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Out N About Nipper Sport V4 review: the affordable and comfortable all-terrain running buggy

The Nipper Sport V4 is a popular and affordable three-wheel running buggy from UK all-terrain pushchair specialists Out N About. But does it live up to the hype? Mumsnet editor and jogger, Laura, tests it out.

By Laura Westerman | Last updated Dec 6, 2023

Out N About Nipper Sport V4 running buggy collage

Overall star rating: 4.5/5

Price: £319 | Buy now from Amazon

Running buggies are growing in popularity among active parents and it’s easy to see why. With a fixed front wheel, outstanding suspension and pneumatic, puncture-resistant tyres, running buggies are specially designed for physical activity, successfully absorbing impact as you run.

The latest instalment of Out N About’s popular three-wheel running buggy, the Nipper Sport V4 is one such example. Ideal for jogging enthusiasts and lovers of the great outdoors, it offers all parents need to stay active with their child in tow.

How we tested the Out N About Nipper Sport V4

  • Four months of using the Out N About Nipper Sport V4 on a daily basis

  • Tested with a one-year-old

  • Used for jogging, walks and visiting the shops

  • Tested on a variety of terrain including tarmac, gravel, grass and stone paths

  • Used while travelling by car

As a regular jogger and mum to a one-year-old, I was keen to discover whether the Out N About Nipper Sport V4 would help me get back into jogging after having my daughter.

I’ve been using this running buggy almost everyday for the last four months, taking it everywhere from muddy canal tow paths to grassy fields as well as supermarkets and shops in town, and I’m pleased to report that it ticks a lot of boxes as both a pushchair to jog with and as a main pram to get my daughter from A to B. We also have the smaller Babyzen Yoyo2 for travel.

To successfully get an accurate view of the Out N About Nipper Sport’s performance during testing, I scored it out of five on the following areas: Safety, sturdiness, durability, comfort, ease of folding and unfolding, manoeuvrability (when jogging and walking), ease of assembly, ease of cleaning, style and value for money.

Out N About Nipper Sport V4 on path

Out N About Nipper Sport V4 at a glance

  • Safety: 3.5/5

  • Durability: 4/5

  • Comfort: 5/5

  • Ease of folding and unfolding: 3.5/5

  • Manoeuvrability: 4/5

  • Ease of assembly: 5/5

  • Ease of cleaning: 4/5

  • Style: 5/5

  • Value for money: 5/5

Key specs

Suitable from: Birth to approx. four years old (six months+ for jogging) but we’d only recommend it for children aged six months and above | Maximum load: 22kg (50lbs) | Orientation: World-facing only | Weight: 9.8kg | Unfolded dimensions: 61.5 x 103 x 137cm | Folded dimensions: 61.5 x 61 x 104cm (wheels on); 48 x 29 x 90cm (wheels off)  | Materials: Aluminium frame; foam handlebars; air-filled tyres; polyester fabric | Included accessories: Rain cover and bumper bar

What we like

  • Lightweight

  • Good value for money

  • Nice to run with

  • Great for off-roading

  • Comfortable, roomy seat - my daughter falls asleep almost every time we use it!

  • Excellent rear suspension for a smooth ride on all terrain

  • Handlebar brake as well as a footbrake

  • Can be pushed one-handed

What we don’t like

  • Bulky when folded

  • Footbrake occasionally gets stuck

  • Foam handlebar absorbs water when it rains

  • Seat recline is tricky to adjust

  • Fabric is wipe clean only

  • Sun canopy makes noise when you open it out or fold it back

  • Too big to be used comfortably on public transport

  • Manufacturer says it can be used from birth but we don't think so

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What’s the difference between the Out N About Nipper Sport V3 and Out N About Nipper Sport V4?

There’s not a lot of difference between the Out N About Nipper Sport V3 and V4, but the upgraded V4 benefits from an auto lock catch when folded, making storage and transportation easier - similar to the new and improved Out n About Nipper V5 all-terrain buggy.

It also comes with more colour options than its predecessor, including a matching Raven Black chassis and wheel trims. Other colours include Steel Grey, Carnival Red and Marine Blue. I have the neutral-looking Steel Grey version at home.

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Out N About Nipper Sport V4: what’s in the box?

The Out N About Nipper Sport V4 comes with the following:

  • Chassis

  • Seat unit

  • Seat liner with storage pouch

  • Three wheels

  • Footplate

  • Sun canopy

  • Bumper bar

  • Wrist strap

  • Rain cover

Additional accessories you can buy separately include: newborn support (£42), car seat adapters (£29.50), footmuff (£73), UV cover (£41.95) and storage basket (£33.95).

