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Chicco Echo Twin review

Best Budget Double Buggy 2021

At just a fraction of the price of its competitors, we were impressed by the Chicco Echo Twin Stroller’s easy, compact fold, quick assembly and fuss-free design.

By Gemma Wilcock | Last updated Dec 14, 2022

Chicco echo twin

Tested by: Liz, mum of two


  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Simple umbrella fold for families on the go
  • Budget-friendly
  • Automatic lock and compact fold make it easy to transport and store


  • Not compatible with a car seat or carrycot
  • Basic design that won’t turn heads
  • Doesn’t feel supportive enough for newborns
  • Storage baskets are small

Key specs

  • Age range: Newborn to 36 months
  • Maximum load: 15kg
  • Product weight: 13.4kg
  • Dimensions: 40 × 38 × 105cm (folded); 82 × 78 × 108cm (unfolded)
  • Seat width: 31cm
  • Travel system-compatible: No
  • Orientation: Side by side
  • Warranty: Two years
  • Accessories: Chicco Universal Footmuff (£59), cup holder (£7)
  • RRP: £150

What’s the Chicco Echo Twin Stroller like to purchase and assemble?

Launched in 1958, Italian brand, Chicco, has become popular around the world for offering affordable yet functional baby products, including educational toys, bouncers, cots and buggies.

The Echo Twin Stroller is the double version of the popular Chicco Echo and is widely available from a variety of online retailers, including Amazon, Argos and Very.

While you can’t purchase the buggy directly from the Chicco website, there’s a handy spare parts section to buy replacement wheels, storage baskets and a rain cover. It also provides a list of stockists, some basic stroller maintenance and contact details for customer service.

When it comes to assembly, the Echo Twin is pretty much ready to go straight from the box. The seats are already attached to the frame so all you'll need to do is attach the wheels and two hoods to the frame and adjust the straps. It took our tester less than 10 minutes to assemble.

What’s in the box?

The Twin Echo comes with a chassis, two seats, two individual sun hoods, a set of six wheels, a rain cover and two storage baskets. If you require any accessories, such as the universal footmuff, rain cover pouch, cup holder or parasol, you can find the relevant stockists on Chicco’s website.

What about the instructions?

Being a popular worldwide brand, Chicco’s instruction manual comes in multiple languages. It includes good diagrams and explanations on how to assemble and use the pram, as well as basic care information.

Because the Echo Twin is very user-friendly, you’re unlikely to need the instructions again once you're set up. However, the manual includes warranty information, which is two years for manufacturing defaults, and head office details should you need them.

At the time of writing, there were no digital instructions available on Chicco website's, but we’ve been told that this is changing. If you misplace yours in the meantime, you can contact Chicco for another paper copy.

Baby jogger double

How safe is the Chicco Echo Twin Stroller?

The Chicco Echo Twin can be used from newborn up to 15kg. The material is snug to the frame, ensuring no gaps for small fingers to get caught, and the seats nicely padded.

While suitable from birth and safe to do so, our tester, mum of two Liz, didn’t feel the seat reclined flat enough to give full support to her five-month-old baby. She felt it would be more suited to babies six months or older.

What about the harness?

The Chicco Echo Twin Stroller boasts an easy-to-use five-point harness that can be clipped into place or undone in seconds.

While the straps are narrow and the buckles made of light plastic, they feel secure and are adjustable for different heights, with shoulder pads for added comfort.

How stable is the Chicco Echo Twin?

With two children in tow, you’ll require a sturdy pram that you can load up for a day out. The Echo Twin’s frame is made from steel with several plastic components and, while not as solid as pricier buggies like the Thule Urban Glide 2 Double, it’s sturdy enough to comfortably hold two children plus extra baggage.

The handlebar is split and, though Chicco says it’s not designed to carry a changing bag, Liz hung her own off one side to test this out. Reassuringly, the buggy didn’t feel unbalanced or topple, even when her four-year-old jumped out of the seat unexpectedly.

We tested the seats with one and both children inside, using a heavy bag to see how it would cope with a second toddler and a 2kg bag in place of a newborn. The stroller has a low centre of balance, making it hard to topple.

What about the brakes?

The Chicco Echo Twin Stroller’s three back wheels are linked by a bar with a lever, which must be pushed down to engage the brake. Once in place, the brake holds securely on all terrain and gradients, staying engaged even when the pram is folded. To disengage, you simply flick the lever back up with the top of your foot.

What’s the Chicco Echo Twin Stroller like in day-to-day use?

The Chicco Echo Twin is a pushchair made for families on the go. There’s no messing around with adapters or seats – you simply open it up, strap your children in and off you go.

While too wide (at 78cm) to fit through Liz’s narrow front door, the Echo Twin is still compact enough to tackle most doorways.

Its footprint is useful when going to shops and restaurants where space is limited, and it should fit neatly into a designated pushchair space on the bus.*

Despite not being able to push the pram through her front door, Liz liked the simplicity of its design and found it useful when taking her eldest to nursery and going for walks.

What about the seats?

The Twin Echo comes with two identical seats that can be used for a toddler and baby or twins. They individually recline, with a choice of four settings, using a clasp at the back of each seat.

We liked the recline mechanism on this buggy – one of the best we tested – and found adjusting it with one hand easy to accomplish. The recline feels secure and smooth when in lie-flat mode, so it doesn’t disturb a sleeping child, and the harness can be adjusted for children of different ages.

