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Best Easter holiday destinations: where to travel in April with family

Want to get away for Easter with the kids? Here’s our guide to the best places to travel in April with family, according to parents.

By Dina Mahmoud | Last updated Oct 7, 2022

A sail boat floating on the river with sandy hills and trees in the background

April is the month we say goodbye to the cold, gloomy winter months and look forward to spring. The month also brings Easter to our calendars, with Easter Sunday falling on 9th April, 2023 and the school holidays starting on 3rd April. 

But while the spring blooms here in the UK, you may be wanting to escape April showers for the term break. Thankfully, as April is shoulder season for many destinations, you can expect cheaper rates in general compared to the summer holidays.

Where to visit in April: Editor's picks

Understandably, European destinations are a firm favourite amongst Mumsnetters, as the continent brings warmer temperatures earlier in the year compared to the UK. Snorkel in Malta, or explore castles in Portugal, or head to Austria and embrace the outdoors. Alternatively, if you’re seeking something further afield, destinations like Oman and Dubai offer comfortable temperatures in April ahead of the mercury rising during summer. 

Wherever you decide, April is a great time to travel and the Easter holidays offer a great opportunity to get away as a family together. 

Here’s our guide to the best places to travel in April with family, according to Mumsnetters.

Where’s the best place to visit in April with kids?

  1. Best overall: Malta
  2. Best for older children: Dubai, UAE
  3. Best for beaches: Mexico
  4. Best cultural experience: Thailand
  5. Best for outdoor adventures: Austria

1. Best overall April destination: Malta

Small colourful boats floating in front of a busy market.

Find a holiday in Malta | Find flights to Malta

Head to Malta in April and find beautiful sunshine, lush, green landscapes and plenty of sites to explore. Thanks to Malta’s location, between the African and European continents, the climate offers mild, sunny and warm temperatures at this time of year. 

Located centrally in the Mediterranean, this archipelago is surrounded by stunning, clear blue waters that offer impressive opportunities for snorkelling and an incredible backdrop for hikers, photography enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. 

Known for its wide and rugged landscapes, Malta has gained popularity not only for its beauty but also for panoramic views that have been used in famous movies and television shows such as Gladiator, Troy and Game of Thrones. It’s also where Queen Elizabeth II lived for months at a time as a newlywed with her husband, Prince Phillip, between 1949 and 1951. 

The capital city, Valletta makes for the perfect weekend getaway. While you can travel between the islands via boat and see the striking marine life and natural views, Valletta is one of the most important historical cities in the world. So much so, that the entire city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

What Mumsnet users say

“We were baked to a crisp in Malta at Easter one year. But it was also very windy most of the time.” Scarby9

“Malta is lovely at easter. It was about 24°C when we were there four years ago, although it could be windy at times. The canary islands and Paphos in Cyprus are also good bets.” Drumshambo

2. Best April destination for exploring: Portugal

A community of white stone houses in a narrow cobblestone street with plants and planters around the buildings.

Find a holiday in Portugal | Find flights to Portugal

With plenty of sunshine and Easter fast approaching, April is the best time of the year to visit Portugal. With its charming cobblestone villages and golden beaches, it is easy to fall in love with Portugal, it simply has it all. From scenic views, history, culture, great cuisine, stunning architecture, the list goes on and on. 

The Algarve, located in the south of Portugal is bursting with bright, colourful wildflowers and is the perfect setting for hiking. The month also welcomes cycling, canyoning, kayaking and diving to the outdoorsy types. 

Alternatively, a trip to visit the popular Unesco World Heritage site Sintra is a must. As a fairy-tale town filled with whimsical castles and palaces, it’s the type of place you would only expect to see in movies. A walk through the city, tasting some of Portugal’s finest cheeses, admiring the art galleries, museums and the charming renaissance-inspired architecture, will leave you with a lasting impression of this charming piece of Europe.

What Mumsnet users say

“Lovely walking around weather, I'd say, rather than sunbathing weather. The sea will be freezing, but the sea in Portugal is always freezing.” MaChienEstUnDick

“Hey OP, the Algarve is one of the warmest places in Europe in April. It should be around 20 degrees. I'm going for a week so I'm crossing my fingers that we are blessed with good weather.” AmbushedByCake1

3. Best April destination for natural scenery: Oman

Dhow boat on the water with a dolphin diving over the water and rugged mountains in the backdrop

Find a holiday in Oman | Find flights to Oman

With its easy accessibility, overwhelming safety and abundance of beautiful natural scenery, Oman is the gem of the Arabian Peninsula that you must see to believe. Often overlooked by travellers to the region, due to its glitzy neighbours Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Oman is the UAE’s chill, younger neighbour that may be small but packs a punch.

Oman’s scorching summer heat is unbearable, so, the best time to visit the country ranges between November and April, April being the most ideal in terms of comfortable temperatures. 

