Best Baby Bouncer for Style 2018

Babyjörn Bliss

With its eye-catching design and customisable fabrics, the Babyjörn Bliss is the most stylish baby bouncer on the market. And as our tester found out, there’s more to it than just good looks.

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  • Bounce activated by the baby's movement so no batteries required
  • No assembly required
  • Folds down for storage
  • Customisable – eight colours and two fabrics to choose from
  • Fabrics are removable and washable
  • Can be used from birth until two years old


  • Expensive
  • Costs extra for toy attachment (£33)

What are the key features of the Babyjörn Bliss?

  • Three incline positions
  • Eight colour options
  • Very responsive bounce activated by baby’s movement
  • Quilted cotton or breathable, fast-drying mesh
  • Suitable from birth until two years (minimum weight 3.5kg, maximum weight 13kg)
  • RRP: £144.99

How big is the Babyjörn Bliss?

  • 39cm (L) x 79cm (W) x 56cm (D)
  • 2.1 kg

bliss gif

The Babyjörn Bliss is sleek, streamlined and stylish. Its grey base and neutral colours set it apart from more traditionally colourful models, and make it a piece of baby furniture you won’t be desperate to hide away at the end of the day.

The latest bouncer is also completely customisable, from the base material to the colour. With eight neutral colours to choose from, we challenge you to find one you don’t like.

Far from being a case of just style over substance, the Babyjörn Bliss has been designed in collaboration with paediatricians to grow with your baby from birth until two years old. This means that while your baby is in the bouncer, they'll be getting the correct head and back support that is particularly crucial during younger months.

The standout feature of the Babyjörn Bliss is its lovely bouncing motion, activated by your baby’s movement or an adult’s tap. Different motion settings can be used depending on whether your baby is awake-restless, tired-restless or fast asleep. Short springy movements are used in the upright position, while longer bounces are a feature of the two recline positions. Bliss, indeed.

How easy is it to assemble the Babyjörn Bliss?

You'll never have to turn the house upside down searching for batteries while using the Babyjörn Bliss, as its powered by your baby’s movements. This is a win in our books, because nobody needs a bouncer that doesn't work when their baby is crying, right?

How does the Babyjörn Bliss work?

The bouncer can be used in one of three positions: play, rest and sleep. To change positions, just click the small clip under the bouncer into place. The play position allows your baby to sit upright and watch what's going on around him.

The rest mode is a slightly more reclined position and is perfect for when your baby is looking a little weary but not quite ready to drift off to sleep. In this mode our tester’s baby happily kicked his feet to activate the movement if he felt a bit restless and he was even quite content watching our tester prepare lunch. The whole experience was a lot more pleasant for everyone than making a sandwich with one hand while holding a baby in the other. Sometimes it's nice to take a break from multi-tasking.

If you've managed to convince your baby that it's naptime – hallelujah – the sleep mode will allow him to lie comfortably. If he starts to stir, his movement will start the bouncer and (hopefully) rock him back to sleep. If this happens, you'll feel like you’re living the dream.

To make the bouncer move, you don't need to put much effort in. Our tester had quite a few relaxing nights in on the sofa watching TV while her son chilled out in the bouncer. A gentle tap of the foot on the edge of the Bliss would rock him back to sleep if he started getting antsy.

It's not recommended that babies sleep for long periods of time in bouncers, so once they are fully asleep you should move them to their cot.

The Bliss is lightweight and portable, so you can carry it around the house with ease and then pop your baby into it once you’re where you both want to settle. Our tester took it into the bathroom while she had a shower and notched up a small victory in the parenting stakes we can all get on board with.

Does the Bliss have any extra features?

Our tester loved the 'transportation mode' which lets you lie the bouncer flat so you can pop it in your car or store it away. The Bliss is compact enough to take anywhere and doesn't take up much space at all.

While the bouncer kept our tester's baby entertained with its natural bouncing movement, it didn't come with any toys or accessories. You can attach googly eyes to the Babyjörn Bliss but it'll set you back £33, which is a tad steep when the bouncer costs £144.99.

Baby and toddler using the Babyjorn Bliss in a kitchen

How easy is it to clean the Babyjörn Bliss?

Both the quilted cotton and breathable, fast-drying mesh base materials are machine-washable at 40C. You can remove the material by unhooking the loops at the foot base – it whips off in one motion.

Babyjörn recommends putting the cover in a laundry bag or pillow case before bunging it in the washing machine so it keeps its shape. For the same reason, it's advised you don't tumble dry the base materials. Although it took a few cycles before a poo disaster could be completely washed out, we were pleased to see the fabric kept its shape and colour after multiple washes.

How safe is the Babyjörn Bliss?

The Babyjörn Bliss is designed to support a newborn's head and distribute their weight evenly, which is particularly important during their first few months. You can secure your baby in the seat by adjusting two side fasteners at the front of the seat. It's a little bit fiddly to secure (especially if your baby is wriggling or having a tantrum) but our tester said her baby felt very secure once in it.

When your baby can sit up unaided, the Bliss can be turned around and converted into a seat so they can hold a book or toy or watch a tablet while you potter around the house.

The Bliss is surprisingly durable for such an attractive-looking piece of kit. It stayed intact when our tester dropped it and didn't rip or tear when it was pulled every which way. For this reason, it stormed to the front row in our safety tests, scoring full marks.

Is the Babyjörn Bliss good value for money?

The Babyjörn Bouncer Bliss is one of the more expensive models on the market at £144.99. Although there are cheaper options available, this bouncer looks great and will grow with your child and your family. Our tester was so impressed, she said she's going to keep it in case she has a second child.

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  • Best Baby Bouncer for Style 2018

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