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Momcozy M5 Hands Free Breast Pump review: our verdict on the highly-rated wearable breast pump

Wearable breast pumps are the latest must-have for mastering the juggle of combination feeding, caring for other children and getting on with life while you pump. We put the Momcozy M5 Hands Free Breast Pump through its paces with the help of our parent-tester Zanna and her 7-month-old. Here's what she thought.

By Poppy O'Neill | Last updated Jan 18, 2024

Price on writing: £180 | Buy now from Amazon

What we like

  • Easy and intuitive to set up and use

  • Effective pumping - comparable to a hospital grade pump

  • Could be worn out of the house

  • Includes nipples measuring guide

  • Choice of flange size

  • No leaks

What we don’t like

  • Rounded base means you can’t stand the pump up when it’s full of milk

  • Noisier than you’d like

How we tested

Our tester Zanna put the Momcozy M5 to the test, pumping once a day for her 7-month-old baby over the course of a month. She took detailed notes of a number of factors, including ease of use, effectiveness, wearability and noise levels. 

momcozy m5 breast pump

How easy is the Momcozy M5 to set up and start using?

You’ll need to charge and clean the pump before the first use, and once this is done the breast pump is really easy to set up - it has 5 parts and heart shaped guides to make it really simple and intuitive to put together. 

The pump comes with a nipple-measuring tool and a choice of flange sizes, so it’s easy to get the perfect, most comfortable fit before you begin. There’s also a carry case included, so you can keep all the parts together when not in use.

Once you’ve finished pumping, you simply detach the motor and decant your milk into a sterilised container - our tester poured hers straight into a sterilised bottle. Unfortunately the rounded shape of the pump’s milk collector means you can’t put it down without spilling milk everywhere, so make sure to prepare a bottle or breastmilk storage bag in advance. 

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What’s the Momcozy M5 like to use day-to-day?

The pump is genuinely hands free and wearable, so Zanna could do as she pleased while pumping. She found the pump to be just as effective as the hospital-grade Spectra S2, collecting a good amount of milk in a short time. 

I have been using a hospital grade pump everyday for 6 months and the Momcozy gets equivalent milk volumes.

In terms of comfort, the suction feels strong and effective without being painful. The pump fits snugly into a pumping bra, or just a normal bra with enough space. While the pump is small and discreet, it’s still definitely noticeable through your clothes. Wearable pumps in this price range generally have a motor that sticks out the top of your bra, so it’s good to see an integrated design on the Momcozy, which makes it considerably more discreet. 

However, only a bulky coat would cover the pump completely, so it depends how comfortable you are with two breast-pump-shaped lumps up your jumper as to whether you’d wear it out and about. Zanna says she’ll probably use it on her commute once she goes back to work.

There’s also the question of noise. Our tester found it to be slightly noisier than the Elvie, but not obtrusively so. 

It is bulky and very obvious when wearing, but this didn't bother me. I haven't worn it out of the house as I only pump once daily when my daughter has gone to bed, however I would happily wear it in a noisy environment, such as a coffee shop.

The pump comes with two small cleaning brushes designed to clean all its nooks and crannies, and the parts can be popped in your steriliser along with bottles and dummies

Is the Momcozy M5 good value for money?

If you’re looking for a breast pump to keep for emergencies, or use from time to time, the Momcozy M5 is possibly a bit pricey. Mumsnetters highly recommend the budget Bellbaby wearable breast pump as a cheaper alternative. 

However, if you need a pump that’s discreet enough to wear on the go, has a reliable battery life and collects a respectable amount of milk, the Momcozy is certainly worth a look. When compared to similarly-priced wearable pumps like the Fraupow, the Momcozy has the edge in terms of wearability. Other wearable pumps in this price range have a motor that sits above the milk collector, whereas the Momcozy M5’s motor is flush with the rest of the pump, so it sticks out less. 

You’ll see this design on more expensive pumps like the Elvie Stride, which retails for £300 - quite a bit more than the Momcozy at £180. 

In conclusion, while more expensive pumps may be quieter and as discreet, the Momcozy is the best portable breast pump for wearing out and about in its price range. 

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