The capital, Muscat sits on the Gulf of Oman with a historical background filled with mountains, deserts, and fortresses. But don’t be fooled, the city also comes with beautiful high-rises and upscale shopping malls. The bustling city also has a number of souks that show the vivacious Omani culture and a great place to get a real taste of Oman. The spice souks present aromatic and exotic scents that fill the air and shopping for more than just food and spices is not unheard of in the souks.

If you’re really looking for the ultimate adventure then trekking the Jebel Shams could peak your interest. Situated 240 kilometres of Muscat, the 3,009 metre peak is located in the Al-Hajar Mountains, and offers a number of hikes and treks with a stunning sunrise to seal the deal. 

Oman is particularly famous for its Musandam Fjords and wadis. Located near the border of Oman and the UAE, Musandam offers dhow cruises that take guests on an adventure to explore the crystal clear waters that are known for its incredible coral reefs, wild dolphins and tropical fish. The crystal clear water provides ideal conditions for swimming, snorkelling and diving while surrounded by rugged mountains of the Arabian Peninsula Hajar Mountains that are spread across the Musandam region. 

The wadis of Musandam are also a stunning site. Wadi is the Arabic word for canyon and Oman presents wadis that are filled with turquoise water and sparse palm tree oasis. And, you can’t visit Musandam without having complete peace of mind while also eating the decadent seafood. With about 35,000 inhabitants of the region, the area is mostly fishermen. So, why not enjoy a delicious lunch that serves fresh seafood while overlooking a stunning and unique view of desert, mountains and crystal clear waters? 

What Mumsnet users say

“Oman? I know it is not Europe, but swimming in a pool / sea in April can be hit and miss. Good years, bad years.” LeGrandBleu

“Putting vote in for Oman, same temp as Dubai but not as developed, if you're willing to do a little bit of travelling it's an incredible country. Depends on how old your DC are but lots of activities (mountains, wadi walking/swimming, whale watching from capital) and the locals are really lovely, they also have some of the best turtle beaches in the world which is an incredible experience.” WonderfullySunny

4. Best budget April destination: Egypt

An indoor view of ancient Egyptian pillars with pharonic art on the pillars and a pharoahs head on top of each pillar.

Find a holiday in Egypt | Find flights to Egypt

Egypt is a country of great versatility. Known for its incredible history, it’s no surprise that there are a myriad of tours dedicated to their pharaonic ancestors. However, there is more to Egypt than just the pyramids and the monuments. In fact, a two hour drive north of Cairo will bring you to the coastal city of Alexandria. Founded by Alexander the Great, the city is heavily influenced by Greek and Roman history. Here you can find the great Library of Alexandria which was one of the most significant libraries of the ancient world.

To the south of Egypt, you can also find lovely all-inclusive resorts in Hurghada and Sharm el Sheikh, the possibility of wild dolphins sightings, whale watching and bright coral reefs are plentiful as is the unlimited entertainment, water activities are kids’ clubs.

A trip down the Nile via cruise ship and you can explore the ancient cities of Luxor and Aswan. Head to the Valley of the Kings and Queens and discover the ancient Egyptian royal mummies that have helped shape our civilisation.

Cairo is also a city that should be on your list. Although it is busy and noisy, it is still wroth the visit. Just 20 minutes away from the pyramids of Giza, Cairo has a bustling nightlife for all ages. You can also explore many historical aspects throughout the city, including museums and walking tours.

What Mumsnet users say

“There are lots of really good family hotels in Egypt, the quality for the price is similar to Turkey and if you’re ok with Turkey culturally you’ll be absolutely fine with Egypt.” EnglishGirlApproximately

“I’ve been to Egypt many many times, including to hurghada with my then 15 month old. I felt very safe. You’ll have a wonderful time, the Egyptians are a very welcoming nation who will look after you well I’m sure.” welshweasel

5. Best April destination for relaxation: Cyprus

Birds eye-view of turquoise sea with tiny figures of people swimming in the water and tanning on land.

Find a holiday in Cyprus | Find flights to Cyprus

Thanks to its strategic location in the Mediterranean, Cyprus offers sunshine and pleasurable conditions in April, which of course, makes the perfect getaway destination for those seeking sun, sea and relaxation. The country’s beaches are long, sandy and plentiful, and hotels here often offer their own private beach and all-inclusive is a popular choice amongst families travelling here. 

If you’re looking for more than just the beach, then a good place to start exploring Cyprus is Paphos. The low-lying city is directly by the sea and is filled with culture, restaurants, cafes, hotels and souvenir shops. A short distance away you can find perched on top of a hill, the old town, markets and the former Turkish quarters.

