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Joie Serina 2-in-1 Swing and Rocker Review

Although it may be a more expensive option, we think the range of electric features in the Joie Serina 2-in-1 make it worth the cost

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This model has a two-way seat, which means it can be used to rock your baby in two different directions (side to side or backwards and forwards) as well as boasting six different swing speeds. The rocker also has a selection of lullabies or nature sounds and a three-position recliner, giving you plenty of options to keep your baby happy. However, it's worth noting that the NHS recommends babies spend no longer then 20 minutes in a bouncer or seat.

Serina bouncer

The adjustable carry handle makes it so easy to move the rocker from room to room, and the seat can be lifted off its frame and used as a portable rocking seat too.

Easy to put together and simple to use, we also loved the thoughtful additions such as the night light with four brightness settings and option to operate by battery power while on the move. It has a very attractive design and, considering what it offers, we think it is good value for money at £130.

Serina bouncer in various colours and patterns

Although it is slightly bulky and takes up quite a bit of a room, it’s worth noting that this is the only rocker that got our tester's baby to snooze, which makes it a very worthy runner up indeed.

The Specs:

Age: Birth to 13 kg
Dimensions: L91.5cm x W73cm x H81cm
Weight: 11 kg
RRP: £150
Resale value: £75

Available in four different designs.

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  • Best Electric Bouncer 2017

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