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iCandy Peach 6 review

Now in its sixth generation, the iCandy Peach remains a stylish, functional buggy that can be used as a single or a double. Super versatile, it comes with everything a family needs to get out and about in style, making it our best tandem double buggy for twins.

By Gemma Wilcock | Last updated Dec 4, 2023

Laughing boy sitting in icandy peach buggy

Tested by: Liz, mum of two


  • A beautiful pram made from premium materials

  • Extremely versatile, with up to 25 configurations

  • Carrycot converts to a seat

  • Tandem design is as narrow as a single buggy


  • Tricky to assemble with multiple zips

  • One-handed folding mechanism is tricky to engage

  • Recline initially stiff

Key specs

  • Age range: Newborn (with carrycot) to four (or age seven in single mode)

  • Maximum load: 15kg per seat (or 25kg in single mode)

  • Product weight: 12.48kg in double mode

  • Dimensions: 70 × 61 × 29cm (folded); 75 × 61 × 29cm (unfolded)

  • Seat: 88 × 36 × 23cm

  • Orientation: Tandem (parent- and world-facing)

  • Travel system-compatible: Yes

  • Warranty: Five years

  • Accessories: Changing bag (£150) and Duopod Footmuff (£130)

  • RRP: £999 (single), £1,245 (for double) and £1,415 (for twin)

We love ours. The main selling point for us is that it converts into a double pram as we don't want a long gap between children. It's easy to fold down and put up, sturdy and really smooth to push.

What’s the iCandy Peach 6 like to purchase and assemble?

Since 2005, iCandy has become a well-known, award-winning brand that caters to families looking for style and functionality. The four-wheeled Peach is one of their most popular products, now in its sixth generation. It can be adapted from a single to a double buggy and is great for both twins and siblings of different ages.

Launched in 2020, the iCandy Peach 6 can be purchased from a variety of stores, including the iCandy website, Amazon, John Lewis & Partners and Boots. iCandy offers a range of accessories including extra seats, carrycots, adaptors, footmuffs and a parasol, which can be bought from their online store but are available from other retailers too.

What’s in the box?

The iCandy box contains all the essentials you need to get going. The Peach 6 can be purchased as a single, double or twin to suit your needs.

The double includes a chassis, two seat units, two seat fabrics, carrycot fabric and apron, two canopies, one mattress, two bumper bars, a converter base, seat elevators and two rain covers. It also comes with car seat adapters. A twin includes the same but with an extra carrycot fabric and apron, mattress and set of car seat adapters. For testing, we also received the iCandy footmuff – a Duopod – and changing bag.

If you purchase the Peach 6 as a single and have another baby on the way, you can buy the converter base (£240), seat fabric (£139.95) and lower car seat adapters (£30) to turn it into a double. The carrycot converts into a seat so you don’t have to pay for extra seats or find space to store a bulky carrycot when it’s not in use.

When it comes to assembling the Peach, we found it slower and more complex than other prams we tested – namely the Chicco Echo Twin Stroller – but this is, in part, down to the number of parts in the box.

It took our tester, mum of two Liz, 30 minutes to put the Peach together, attaching the wheels, assembling both the seat and bassinet for her four-month-old baby and four-year-old preschooler, tackling multiple zips and securing the hoods. No tools were needed and, once set up, it was fairly simple for Liz to change the seat set-up as and when she needed to.

What about the instructions?

The box comes with a manual that provides step-by-step instructions (in multiple languages) with photos showing you how to set up the Peach, use the pram’s features and switch between the different configurations.

Liz had to keep referring back to the instructions during assembly and again when working out how to fold and unfold the pram as it's a manoeuvre that can be tricky to get the hang of.

Unfortunately, there are no care instructions included so you may need to contact iCandy via their website to check anything you’re unsure of, but some of the care information can be found on the pram’s labels. iCandy offers a £200 valet service when your pram needs a really good clean, though this is currently suspended due to COVID-19 and may be too pricey for many families.

For warranty information (five years) and any problems with the pram, the manual directs you to the iCandy website for help and assistance. The website has a good product support section where you can find a copy of the instruction manual and videos showing how to use and convert the different parts of the Peach 6. There’s also contact details if you encounter any issues.

How safe is the iCandy Peach 6?

While the frame looks small and lightweight, the iCandy Peach 6 is very well made. Built to meet European safety standards, the solid metal chassis and spacious seats offer a sturdy, comfortable ride for two children up to the age of four (seven in single mode).

The seats can be used from the age of six months and click securely to the chassis (you'll need two hands to remove), with padding for extra comfort and support. For newborns, the carrycot lies completely flat and is very spacious, with high sides that allow for plenty of room to grow.

