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John Lewis Christmas advert 2023: introducing Snapper the Venus flytrap

John Lewis has released their annual Christmas advert - but what do our Mumsnet users think?

By Rebecca Roberts | Last updated Nov 9, 2023

It's an unwritten rule that the festive season begins when the John Lewis Christmas advert is released, and finally, the wait is over.

Following last year's low-key clip of a skateboarding foster dad, the retailer have returned to what they know: a heart-warming tale, a child, an unusual friend and a catchy song to go with it.

The advert sees a young boy browsing items at a Christmas market, before spotting a vintage-style box that has "Grow your own perfect Christmas tree" written on it. When he opens the box, he finds a single seed inside. Taking his discovery home, we watch as the seed grows into Snapper the Venus flytrap. Over time, the plant becomes rather large and a little destructive, earning it a place outside in the garden... And in the cold.

When Christmas Day arrives - you guessed it - the boy evidently feels bad, and offers Snapper a gift from under the tree, which leads to a party in the garden with the whole family.

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All of this is happening as an Italian rock opera sung by Andrea Bocelli plays on. The song was specially commissioned from obscure Italian electropop artists Le Feste Antonacci, and the single is due to be released with profits going to charities, including Action for Children, according to The Guardian.

Although, it appears the return to their tried-and-tested formula - with the addition of Snapper the Venus flytrap - has left our Mumsnet users slightly, er, confused.

"I like the message of doing it your own way to create new traditions but it is quite bizarre", says Mumsnet user Themostimportantpart.

"Just watched it. Very odd. There's something wrong with me because I still cried when the rejected plant got sad. I think I'm genetically programmed to cry at JL adverts", adds LittleMonks11.

It was clear from the teaser released, alongside a logo upgrade, that John Lewis was heading towards the environmental aspect this year. As NotmySundaybest shares, "I think it's nice. By DS's love it & it opened up for wider conversation around Venus fly traps & nature etc."