To offer more head and neck support for her baby, Liz used her own cocoon – Chicco don’t sell a cocoon, but there are a variety of newborn supports on the market that can be attached to the frame or harness. Despite being just over the weight limit, her eldest found the padded seats comfortable in all recline positions.

The seats are more basic than other prams we tested and don’t have any handy pockets or a belly bar, but they do have an adjustable leg rest for extra comfort.

The individual hoods, on the other hand, are fairly basic and offer no UV protection, only just covering the top of a child’s head in low winter sun. While you can remove the rear section of the hood to offer more air on hot days, this isn't a function that parents would get much use out of. We’d prefer a deeper, more effective, hood.

Is there a rain cover?

The Chicco Echo Twin Stroller comes with a rain cover that fits over both seats, keeping both children nice and dry.

Our four-year-old’s toes did occasionally pop out of the bottom, but she otherwise stayed dry. The cover folds up small when not in use and can be stored in one of the storage baskets.

How easy is the Chicco Echo Twin to push?

With six sets of wheels, the Chicco Echo Twin Stroller has double that of the Thule Urban Glide 2 Double.

The plastic wheels are small, but the Echo Twin coped well with most terrain, including grass, gravel and smooth pavement. Smaller wheels don’t generally handle uneven ground well, and can slip around more easily on long grass and mud, than prams with bigger, air-filled tyres. But the Echo Twin’s front wheels swivel and can be locked to help give a smoother ride on tough terrain.

The buggy bumped over kerbs well and the swivelling front wheels give it a fairly tight turning circle. The handlebars are padded for comfort but not extendable, though they are a decent height which suited Liz’s tall partner (6ft 3). While the buggy can be pushed one-handed, it’s difficult to steer, which is mostly down to the split handlebar.

While not a pram geared towards regular off-roading, the Echo Twin would be more than suitable for urban life and regular trips to the park.

Chicco echo folded

How easy is the Echo Twin to fold and how heavy is it?

If you want a double pushchair that folds up easily and doesn’t take up too much room, this could well be it. The Echo Twin doesn’t claim to have a one-handed fold, as you see on the likes of the iCandy Peach 6, but with a bit of practice it can be done.

To fold, simply pull up the two rear locks at the back of the pram, press down on the pedal with your foot and push the handlebars forward. It’s an umbrella fold and quick action to get the hang of once you become familiar.

The buggy automatically locks once folded and can be either laid on its side for storage or propped up against a wall. The Echo Twin has a small carry handle, which is helpful for lifting, but it’s worth noting that the buggy comes in heavier than anticipated at 13.4kg.

It’s a really compact fold for a double pram though, with the width more than halving in size, and fits well into a medium hatchback. As there’s no extra carrycot or seats to contend with, there’s plenty of space for shopping too.

How big is the storage basket?

The Chicco Echo Twin Stroller has two individual baskets that sit under each seat. Unfortunately, this makes them quite small – holding up to 2.3kg each – so aren’t adequate enough to fit bulky items.

You can only access the baskets from the back of the pram, making it tricky to get big bags or boxes in and out, but there’s just about enough room for a rain cover, a small shopping bag and a changing bag. Soft items like coats and blankets will, of course, be easier to store.

Is the Chicco Echo Twin easy to clean?

When juice was spilled on the seat material during testing, it didn’t hold the liquid on the surface as well as some of the more premium prams we tested. The liquid wiped away without leaving a stain, but the seat ended up wet.

The dark fabric is robust though and doesn’t stain easily and, while the seat covers aren’t removable, they can be wiped with a damp cloth and mild soap. During testing, mud cleaned off the frame without much effort and the wheels cleaned up well with warm water and detergent.

What’s the Echo Twin like to look at?

Its simple design means that the Chicco Echo Twin Stroller is unlikely to turn heads. It’s not as stylish as the likes of the iCandy Peach 6 or the Mountain Buggy Duet V3.2, but that’s to be expected considering its price tag.

While it only comes in one colour (coal), there are some attractive details, such as the dark grey, embroidered seats which are well padded. The black frame is also practical for busy families, though there are several plastic components, and the hood feels a bit flimsy. The handlebars also have a foam grip, which could wear over time.

After a week of testing, covering around 10 miles, the wheels looked used, but the material and chassis were left in good condition.

Is it good value for money?

Retailing at £150, the Chicco Echo Twin Stroller is one of the cheapest double buggies available. While basic in design, the colours and materials are practical and sturdy, and should last up to age four. The only thing that may need to be replaced are the wheels but, at £10 each, they won’t break the bank.

During our research, we found the Echo Twin on sale for £75 at Argos, which is an exceptional price for a double buggy. It doesn’t have the fancy bells or whistles of more expensive models, like the Peach 6, and it isn't compatible with a carrycot or car seat which may be a deal-breaker for some, but it’s a functional option for families on the go.

Final verdict

It may not be the most stunning or versatile double buggy around, but there’s a lot to like about the Chicco Echo Twin Stroller. Quick to unfold and strap your children in, the pram is great for busy families.

It’s slim enough for shopping trips and can tackle most terrain – all for an RRP of just £150. If your budget is low or you want a fuss-free yet functional double buggy, the Chicco Echo Twin Stroller is definitely one to consider.

*Due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, we were unable to travel with the Chicco Echo Twin on public transport.

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