With a ventilated mattress, the carrycot is suitable for overnight sleeping and can be used when away from home or as a crib in the early months.

What about the harness?

The iCandy Peach 6's five-point harness has a fuss-free design and one-handed release. The padded straps are easy to adjust for all sizes, which is great considering the pram can seat a child up to the age of seven (in single mode).

How stable is the iCandy Peach 6?

As it's only as wide as a single pram, you’d be forgiven for assuming that the Peach 6's the lightweight frame lacks the robustness of larger double buggies like the Thule Urban Glide 2 Double. But the good news is that it performed really well in this area.

We tested it in all configurations with a seat and carrycot, using a bag of potatoes to match the weight of a newborn. The Peach 6 Double can take up to 15kg in each seat (or 25kg as a single) and, although Liz’s eldest (four) was just over the weight limit, the pram still felt really solid with both children in their seats – even with the handlebar loaded with the iCandy changing bag.

We didn’t receive a car seat for testing but, as the frame coped really well with the carrycot and regular seat alongside additional weight, we feel confident that its stability wouldn't be compromised.

What about the brakes?

The iCandy Peach 6 has a footbrake that’s easy to click on and off – you simply press the lever located next to the rear right wheel with the bottom of your foot and release it with the top. It's a quick movement that requires very little pressure and can be accomplished in all footwear including open-toe shoes.

Tandem buggies carrying two children can sometimes feel top-heavy, especially when laden with bags, but the Peach 6's brake felt very secure on both hills and flat ground.

Side on view of twins setting

What’s the iCandy Peach 6 like in day-to-day use?

The big appeal of the Peach, and most tandem prams, is that you can regularly adapt it to your needs. It has 25 configurations in total using car seats, carrycots and regular seats, and you can switch between a single and double buggy, which means not having to push a large pushchair around when the second seat is not in use.

As the seats sit behind one other, the iCandy Peach 6 is just 61cm wide and easily fits through doorways, including the internal and external doors of Liz’s house. On cold mornings, this allowed her to get the pram ready inside before nursery runs and, if her son was asleep when she got back, she could push the pram back into the house – or detach the carrycot – without waking him up.

Unfortunately, Liz tested the pram during lockdown which meant that she was unable to go out as much as she normally would. But because of its city-friendly size – a major plus for most families – the Peach won’t have any issues on public transport, and you should be able to squeeze it into a free wheelchair space if needed.

What about the seats?

With extra padding to make the seats super cosy, the iCandy Peach 6 feels luxurious yet functional. The seats can be positioned in both parent- and world-facing mode, and can be raised using elevators, making it easier to access your children and allowing for more room for the bottom seat.

The seats can be used from six months and have four recline settings that glide up and down when adjusted. To alter the recline, you simply press the button at the back of each seat.

At 88cm long and 36cm wide, the seats are spacious and come with adjustable calf rests to give your children an even comfier ride. While Liz’s tall four-year-old didn’t have a lot of room to grow, she loved the seat nonetheless. In fact, with padding on the sides and base, she often didn’t want to get out at all – high praise indeed.

The carrycot comes with a super soft furry lining and comfy, breathable mattress which our tester’s baby loved. More than big enough to last up to six months, when it will eventually be converted into a seat, the carrycot apron securely zips on so that it doesn’t flap around.

Both the seat and carrycot come with a SPF50+ canopy that can be fully extended with a zip, providing good coverage to a child’s face and body, even in low winter sun. Parents on our Mumsnet forums have complained that the Peach hood on previous designs has been noisy to adjust, which is not ideal when a baby is sleeping, but Liz had no issues with this. Each hood comes with a dark mesh viewing window to allow parents to keep an eye on their children, even when world-facing.

The seats come with a bumper bar that swivels out of the way when you need to get your children in and out. It also functions as a carrycot handle.

We tested the pram in the three suggested configurations using a carrycot and a regular seat, switching between parent and world-facing modes and moving the main seat from the front to the back, with the carrycot positioned at the bottom each time.

Liz found the seats and adaptors quick and easy to click on and off, and her children were happy in all configurations. Her eldest generally preferred to be world-facing.

Is there a rain cover?

The iCandy Peach 6 comes with two individual rain covers. Taller children and those at the upper end of the buggy’s age bracket may find their feet stick out at the bottom, but, otherwise, the rain covers provide complete coverage on wet days.

Unlike the rain cover on the Mountain Buggy Duet V3.2, which has a dedicated Velcro pouch that can be stuck to the chassis, the iCandy Peach rain cover needs to be stored in the buggy's basket.

How easy is the iCandy Peach 6 to push?

While not officially an 'all-terrain buggy,' the Peach 6 handles most terrain well. The two back wheels (27cm) and two front wheels (16cm) are made of PU, which is more resistant to rips and tears than rubber and, according to iCandy, make the tyres completely puncture-proof.

