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KayHarker on discovering that Saint Anne, mother of Mary, is the patron saint of women in labour and miners: "Oh, I dunno, makes a weird kind of sense. In my third delivery, they did send up a canary to check for poisonous gases."

Recipe of the week

Want to spend less time in the kitchen now the evenings are lighter? Try one of these quick-cook fail-safes to get supper ready sooner. 

Pregnancy due date calculator

Due date calculatorSo you're having a baby (hurrah!) but when exactly? Early pregnancy isn't the time to be wrestling with calendars, charts and menstrual cycles - you've quite enough to make you feel queasy already. Simply enter your details in our pregnancy due date calculator and we'll do the rest.

Step 1: Enter the date your last period started (the first day of bleeding)

Step 2: How long is your menstrual cycle?

Select the number of days between the start of one period and the next. If your periods are irregular, pick the most approximate number.

Please note: A due date is not a definite birth date. Far from it - fewer than 5% of babies are born on their actual due date. But at least it gives you a deadline for buying the pram/painting the nursery/putting his name down for Eton.