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Cosatto 3Sixti2 Review

After nearly 500 hours of vigorous testing, the Cosatto 3Sixti2 was crowned our Mumsnet Best Highchair for 2018 – it’s got style, personality and functional features to boot

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True to form, Cosatto has designed a highchair with personality. It's striking, bold and available in five fun, colourful designs, so it’s sure to make a statement in any kitchen. But this highchair is far from style over substance; it’s practical as well as comfortable for both baby and parent to use. While the bright (in some cases garish) designs may not be everyone's cup of tea, the 3Sixti2 performed so well in testing that it’s worth considering even if your kitchen is a Instagram-worthy Nordic dream.

The key element of the 3Sixti2 is that it’s designed with flexibility in mind. The height is adjustable (which means it should even reach the height of a breakfast bar), the seat is reclinable and spins 360 degrees, it can be used with or without a tray and can be maneuvered around the room with relative ease, despite its heavyweight status. It's suitable from six months to 15kg (approximately age three).

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What are the safety features of the Cosatto 3Sixt2?

The highchair is made primarily from plastic and has a strong, sturdy structure. It is a heavy highchair, weighing in at 14.8kg. However, Cosatto has built in a roller mechanism at the rear of the base, meaning you can easily wheel the highchair around rather than having to lift it to move it. To prevent it from rolling away, the base also includes friction pads at the front to counteract the roller when stationary. The benefit of its heavyweight status, coupled with a wide base footprint (57 cm), is that our testers could not get this bad boy to topple. The 3Sixti2 stood firm, giving us peace of mind that even the bounciest of babies would be safe and secure.

Furthermore, both the chair and tray are built to withstand everyday wear, tear and knocks.The tray in particular sustained no noticeable damage from our multiple drop tests – our tester described it as “virtually indestructible”.

As a happy bonus, the 3Sixti2 was very easy to assemble. It took one person about 15 minutes and everything you needed was in the box. There are even user manuals available online, including video tutorials for fitting replacement parts if needs be.

Bought this for my son who has used from 4 months old. He loves it. It looks great and is very sturdy! It is heavy though; be aware of this if you need to move it about.

What are the key functions of the 3Sixti2?

The clue is in the name: the 3Sixti2 can spin 360 degrees, meaning you can continue interacting with baby as you potter around the kitchen.

It also boasts a multi-height function making the chair all the more flexible to suit your lifestyle and your baby as they grow. The 3Sixti2 uses a gas-lift mechanism, meaning you can raise the chair completely hands free: simply press the button on the highchair base with your foot and watch the seat float up from 45cm (at its lowest) to 62cm (at its highest). To reduce the height, simply push down on the centre of the seat with one hand.

The 3Sixti2's wipe-clean tray glides into place and securely attaches to the chair using a clip on either side. It also comes with a dishwasher safe pop-off tray topper making in-flight cleaning that bit easier. It's worth noting that canny toddlers may be able to remove the tray topper themselves – this isn't so much a concern but an annoyance as their dinner goes flying through the air. But as the 3Sixti2 can be used with or without its tray, you could just do away with the tray altogether and pull them up to the table instead. This flexibility also gives the chair more longevity into the toddler years when your child may not be sturdy or tall enough to use a standard dining chair but no longer wants to be confined to a highchair. (The 3Sixti2 can be used with your child up to 15kg, which is approximately age three.)

The 5-point harness is easy to use once you get the knack and it is effortless to adjust the height as your child grows. The harness is strong and secure even if your child is a bucking bronco, and stiff enough that little fingers won’t be able to undo it easily – but not so stiff that grown up fingers struggle should you need to release the buckle quickly. It’s actually very easy to get baby in and out of this highchair, which was a definite win for us.

Our mini tester was very happy in this chair and clearly found it comfortable. The seat has a high back, which provides good support. The placement of the plastic bar between baby’s legs promotes better posture as they can’t slump down. We liked the three-position recline feature too as babies of all ages feel slightly less restricted – particularly if you’re using the chair as somewhere for baby to sit outside of mealtimes. The seat is well proportioned and includes a footrest – though be aware this is not designed for toddlers to use as a step to get themselves into the chair. This is the chair’s only other real draw back: some toddlers may find the lack of independence frustrating.

The 3Sixti2 comes with a padded seat cushion, providing extra comfort for babies and toddlers alike. As with any padded highchair, crumbs do gather in the seams and creases but the wipe-clean cushion is so easily removed that keeping this highchair clean really is a doddle. The rest of the chair is very easily wiped clean and even bolognese couldn’t stain the plastic seat (though it did leave a slight mark on the fabric cushion.)

How much does it cost?

Priced at £184.94 at the time of review, the Cosatto 3Sixti2 is not a cheap option. But you do get what you pay for, including Cosatto’s trademark four year guarantee. So if you’re looking for a practical, easy to clean, stylish highchair that will see you through the weaning stages and into the toddler years with ease, the 3Sixti2 is the chair for you.

The Specs

Price: £184.94
Suitable from: 6 months to 15kg (approx 3 years)
Weight: 14.8kg
Footprint: 57cm
Average resale value: £50 in good condition, including all parts

Available in five fun, colourful designs.

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