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Out N About Nipper V5 review: our verdict on the new and improved all-terrain buggy

Launched in 2023 to celebrate the brand’s 20th anniversary, the Out n About Nipper V5 is an update on the popular V4 model. But how does it compare to its predecessor and is it worth the spend? After two months of testing with mum of one, Rachel, we reveal our verdict.

By Rachel Best | Last updated Jan 4, 2024

Baby in Out N About Nipper V5 buggy

Overall star rating: 4.5/5

Price: £425 | Buy now from Amazon

Our verdict on the Out N About Nipper V5

  • Assembly: 5/5

  • Safety: 5/5

  • Stability: 5/5

  • Manoeuvrability: 4/5

  • Ease of folding/unfolding: 4/5

  • Comfort: 4/5

  • Design: 5/5

  • Ease of cleaning: 5/5

  • Value for money: 5/5

The Out N About Nipper V5 is an upgrade on the Nipper V4 and while there aren’t many differences, the V5 benefits from a new and improved sun hood, new logos and additional colour options.

Thanks mostly to the steering and manoeuvring capabilities, the Out N About Nipper V5 is a joy to use and makes trips out with a baby or toddler in tow a breeze.

If you live in a rural or suburban area and need a sturdy, all-terrain pushchair but don't mind the additional length, this is the ideal buy and I would highly recommend it to any new or existing parent. 

I particularly like the handy peekaboo window in the sun hood with its magnetic closing cover - a surprisingly useful addition that I didn’t know I needed - and the fact that the buggy is easy to push one-handed. 

What lets the V5 down is the small storage basket and its low-quality foam handlebar padding. It’s also not the best buggy for use with a newborn unless you buy the compatible carrycot or attach a baby car seat. This is due to the oversized straps and overly spacious, front-facing seating area which, quite frankly, overwhelmed my small seven-month-old.

What we like

  • Great value for money

  • Handles rough terrain exceptionally well

  • Lightweight design

  • Easy to manoeuvre with a one-handed push

  • Peekaboo window has a handy magnetic cover

  • 360-swivel front wheel

What we don’t like

  • Seat is forward-facing only - newborn insert, carrycot or car seat recommended for use with a newborn

  • Non-extendable handlebar with low-quality foam padding

  • Long frame means the buggy struggles in smaller spaces like shop aisles

  • Limited storage

  • Bulky when folded

Key specs

Suitable from: Birth to approx. four years old | Maximum load: 22kg | Orientation: Forward-facing only (unless used with compatible carrycot or car seat) | Weight: 9.8kg | Unfolded dimensions: 61.5 x 97 x 116cm | Folded dimensions: 61.5 x 42.5 x 94cm (wheels on); 48 x 29 x 86cm (wheels off) | Included accessories: Bumper bar, rain cover and storage basket | Guarantee: 2 years

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Baby in Out n About Nipper V5 on beach

How we tested the Out N About Nipper V5

  • Two months of using the Out N About Nipper V5 multiple times a week

  • Used while on woodland walks and while visiting the local town and parks

  • Used on a day trip to the beach

  • Tested with a seven-month-old baby

I used the Out n About V5 pushchair a few times a week for sensory classes, trips to the local parks and woodlands, as well as shopping trips around town.

During the woodland visit, I tested the V5 on mud, grass, steep hills and foliage. I also used the buggy on a day trip to Broadstairs beach so I was able to test how the pushchair fared along a sandy beach. 

By testing the V5 in my local town centre, I was then able to compare how it handled more built-up areas as well as tighter spaces including supermarket aisles and lifts. 

To get a full picture of performance, I then scored the Out N About Nipper V5 on the following criteria: assembly, safety and stability, manoeuvrability, ease of folding and unfolding, comfort, overall design, ease of cleaning and value for money.

I tested out the single Nipper V5, but if you have twins or two children, there’s also a double buggy version available for £625.

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Out N About Nipper V5: what’s in the box?

  • Out n About single stroller frame

  • Out N About Nipper wheels (3)

  • Out n About bumper bar

  • Out n About seat liner

  • Out n About single rain cover

  • Out n About single storage basket

  • Instruction manual

If you’d like to use the Out N About Nipper V5 with the Out N About Newborn Insert or compatible Out n About V5 Single Carrycot, you’ll need to buy this separately. The buggy is also compatible with Cybex, Maxi-Cosi and Be-Safe car seats.

Additional accessories you can buy include: Out n About Universal Adapters, Out n About Nipper Single UV Cover, Out n About Changing Bag and Out n About Stroller Hand Muffs

Out n About Nipper V5 unboxed

How easy is the Out N About Nipper V5 to assemble?

The Out N About Nipper V5 is very easy to assemble. With only a couple of things to clip on, including the wheels, bumper bar and seat liner, and very little packaging, I assembled it on my own without any tools. 

