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Munchkin Miracle 360° Sippy Cup review: a leakproof trainer cup, ideal for sipping

For babies and toddlers who are learning to drink from a cup, the Munchkin Miracle 360° Sippy Cup is a popular choice. But how does it fare against other sippy cups? Mum, Laura, puts it to the test.  

By Laura Westerman | Last updated Feb 20, 2024

Munchkin Miracle 360 trainer cups
Price: £7

What we like
  • Budget-friendly

  • Leakproof

  • Available in different sizes and flow speeds to suit age

  • Spoutless design - introduces babies to proper sipping

  • Two handles

  • BPA-free

What we don't like
  • Leaks when dropped

  • Needs to be disassembled into three parts for cleaning

  • Lid can sometimes be tricky to twist open

Key specs

Capacity: 7oz, 10oz and 24oz | Recommended age: 6 months+ | Material: Polypropylene, silicone

What Mumsnet users say
FrenchMustard · Tried & Tested
Munchkin Miracle 360° Sippy Cup is good. Found it only spills if my daughter can get it to land upside down and even then, it doesn't spill very much.
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imapterodactyl · Recommended
The Munchkin Miracle 360° Sippy Cups were great in preventing mine from chucking whole cups of water in their faces. And easily transportable. We still have two and they'll occasionally ask for them if playing outside.
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Our verdict
  • Safety: 5/5

  • Design: 4.5/5

  • Ease of use: 4.5/5 

  • Ease of cleaning: 4/5

  • Value for money: 5/5

If your little one is excited to start drinking from a cup, but isn’t quite ready for an open cup, then the Munchkin Miracle 360° Trainer Cup is a great option to help with the transition from their baby bottle. After a year of testing this cup out with my now 22-month old, it’s become one of her favourite sippy cups along with the Tommee Tippee Essential Free-Flow First Cup.

The NCT recommends using this type of free-flow sippy cup from the age of six months (or when your child is able to sit up and hold things on their own), both for dental health and mouth development. They advocate for sipping, believing it's better for teeth and contributes to the natural muscle development of a child's mouth.

We introduced the Miracle 360 when my daughter was about six months old, but it took her some time to adjust to drinking from it, mainly because it's hard to see where the holes are when the silicone cover is on, and it takes a little bit of gentle pressure from the mouth to open the seal to let water out. This clever design is what makes this cup leakproof when tipped over.

I also like that it’s durable, lightweight and easy for my daughter to hold. She can also sip from any side, hence its name. It’s ideal to take in the stroller for city or park walks and is great on long car journeys and even holidays thanks to its leakproof design. 

Munchkin Miracle 360 sippy cup and toddler at airport

How we tested the Munchkin Miracle 360° Sippy Cup

I tried out the Munchkin Miracle 360° Sippy Cup with my daughter when she was six months, but because she couldn’t quite work out how to sip from it at that age, it’s been in full use since she was around nine months old and used almost daily alongside the Tommee Tippee Essential Free-Flow First Cup and the open Doidy Cup.

During testing, I scored this sippy cup on a number of different factors including: safety, design, ease of use, ease of cleaning and value for money.

How does the Munchkin Miracle 360° Sippy Cup look and what age is it suitable for?

This sippy cup, which can hold up to 7oz or 198ml can be used from six months, but is best suited to babies from around nine months as it can take a while for them to understand the gentle sucking motion needed to draw liquid from the cup. 

Aesthetically, this cup is minimalist and pleasing to the eye. It’s available in a number of different colours - we have the blue and green versions at home - and with or without handles depending on the size you choose. 

The larger 10oz version of the Munchkin Miracle 360° Sippy Cup is best suited to older babies aged 12 months plus, as it has a quicker flow speed and doesn’t come with grab handles. There’s also an extra large 24oz size which resembles a reusable water bottle, making it ideal for long, on-the-go days for older, active children or even parents. 

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Munchkin Miracle 360 sippy cup lid

Munchkin Miracle 360° Sippy Cup: is it BPA-free?

Yes, which is one of the things I looked for when researching and buying my daughter’s first sippy cups. The soft, latex-free rim is made of silicone, which is gentle on small mouths. 

How easy is the Munchkin Miracle 360° Sippy Cup to use?

Once my daughter got the hang of it, the Munchkin Miracle 360° Sippy Cup is super easy to use. The two grab handles on either side of the cup allow for easy holding and she enjoys using the cup to drink water throughout the day. 

It’s not as easy to use as free-flow sippy cups like the Tommee Tippee Essential Free-Flow First Cup, but that’s because it’s more complex in design in order to be leakproof. When it comes to how it works, basically there are plenty of small holes around the rim of the cup, which are covered by a replaceable silicone cover. 

As you pop the cover on, it creates a natural seal around the rim and is held securely in place with the circular centrepiece. The seal ensures the cup is leakproof (although not entirely spill-proof if dropped on the floor). Once your child applies gentle pressure to the rim with their mouth, the seal gently releases, allowing the water to flow out. 

Munchkin Miracle 360 sippy cup rim

Is the Munchkin Miracle 360° Sippy Cup spill-proof?

Yes, mostly. One of the perks of this sippy cup is that the valve around the rim automatically seals shut once my toddler has stopped drinking. Little ones can even shake it and hold it upside down without the slightest sign of leakage.

However, it does have the tendency to leak slightly if dropped on the floor from a highchair, but it doesn’t leak in my changing bag or buggy storage basket, which is a major plus when out and about. 

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Munchkin Miracle 360° Sippy Cup: how easy is it to clean?

While the manufacturer says that you should handwash the Munchkin Miracle 360° Sippy Cup, I regularly clean it in the dishwasher with no problems. You do have to separate the valve cap from the lid to wash the three parts separately, but this is quick and easy to do. 

Munchkin Miracle 360 sippy cup parts

Is the Munchkin Miracle 360° Sippy Cup good value for money?

Absolutely. At around £7 RRP, this sippy cup is one of the best value cups out there. It’s not as cheap as cups like the Tommee Tippee Essential Free-Flow First Cup, but the fact that it’s leakproof makes it a more attractive option for me than its competitors for babies. 

You will need to factor in the extra cost of the next size up though (RRP £7) if you plan to make the switch to the 10oz cup once your child reaches 12 months old.

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