camera, with a touch-controlled built-in nightlight offering a choice of three coloured glows to create some comforting ambient lighting in your child’s room.

What’s the VTech RM7767HD like to use day-to-day?

Overall our parent tester Catherine found the VTech RM7767HD Baby Monitor very intuitive to use and easy to navigate. With a good clear view of her baby at all times, day and night, and motion-triggered video recording, she could even watch back small clips of recorded footage via the VTech app. 

“The RM7767HD is one of the top-of-the-range baby monitor models from VTech and you can tell. It just works well.”

Does the VTech RM7767HD have any extra features?

The VTech RM7767HD Baby Monitor is packed full of extras - going far beyond the usual sound and video monitoring of a traditional baby monitor.

The 8x remote digital zoom allows you to zoom in on your baby whilst they sleep - a great way to take a closer look without disturbing or waking them, 

Our parent tester Catherine loved the built-in temperature and humidity monitor which will alert you if the room becomes too hot or too cold. Excellent for peace of mind during the winter and summer months, it also removes the need to buy a separate nursery thermometer. 

Whilst she didn’t opt to use the lullabies or white noise features with her child, Catherine felt these were a great feature for soothing younger babies. They don’t trigger automatically (there is no cry sensor like on the Tommee Tippee Dreamee), however, there is a good choice of lullabies including My Bonnie, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Hot Cross Buns, Hush Little Baby and Brahms’ Lullaby, as well as soothing white noise, crickets, streams, birds and shhh noises. 

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Is the VTech RM7767HD safe?

The VTech RM7767HD Baby Monitor connects to WiFi, which can be a worry for some parents - however, VTech provides some handy guidance on security, including the importance of a secure password and even the ability to encrypt the connection. 

Is the VTech RM7767HD easy to keep clean?

Yes, both the camera and monitor unit are easy to clean. Whilst the white plastic design can show marks and scuffs, it is easy to wipe down with a wet cloth when required. 

Is the VTech RM7767HD good value for money?

This product is £200 and you may wonder why it is more expensive than models such as the Spear & Jackson or Tommee Tippee Dreamee. But after using it, our parent tester felt it was certainly worth the extra, stating:

“It's just a better all-around model that works better - clearer visuals, better sound and more enhanced extras.” 

Our verdict

If you’re looking for a great all-round baby monitor that offers far more than just sound and video, the VTech RM7767HD Baby Monitor is an excellent choice. With a variety of handy features and options to suit your needs, the VTech offers enhanced monitoring, excellent audio and built-in functionality to provide additional reassurance that your baby is safe and sound. 

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