The only confusing element was that the instructions specified 'snappers' on the bottom basket but it instead had a Velcro attachment. I also found that the handlebar was very tightly packed with plastic tape and needed scissors to open which could have easily damaged the foam handlebar padding it was covering.

Out N About Nipper V5: how does it look?

I tested out the Sycamore Green colour which is lovely to look at and a great gender-neutral option for all families. The hood is generous in size with a water- and UV-resistant fabric, and breathable mesh for keeping your baby or toddler cool in hot weather. 

The fabric overall is good quality and hard-wearing, however the seat isn't as cushioned for smaller babies as I would have liked. The handlebar material could also be improved as foam is easily damageable especially when the buggy is folded up.

In terms of the harness, the clasp mechanism itself feels quite cheap and thin. I'm not sure if it would last the years that it would be expected to.

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Out n About Nipper V5 harness and sun hood

Is the Out N About Nipper V5 safe and sturdy?

Yes! The V5 feels very sturdy despite its lightweight frame. I’ve been able to hang a shopping bag on the handlebar along with my changing bag while my daughter, Emily, was in the pushchair. After removing her from the seat, the frame didn’t topple, even with a changing bag still attached. 

After strapping Emily in for the first time, I was surprised at how spacious the seat was and how long the straps were - ideal if you’re planning to use the V5 till it’s maximum 22kg load (which is around age four). 

Despite Emily being seven months old and no longer a newborn, I was uneasy about the looseness of the straps, even at the tightest setting. The main clasp came up to her chest and the strap covers overwhelmed her, and I also found that the main clasp terminal kept falling inside the strap cover and was particularly difficult to pull back out again. Having said that, the five-point harness provided a reassuring sense of safety and I didn't feel like she could escape or fall out at any point. 

I was particularly impressed with the brake which was very easy to use and worked exceptionally well on steep hills. It's nicely located on the back wheel bar which is easily accessible and doesn't get jammed like the brake on my previous buggy did. It's very easy to click on and off with any footwear.

How comfortable is the Out N About Nipper V5?

The seat itself is very large so it made my seven-month-old look tiny. However, it can be reclined to multiple angles, including a lie-flat position, using a toggle at the back of the seat. 

While it’s a definite bonus to have a seat which can recline to almost any angle, I personally prefer preset recline positions to make sure my daughter is safe and comfortable at all times. 

The Nipper V5 recline also requires two hands to perform, which was quite a struggle, especially with Emily already in the pushchair

What’s the Out N About Nipper V5 like to use with a newborn?

One of the major downsides of the V5 is that the seat is front-facing only, which makes it a lot more difficult to use with a newborn.

You can buy a newborn insert as a separate accessory, however as the buggy is advertised for use from birth, in my opinion the newborn insert should come with the pushchair as standard. 

The Nipper V5 is travel system-compatible so you can also purchase a separate carrycot and adapters, and use the buggy with either a Cybex, Maxi-Cosi or Be-Safe baby car seat.

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Mum pushing Out n About Nipper V5 in woodland

How well does the Out N About Nipper V5 handle rough terrain?

This pushchair boasts easy manoeuvrability over any terrain and it delivers above and beyond thanks to the all-wheel suspension which gives a smooth and comfortable ride. The three large wheels and pneumatic tyres make light work of uneven ground like a boggy woodland floor, and the 360-swivel front wheel really helps with steering. 

During our woodland visit, the Out N About Nipper V5 effortlessly handled wet mud, grass and foliage. I was concerned about the basket hanging quite low and getting muddy, but it's high enough off the ground to stay clean. 

While the front wheel has a swivel lock, which allows for better control over rough terrain, I had to frequently toggle the front wheel lock when going from rough terrain to a smoother path, which became a nuisance when I kept forgetting it was locked.

I took the pushchair to Broadstairs beach for a day trip with my in-laws. After finding out the lifts down to the beach were unavailable, my husband and father in-law carried the pushchair down a few flights of stairs with Emily still in the seat. Despite its weight, it proved manageable for two people.

We strolled along the sandy beach, marvelling at how easily the V5 navigated the sand and uneven terrain. Inevitably it began pouring with rain so I put on the included rain cover, which was quick and simple to do, and it kept Emily very cosy and dry. 

I was impressed by how well the pushchair maintained its cleanliness, with very little sand on the wheels after our walk, which also meant minimal sand was transferred to the car boot. 

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Baby Out n About Nipper V5 in town

What’s the Out N About Nipper V5 like to use day to day?

The Out N About Nipper V5 is impressively comfortable to push and overall a lot smoother and easier to manage than other pushchairs I’ve tested. Most of the time, I was able to push one-handed which I found incredibly useful and I didn’t have to bend or stoop to push.

One of this pushchairs best features is it's manoeuvrability, which is by far superior to any other pushchair I’ve used. The steering is so effortless that I was able to do it one-handed while holding a shopping basket which is a lifesaver when you're in a supermarket with a small baby. The full-rotating front wheel also allows for tight turns in awkward spaces.