During testing, Liz covered around 12 miles, tackling narrow pavements, wet fields, gravel and sports grounds. With great suspension, the wheels glided smoothly over flat ground, long grass and through mud. The only terrain they struggled on was hard, uneven ground, such as tree roots.

It’s really smooth to push, even one-handed, and bumps over kerbs easily. The front wheels swivel making it easy to change direction and turn corners, but they can also be locked with one click to give a smoother ride over more challenging ground. The Peach has a small footprint and tight turning circle making it great for small spaces and narrow shop aisles.

The plush leatherette handlebar can be adjusted from 95 to 105cm so both Liz and her partner (6 ft 3) were able to push it comfortably without changing their gait.

Side on view of tandem setting

How heavy is the iCandy Peach 6 and how does it fold?

While one of the key features of the iCandy Peach 6 is its one-handed fold, it’s not particularly easy to accomplish. As with most convertible prams, the frame won’t fold with the seats attached so you’ll need to remove them first. To fold, you’ll need to lower the handlebar, before lifting the strap located in the basket.

Liz initially found the fold frustrating, having to consult the instructions (and even watch a video) to get the hang of it. But, once folded, the buggy locks into place to become freestanding.

When folded, the frame fits easily into a car boot – we tested it in a medium-sized hatchback – but the seats and carrycot will take up additional space. The wheels can be removed for a more compact fold if you have a smaller vehicle.

The sturdy strap is really useful for lifting the pram, freeing up your hands to carry seats and bags – or hold a small hand. You’ll find the frame heavy with two children in the seats, which means you’ll need two people to carry the buggy if you’re tackling a flight of stairs.

How big is the storage basket?

With a spacious 44-litre basket that can hold up to 10kg in weight, the iCandy Peach 6 offers plenty of storage space when in single mode. Space is impacted, however, when the pram is used as a double.

During testing, Liz was unable to fit her changing bag into the basket as the lower seat took up some of the space. While this doesn’t make the basket unusable, you may need to reserve it for soft items such as coats, rain covers and blankets, and hang your changing bag over the handlebar. There's a small pocket at back of each seat to store phones or keys.

Is the iCandy Peach 6 easy to clean?

The main fabric is thick with good stain resistance that will prove handy for muddy walks. In testing, dirt on the material and chrome chassis wiped away with a damp cloth and, when orange juice was spilt on the fabric, it beaded nicely and cleaned off without leaving a mark.

If needed, you can unzip all the parts for a deeper clean but, as with the initial set-up, this may prove time-consuming. The white apron and carrycot liner can be machine washed at 30 degrees if stained.

What's it like to look at?

Made from high-quality materials and available in five colours – Black Twill, Grey Twill, Dark Grey Check, Navy Check and Navy Twill – and three chassis options – Chrome, Phantom and Satin – the Peach 6 will certainly stand out in a crowd.

We tested the Dark Grey Check Chrome, a really attractive but practical design. The handlebar and bumper bars are finished with dark grey leatherette which gives the Peach a premium feel.

At the end of our week-long testing period, the body and chrome chassis looked as good as new, however there was some wear to the wheels and minor scratches to the frame and storage basket.

We received a gorgeous Duopod Footmuff for testing, which is reversible and can be used as a liner in the summer months (£130), and a roomy changing bag (£150), which comes with a changing mat and an adjustable shoulder strap.

Is the iCandy Peach 6 good value for money?

At first glance, the price tag for the iCandy Peach 6 is nothing short of eye-watering. At a hefty £1,245 (£1,415 for a twin), it’s one of the more expensive double buggies on the market.

You can purchase the pram as a single (£999) and buy extra seats or adapters as your family grows, which may prove more budget-friendly over time. But, while the initial outlay is a lot if you have twins, you’ll receive everything you need to get out and about with two babies. There’s no need to buy any extra seats or adapters and the carrycots can be converted to seats at six months old.

The folding mechanism is fiddly and, unlike side-by-side double buggies, you have to remove the seats every time you get in and out of the car, but that’s what makes the Peach so versatile. A sturdy pram that’s built to last, we think the iCandy Peach 6 is worth the premium price tag, but only if you can afford it.

Final verdict

There’s so much to love about the iCandy Peach 6 – the cosy padded seats, the super soft carrycot, the stylish fabrics and the robust frame – that it’s no wonder it was the best tandem double buggy we tested.

Slimline yet versatile, the Peach 6 is proof that you can get around with two children without needing a big, bulky pram. Suitable from birth with carrycots that can then be converted to seats, it’s a double buggy that provides everything parents of twins need to make life easier.

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