Not far from Paphos you can find Troodos Mountains where hiking, cycling, and mountain biking are popular. Troodos Mountains are also a short distance away from Akamas peninsula, a generally untouched and protected landscape that offers a gorgeous backdrop. Relaxation, peace and quiet is what you will find here as you immerse into the natural Cypric scenes. 

All this combined with the stunning April weather that brings warmth, sun and temperatures ranging from 18°C to 32°C, allows for a perfect and comfortable holiday in Cyprus.

What Mumsnet users say

“Spring in the Med can be unpredictable, but it can also be lovely and warm. I like Cyprus for early/late sun so you could be lucky. I'd take summery stuff, but one pair of jeans, a couple of cardies and a rain jacket, just in case.)” juneau

6. Best April destination for outdoor adventures: Austria

Light blue lake with green grass and lush pine trees with mountains and cloudy sky in the background

Find a holiday in Austria | Find flights to Austria

When most people think of Austria, the thought of beautiful snowy alps, wide green hills and, of course, The Sound of Music come to mind. But Austria has even more than that, all equally as impressive.

For the music enthusiasts, Salzburg is the home of music maestro, Mozart. The city is considered a musical mecca in Austria and pays homage to its musical heritage by hosting a huge annual music festival as well as a number of classical music concerts.

Salzburg isn’t the only place known to host music events. The towns of Schawezenberg and Hohenems celebrate Schubertiade, influenced by Franz Schubert, a famous composer of the late classical and romantic era. The large festival includes over 80 events and welcomes over 30,000 visitors annually. 

Austria isn’t exclusive to just musical towns and cities though. Outdoor lovers can rejoice at the many adventures that can be had in the charming countryside. Paragliding, rafting and hiking is common in practically every corner of the country. While the temperatures start to soar, and the snow on the mountain peaks start to melt away, the adventurous ones can get the adrenaline rush they’ve been looking for by hiking through the beautiful Austrian Alps through the different landscapes.

The picturesque views of Austria are stunning and look like a hidden fairytale. Modern day Austria has dramatic natural scenes, varied museums, contemporary art, architecture and a sophisticated culture. April is known as “shoulder season” where tourists can enjoy the weather with fewer crowds and sights and attractions at a reasonable price. 

What Mumsnet users say

I think Vienna would be good with children for a long weekend- zoo, funfair/amusement park, boat trip, easily walkable, trams (if they're a novelty for you).” Sparklyuggs

7. Best April destination for older children: Dubai, UAE

Manmade blueish-green lake in the middle of a patio with tall palm trees, a rustic brown building and a hotel that is shaped like a sailboat in the background

Find a hotel in Dubai | Find flights to Dubai

Head to the land of luxuries and possibilities for Easter 2023, and visit the emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Home to the world’s only, self-proclaimed 7* hotel and the world’s tallest buildings, Dubai is an entertainment hub for all ages. 

With a number of ‘largest’ and ‘firsts’ under its belt, Dubai attracts visitors from around the world, making the destination remarkable in more ways than one. 

For kids, there’s plenty of things to do in Dubai. Water parks, theme parks, Ski Dubai, Dubai Aquarium and the arcades are enough to want to permanently stay. But, that’s not all! The emirate also offers beautiful beaches, indoor playgrounds and interactive museums designed just for kids.

You can’t leave Dubai without a desert safari where you can go sand duning, camel riding, sand skiing, quad biking, and enjoy a delicious local dinner and a show of true Arabic culture that presents belly dancing, Tanoura dancing and a fire show.

The Dubai dhow cruises are also a popular tourist activity that offers a unique outlook of the city. With some setting sail in the popular Dubai Marina, overlooking the luxurious skyscrapers, other shows set sail in old Dubai, showcasing the emirate’s humble culture and history.

What Mumsnet users say

“It's not beachfront, it's next to Dubai Creek, but the Park Hyatt Dubai is gorgeous. It's not quite 'boutique' but it's understated, fabulous rooms, and it's so peaceful. Lovely restaurants where you can sit overlooking the creek. The beaches are a taxi ride away but it's very near the airport and not too far from the gold souk. You can also board a dhow quite near and cross the creek itself. The service is impeccable too.” PiggyBeekman

8. Best April destination for beaches: Mexico

Blue ocean surrounded by palm trees and two small, circular swimming pools with a swim-up bar

Find a holiday in Mexico | Find flights to Mexico

Arguably, the best time to travel to Mexico is in April. With its hot and dry conditions, April is the last month before the rainy season starts. Filled with events, festivals and calm waves that are perfect for water activities, April and Mexico go hand in hand.

There is much to do in Mexico; from manta ray diving on Socorro Island to snorkelling and diving in Riviera Nayarit, to embracing local culture and visiting the festival de Flores and Jardines in Mexico City, the list is abundant. 

