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Bugaboo Fox

Bugaboo's announced a new arrival: the Bugaboo Fox. Will it offer parents complete flexibility while delivering the usual tip-top design standards as the company claims? We've taken it for a twirl around for a first look.

The Bugaboo Fox pushchair's big claim is the intelligence of its design. Like its namesake, it's intended to be versatile and smart, fitting seamlessly into any lifestyle and helping parents adapt to their new role without sacrificing the activities they love.

Naturally, we'll be putting the Fox through our exhaustive testing process over the coming months – so look out for our full Bugaboo Fox review. But in the meantime, we nabbed one of the first Foxes, gathered a group of eager MNHQ mums, and took it for a spin.

How does the Fox differ from the Bugaboo Cameleon3, Donkey2 or Bee5?

Bugaboo update its existing models fairly frequently, but it's big news when it launches an entirely new product. There's a great deal of excitement surrounding Bugaboo's latest arrival, the Fox, but how does it really differ from the other models?

Cameleon3 is by far the most similar in design, but there are some distinct differences:


If you’re looking for a lightweight pushchair, the Bee5 might still be a better fit. It's a whole kilogram lighter and 7cm narrower (unfolded), which makes all the difference if you're navigating public transport on a regular basis.

Donkey2 still offers a great experience for those who need extra storage or are looking for a pram that can transform into a double buggy. There haven't been any announcements from Bugaboo about adding a twin option to the Fox design.

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Stand out features of the Fox

Ballpoint brake

Bugaboo has designed a new “ballpoint” brake, a single pedal that pushes down once to lock, and again to release. We LOVED this; there's no chance of scuffing your shoes, and we think it's unlikely to get stuck.

One handed operation

Our ad hoc team of MNHQ first-lookers were impressed with the Fox’s manoeuvrability. The Fox is all about one-handed operation; as well as steering, the seat can be unclipped one side at a time, and the safety bar can be undone with a single hand.

However, folding is another story. Although the frame itself folds in one simple movement, you need both hands to remove the seat first. For true city slickers, the Bee5 might still be your best bet.

Larger storage basket

Bugaboo has been pulled up on the size of its baskets in the past, and it's listened. At a glance, the Fox's basket is spacious and easy to access – and unlike many pushchairs, there's no low bar to get in the way. Big tick from us.

Higher seat position

If Bugaboo’s low seats have put you off until now, rejoice: the Fox seat is way off the ground. You'd be able to pull your child up to the table in the Fox, and it'll save your back having to bend down.

Bugaboo has compensated for the higher centre of gravity by making the pushchair wider, and it shows. The Fox definitely looks bulkier than other Bugaboos, which might concern those who often navigate fiddly little shops or move down bus aisles.

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Other great features

  • Foam filled wheels
  • Can buy attachments separately if anything breaks
  • Extensive canopy that covers the child completely
  • Core colour range fabrics are made of recycled bottles

How much does the Fox weigh?

Bugaboo claims the Fox's secret is aerospace technology, which it says gives lightness without compromising sturdiness or durability. However, at 9.9kg, the new pushchair is still heavier than both the Bee5 (8.9kg) and the Cameleon3 (9.6kg) – worth being aware of if you're regularly lugging yours up and down steps.

How much does the Bugaboo Fox cost?

As ever, great design comes at a price. £883 puts the Fox in the top end of the travel system market, which may immediately put some parents off – a second-hand Bee or Cameleon comes in at around £400. But Bugaboo has a loyal and passionate following, and for many the Fox will be hard to resist. The iconic looks are there, and the design heritage is clear – but only time will tell if the Fox really delivers value for money.


Mumsnet's verdict (for now)

We love the look of the Fox, and that counts for a lot. It has some truly innovative features while being a great all-rounder – smart, nippy, versatile, and strong. Is Bugaboo perhaps trying to be all things to all parents? Possibly – we think the other, more specialised (and cheaper) models will be in circulation for a while yet.

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What are the specs?

Suitable from: Birth – 17kg
Weight (chassis, seat and wheels): 9.9kg
Basket capacity: 38 litres
Folded dimensions: 46d x 60w x 88h cm
Compact fold (wheels off): 66d x 54w x 19h cm
RRP: From £883 (dependent on customisations)
Compatible with (baby car seats): Kiddy Evoluna i Size®, BeSafe iZi Go Modular®, Kiddy Evolution Pro2®, Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix®, Maxi-Cosi Pebble®, Maxi-Cosi Pebble Plus®, Cybex Aton Q®, Cybex Cloud Q®, Cybex Aton 5®, Cybex Aton Q i-Size®, BeSafe iZi Go X1® Britax Römer Baby-Safe Plus SHR II® Attaches using adaptors (sold separately).

How to buy a Bugaboo Fox

Because everything about the Bugaboo Fox is completely customisable, it can be difficult to really understand what you get when you buy. There are ready made packages available, but if you do want to do it yourself then here's what you'll need to consider:

The base box

When buying any Bugaboo, the first step is choosing a base box. This includes:

  • The main pushchair chassis in aluminium or black
  • Seat frame and accompanying hardware
  • Carrycot hardware
  • Wheels
  • Under-seat basket
  • Carry handle
  • Rain cover

Seat fabric

Once you’ve selected your base unit, you'll need to choose a fabric pack. There are two types of fabric packs that come in a variety of colours. The first is the carry cot fabric (£90), this creates a crib suitable from birth to approximately 6 months.

The second is the seat fabric; which you'll use as long as you use the pushchair. There are several different colour varieties, prices start from £53.


Next, you’ll need to choose a sun canopy and handle bar grips (from £22), an essential for any buggy. There's also an option to further customise your buggy by purchasing wheel caps (from £15).

There are a whole host of further accessories you can purchase to create the perfect pushchair for your lifestyle, including baby car seat adaptors, parasols, and cosy looking footmuffs. But all the accessories are pretty pricey and could significantly push your costs up, so it's worth considering if you really need them before splashing out.

How to assemble the Bugaboo Fox with bassinet

If you're buying the Bugaboo Fox online, you'll need to assemble it yourself. Everything clips together fairly easily, but if you need some guidance, Bugaboo has created some useful video tutorials on how to assemble this travel system.

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