Out N About Nipper Sport V4: how easy is it to assemble?

It took my husband and I around 30 minutes to assemble the Out N About Nipper Sport, but the instructions were clear and easy to follow. We both liked that the rear wheels could easily be clicked into place and all tyres came fully inflated to the optimum pressure (25 PSI).

The padded seat liner took the most time to attach as the harness straps needed to be threaded through slits in the fabric, which was a little fiddly. We found it easier to remove the footplate fabric in order to attach the liner. The front wheel axle also needed to be attached to the fork, but this was simple to do.

Out N About Nipper Sport V4: how does it look?

As running buggies go, the Out N About Nipper Sport V4 makes a very good first impression. Athletic-looking, sleek and minimalist in design, this buggy is one you’ll be proud to run with, with three large, 16-inch wheels that only add to its striking aesthetic.

When out with the buggy, I’ve had comments from family members and friends telling me how stylish it is.

Out N About Nipper Sport handbrake

Out N About Nipper Sport V4: what’s it like to run with?

While most regular three-wheel buggies feature a swivel front wheel, the Out N About Nipper Sport V4 has what most running buggies have: a fixed front wheel. Admittedly, this took me a bit of getting used to during those first couple of outings, but the frame is so lightweight that the front wheel can easily be lifted off the ground when changing direction.

The foam handlebar offers a comfortable grip and the buggy comes with a wrist strap that can be attached to the handlebar, ensuring maximum safety while jogging.

Running over bumpy ground couldn’t be smoother thanks to the pneumatic air-filled tyres and impressive rear wheel suspension, which effectively absorbs impact on all types of bumpy ground near my home, including canal tow paths, grass and gravel, and keeps my daughter comfortable in the seat at all times, no matter what terrain I’m tackling.

One of my favourite things about this pushchair though is the handy handlebar brake, a common safety feature of most running buggies and one that allows me to stop at a moment’s notice. The buggy also has a footbrake that is easy to engage, however it occasionally gets stuck when released - I’m reaching out to Out N About to see if it’s a lubrication issue.

Out N About Nipper Sport V4: what’s it like to push?

At just 9.8kg, the Out N About Nipper Sport is so lightweight that it can be pushed one-handed while jogging. The foam handlebar provides a comfortable grip, but I’ve found that it does absorb water when it rains.

The handlebar can be adjusted to four different positions to suit parents of varying heights. At 5'6", this suits me very well and my 6’4” husband finds this accommodates his height perfectly too.

Out N About Nipper Sport V4: what’s it like to use day-to-day?

There’s no doubt that the Out N About Nipper Sport V4 has been designed primarily with running in mind, but it also functions very well as a day-to-day buggy, particularly if you live in a rural area and regularly do a good amount of off-roading like I do.

The large wheels bump up and down kerbs effortlessly and with minimal disturbance to my small passenger. But they do make the buggy extra long, so it unfortunately isn’t well suited to public transport or navigating small shop aisles. However, I regularly take it grocery shopping and have experienced no spatial issues unless the supermarket is particularly busy.

When it comes to small details, my daughter loves the sun canopy’s peekaboo window, covered by fabric that can be Velcroed back when needed, and regularly enjoys a game of peekaboo as we ride.

If you have more than one child, the Out N About Nipper Sport V4 can't be used with a buggy board (and it's not advisable to jog with one attached anyway). The Out N About Nipper 360 can though if that's what you're after.

Out N About Nipper Sport harness and bumper bar

How comfortable is the Out N About Nipper Sport V4?

This running buggy benefits from an adjustable five-point harness, which is easy to click into place, as well as padded straps, which can be adjusted.

The seat is very comfortable, so much so that my daughter falls asleep in the buggy almost every time we use it. The removable seat liner is kept in place with Velcro strips. It's also very roomy so I can rest assured that it's big enough for her to grow into over the next couple of years.

One downside is the seat’s recline mechanism, which I generally find tricky to use. To adjust the recline, you need to use a toggle lever, which you squeeze and push upwards or downwards depending on whether you want to heighten or lower the seat. I find I need to adjust the seat without my daughter in it or, when she is in it, push the seat up with my head then adjust the toggle, which is far from ideal.

I like that this pram comes with a padded bumper bar as standard for added safety and comfort (it's also ideal for attaching pram toys), and the bar also has a cover that can be removed for washing. The bumper bar can also be clipped into place in two different ways depending on your chosen seat recline angle.

The sun canopy is large enough to provide decent coverage, however it’s noisy to fold in and out, which could disturb a napping baby. Note: mine miraculously stays sleeping each time I do this!

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How sturdy is the Out N About Nipper Sport V4?