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive stay with kids’ clubs and entertainment for the little ones while you laze around in the beautiful sandy beach, Tulum or Cancun can fulfil your warm, relaxing and serene desires. Mexico is blessed with beautiful, white, sandy beaches and turquoise waters, Tulum in particular offers diverse diving sites that include underwater caves and cenotes as well as Mayan Ruins. 

Excursions to these places along with other adventures are all possible through your resort booking and most excursions are child-friendly, so the whole family can be in on the fun.

What Mumsnet users say

“Tulum is lovely quite a few boutique hotels. We stay in an all inclusive but it is a smaller one with 350 rooms. My kids like organised activities and a pool so it suits us. It is very hot and my kids would have been hot and grizzly age 3. We started coming to Mexico when they were 6 and they gave always loved it. 3 year olds can't go to kids club so be prepared to spend at least some of every day sitting in the aircon whilst your toddler cools off. At that age good nannies were my key holiday priority!” 2014newme

9. Best long-haul April destination: Vietnam

Traditional red Vietnamese building with a three storey roof with green forestry to the left of it and another traditional building with pillars to the front of it.

Find a holiday in Vietnam | Find flights to Vietnam

Vietnam experiences some of the best weather in April with spring in full swing. The time of year brings lots of opportunity to explore the country’s beauty and its major attractions. Must-do explorations include a tour of the iconic Ha Giang loop from Hanoi and HaLong Bay. 

Hiking here shouldn’t be missed, also, especially in April. Spring blossoms in Sapa and surrounding areas of Ba Be Lake, Mu Cang Chai and Dien Bien Phu make the hiking tour particularly beautiful. You may also choose to visit the gibbons in their natural habitat at the Nam Cat Tien National Park, which protects one of Vietnam’s largest lowland tropical forests.

Another stunning experience is witnessing the hatching of white butterflies in Ninh Bihn’s Cuc Phuong National Park. The swarms of the beautiful cabbage white butterflies take over the skies and the plants and foliage in a fashion like no other.Almost 400 butterflies hatch in April in the Ninh Bihn’s Cuc Phuong National Park, making this experience a display of natural elegance and beauty. 

Vietnam in April presents favourable weather conditions. The sunny climate and temperatures ranging from 26°C to 35°C make touring, hiking and coastal visits both enjoyable and relaxing.

What Mumsnet users say

“North Vietnam. I took my family three years running in April (living in the region, escaping the heat). It has a lot to offer. Is it interesting for you? (My kids are nearly 8 and 3).” akuabadoll

10. Best April destination for culture: Thailand

Three large sliffs in the water and the shoreline with small parked boats and a green leafy tree.

Find a holiday in Thailand | Find flights to Thailand

From mountains, to stunning blue waters, and lush green forests, Thailand is filled with a diverse landscape. April in Thailand sees hot weather no matter what part of the region you are heading to. The climate is hot and dry and temperatures are high, reaching up to 40°C. However, this shouldn’t put a damper on your trip as most indoor settings including hotel rooms, taxis and shopping centres are air conditioned.  

April is also home to the biggest holiday of the year, Songkran Water Festival. Also known as the water splashing festival, Songkran Festival is welcomed in the country, as people pour water over each other as a way to wish well for the future year ahead and to mark the beginning of the new year. The festival is one that must be experienced in person to truly appreciate its magnitude. The nationwide event brings out the child in everyone as playful water-fights break out across the villages and cities. While the event is playful it is also deeply rooted in tradition and meaning for Thai Buddhists.

Another famous festival is the colourful Poy Sang Long by the Shan people in north and north-west Thailand. Here you will find young Buddhist boys being prepared to be ordained as monks and as such, the boys are dressed like princes and paraded on the shoulders of their elders. This event is rich in heritage and culture and takes place throughout several locations in northern and north-western Thailand and is celebrated over a three day period. 

With April being considered the hot season in Thailand, cooling off at a beach resort with children’s amenities or relaxing on one of the many islands should be on the bucket list. Aside from all the wonderful sights, natural beauty, colourful and vibrant festivals and stunning beaches, Thailand is also famous for its decadent cuisine and rich local culture, but beware of the scorching heat and be sure to drink plenty of water and pack on the sunscreen.

What Mumsnet users say

“I went to Thailand last April (krabi) and it was lovely, but there were a few thunderstorms. Singapore is lovely at that time of year but you wouldn't want to spend your whole holidays there.” Yellowheart

“Most of Thailand is always hot. It just might be wet hot or dry hot depending on which coast and what season. It's a beautiful country and the people are so friendly.” spinduffy

Where to stay in Vietnam

Where has the nicest weather in April?

It’s April, and the last few months have been cold, so, it’s no surprise that a warm destination is on your bucket list this month. As winter moves to spring, now is the perfect time to travel to one of the above destinations. Need more ideas? Here’s some more destinations worth considering for your April getaway. 

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