When using the V5 in more suburban areas like my local town centre, I had trouble navigating shops and small spaces. I struggled to turn the pushchair around in narrow aisles and lifts due to the frame, which is long compared to other all-terrain pushchairs like the Bugaboo Fox 5. The side wheels would often graze against walls and shop shelves, and get stuck due to the rubber friction. 

That said, I was very impressed by how easily I could wheel the V5 through heavy doors single-handedly. The lightweight design allows for easy manoeuvring with one hand, even when holding a door ajar, making a shopping experience much more stress-free. 

During a trip to a supermarket, I found I was able to hold a full shopping basket while simultaneously manoeuvring the buggy which I haven't been able to do as easily with other pushchairs. It has been so easy to push around that I've been using one hand to control the V5 most of the time.

I didn’t have an opportunity to take the V5 on public transport, but I think the length of the pushchair and the big wheels would cause some issues when trying to get it on a bus, especially during rush hour.

The handlebar is unfortunately not extendable, but you can change the angle of the bar to suit different heights ranging from 80 to 108cm. Both my husband and I thought the handlebar was a comfortable height and found we didn't need to adjust it. I do think the handlebar padding could be improved as the foam feels easily damageable, which makes it look cheap, and it became very damp when it rained.

The sun hood is UV-protected which is very useful and gives good coverage. As we tested it in low winter sun, the sun was frequently in Emily's eyes, but the generous hood coverage would be perfect in the summer. One thing I love about the sun hood is that it has a small and very practical peekaboo window with an optional magnetic cover, which allowed me to see Emily in the seat while we were on the move. 

What's the storage basket like?

The storage basket is one of the biggest let downs of what is otherwise a high-performing all-terrain buggy. Despite being able to fit baby bottles, snacks and a change of clothes, my changing bag wouldn’t fit in the small space available, and I found access to get items in and out minimal.

However I like the practicality of the two zipped pockets on either side of the hood which allows for easy access to baby essentials such as snacks, nappies and baby wipes as well as other other useful items such as a phone or purse. While my husband admired the opening and closing mechanism, I found it a bit noisy and, at times, disruptive enough to wake our sleeping baby. 

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Out n About Nipper V5 in car boot

Out n About Nipper V5: how easy is it to fold?

When I first tried collapsing the Nipper V5 it was hard to work out how it all folded down, but I quickly got the hang of it. There are two clips on each side, one with a pull lever to unlock. Once those are unclipped, you pull on a handle in the middle of the seat and it folds inside out. It can be easily folded down one-handed which is very useful when holding your child at the same time. 

If you're using a universal footmuff, it's tricky to access the pull handle on the seat area to fold the pushchair up. On a few occasions, the bottom basket got caught when folding which needed correcting with two hands in order to properly fold the buggy. Once the pushchair is completely folded, there’s an auto-locking latch, which automatically and securely locks the V5 in place. 

At 9.8kg, the V5 is bulky to lift in and out of the car and up and down stairs, although it’s average in weight compared to other pushchairs I’ve used. Most of the weight is concentrated in the wheels - the frame itself is quite light - but this ultimately helps with sturdiness. I personally value sturdiness and function over the buggy being easy to carry. 

A feature that many pushchairs lack is the ability to stand upright when folded and the V5 is, unfortunately, no different. It often toppled over in my hallway, but laying it flat meant it became a trip hazard so that wasn't an option.

The V5 took up quite a lot of space in the boot of my Skoda Karoq, but it can be folded down smaller if the wheels are removed. 

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Are there any added extras?

Most parents will appreciate that the V5 comes complete with a bumper bar. As Emily is only seven months old, she couldn’t yet reach the bar but I was able to hang some pram toys off it for her to look at. 

The bumper bar is very easy to remove one-handed and can be kept attached to the buggy even when folded up. I found the bumper bar got in the way of getting Emily in and out of the seat and would have preferred to be able to detach one side and swivel it out of the way like you can on the other pushchairs like the Bugaboo Dragonfly, for example.

It also comes with a rain cover which covers the whole pushchair securely, and is very easy to put on and secure with elastic and Velcro. The rain cover could be improved by having an easy-access opening or zip on the front, but that’s only a minor quibble. 

Is the Out N About Nipper V5 easy to clean?

Yes! On a few outings, the V5 was splashed with mud, sand, dirt and rainwater which was very easy to wipe clean thanks to the water-resistant fabric. I found that I didn’t need to remove the cover for machine-washing as wiping it clean was efficient enough to get rid of stains. 

There was not much wear and tear to the pushchair during testing, however I did notice a few scratches and dents in the foam material on the handlebar.

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Is the Out N About Nipper V5 good value for money?

Absolutely! I think this pushchair offers great value for money, especially if you live in a rural or suburban area or have access to off-road terrain.

While it is suitable for use with newborns, I think the V5 is best suited to children aged six months plus as the compatible newborn insert and carrycot need to be purchased separately. 

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