Thankfully, the Sport’s lightweight frame doesn’t affect sturdiness. It fared well during topple tests when a changing bag was hung on the handlebar, both with and without my daughter in the seat. And if your child likes to lean out of their buggy, you’ll have no concerns here either.

With a frame made of aluminium, the buggy feels well made and durable, and doesn’t scratch or dent easily during outings.

It's worth noting that you'll need to purchase a pump (Out N About unfortunately don't provide one with the buggy) as the air-filled tyres will need checking every now and again. In four months of continual use, I've only had to pump up the tyres once.

Out N About Nipper Sport storage pouch

What's storage like on the Out N About Nipper Sport V4?

For parents who like a lot of buggy storage, the Nipper Sport may disappoint. It features a mesh storage pouch that sits underneath the seat unit rather than a full storage basket.

I actually prefer this though as it means the underside of the buggy is kept clear while jogging and doesn’t get muddy when I take it off-roading. The storage pouch is big enough to store the Nipper Sport raincover plus a very small changing bag or changing station and a few groceries.

While the lack of storage may be an issue for some parents, the good news is that you can purchase a separate Out N About storage basket to attach to your buggy if you need to.

Out N About Nipper Sport V4: can it be used with a newborn?

The manufacturer says that the Out N About Nipper Sport V4 can be used from birth, however tests carried out by Which? have found that the harness isn’t able to hold a newborn at its tightest setting, which is why we’re recommending it as a buggy only suitable for children aged six months and older.

It is baby car seat-compatible though (using a universal travel system adapter that needs to be bought separately) and the near-lie-flat seat reclines to over 150 degrees, which is a requirement for newborns. However, I think the seat is a bit too big for small babies so you'd definitely need to buy a newborn support.

This buggy is world-facing only, which may be a deal-breaker for parents with younger children (my daughter, on the other hand, loves facing outwards), and it also can’t be used with a carrycot.

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Out N About Nipper Sport V4: how easy is it to fold?

The Nipper Sport is easy to fold and unfold, but does require two hands to do so. To fold, simply place the seat in an upright position, push the sun canopy back and apply the brake before releasing the two clasps at either side of the frame and lifting the red lever. To unfold, you need to release the auto lock catch and pull the handlebar back. The frame will then click into place. You’ll then need to clip the two clasps back onto the frame to ensure it’s correctly locked into position.

While folding and unfolding takes less than 30 seconds to accomplish, the buggy is very bulky when folded. You’ll need to remove the front wheel for it to fit into most average-sized car boots (perhaps even the two back wheels too if you have a particularly small car). As a family with a small Ford Fiesta, removing the front wheel is the only way that it will fit in the boot.

Where holidays or extensive travel is concerned, you’d likely need an umbrella stroller or similar travel-friendly buggy alongside this one.

I currently store the Nipper in my kitchen when not in use, however I have enough space to leave it unfolded with the wheels attached. It does also stand upright when folded for storage.

Out N About Nipper Sport V4: how easy is it to clean?

Your choice of fabric colour will likely determine how dirty your pushchair looks after repeated use, but I’m pleased to report that the fabric on my Steel Grey buggy has stayed looking brand-new after four months of almost daily use.

While I like that the seat covers and sun canopy can be removed for cleaning, the fabric unfortunately isn’t machine-washable, so is more fiddly to clean than I would have liked, especially with a daughter who likes to snack on the go.

I find that the frame also needs to be wiped down every now and again, especially when taking the buggy off-roading.

Price and competition: is the Out N About Nipper Sport V4 good value for money?

As running buggies go, the Out N About Nipper Sport is very competitively priced. While it has an RRP of £495, it can usually be found online for £319, which is almost £300 cheaper than many other popular running buggies on the market, including the Thule Urban Glide 2 and Mountain Buggy Terrain. This makes it an affordable option for many active families.

It also comes with a two-year warranty and Out N About offers a repair service should any issues or defects arise.

Out N About Nipper Sport V4 on grass

Our final verdict on the Out N About Nipper Sport V4

Overall star rating: 4/5

Would I recommend the Out N About Nipper Sport V4 to parents? Absolutely. No, it’s not the smallest of buggies, it isn't compact when folded and likely won’t fit comfortably in your car boot unless you remove the front wheel first. But it’s more than fit for the purpose it was intended for and that’s running.

Lightweight, streamlined and lovely to push, this buggy is both stylish and comfortable. As a mum to a daughter who is partial to a buggy nap, the Out N About Nipper Sport has been the ideal choice for me while on the go, whether that's a jog through fields or a walk into town. The suspension is nothing short of amazing, which makes this buggy a breeze to push over bumpy ground - a lifesaver during my many off-road adventures.

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