Best Budget Highchair 2018

IKEA Antilop Review

The IKEA Antilop is without a shadow of a doubt the best highchair you can buy on a minimal budget - you really can’t argue with £9 (or £14 including the tray)

Best price £14 on Ikea

The IKEA Antilop is incredibly easy to assemble – in testing, we managed it without using the instructions in under a minute. And, despite its rickety appearance, the Antilop is surprisingly sturdy.

IKEA don’t state an age or weight limit, but Mumsnetters report that by around age 2.5, most of them had moved on to a booster seat or other alternative. This is partly due to the Antilop only having a three point harness. The harness fixes easily around a baby’s waist, an adventurous toddler however, could wriggle to a standing position in the chair. But, when it’s only £14, you can afford to use the chair for a shorter period of time than some of its competitors.

Antilop assemble

The all plastic, dishwasher safe Antilop is easy to wipe clean with no nooks and crannies for food to get lost in – though we did find that food seems to stick to it a bit. You can’t adjust the chair’s height at all, but it does work both with and without a tray, giving you some flexibility. The tray simply clips onto the chair but is quite far away for weaning age babies, so you may want to purchase the IKEA highchair cushion, or even stuff a towel behind their backs to help prop them up.

I breathe a sigh of relief when I see this highchair when I'm out - we own two and have one at each GP's house, they're just the best. Wipe down, no mess, no fuss and can get really close to the table.

You can’t fold the Antilop, but the legs easily detach in 30 seconds if you do need to store it. For twins or multiples, you can also stack Antilop chairs helping you save on space. This is just as well as the widespread legs can be a bit of a trip hazard.

The reality is, for £9, you’re not going to find the perfect chair. But the Antilop is IKEA at its best – cheap, functional and safe enough. You can’t really go wrong with the Antilop in many ways, especially at £9.

The Specs

Price: from £9 (the tray is an extra £5)
Suitable from: six months
Seat height: 90cm
Footprint: 58 (D) x 58 (W) cm
Tray: 44 (D) x 42 (W) cm
Resale value: £7 (including a tray)

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