Calculating Pro Rata School Pay

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Missingthesun Mon 05-Apr-21 21:48:35

Hi, posted elsewhere last week but little response. Hoping someone can help me calculate this:

School staff - £18,500 salary
31.25 hours per week (8.45-3pm Mon-Fri)
Term time only
Standard State/LA school

Is this pro rata according to the hours? Or the holidays? Or both?! How do I calculate what the actual take home pay would be please?

I’ve been part time pro rata before, but not sure how school pro rata works.

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Missingthesun Wed 07-Apr-21 15:02:29

Bumping for help, thanks

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strawberrie Wed 07-Apr-21 19:09:32

That would normally be the salary for someone doing full time hours, year round.

Well it depends on what is considered a full time working week in your authority. Say for example it's 35 hours.

Your salary would be the £18.5k x (31.25/35) to get the equivalent salary for part time hours, then you'd multiply that by 39/52, if term is 39 weeks.

Fullofpudding Wed 07-Apr-21 19:13:52

That's a similar salary to mine and I work 30 mins more a day than you and take home about £950 a month.

DancesWithDaffodils Wed 07-Apr-21 19:37:26

I get 4 (5?) weeks paid holiday too.

Missingthesun Thu 08-Apr-21 10:19:26

Sorry - yes the advert says pro rata. But I was unsure how to calculate it. The School is closed for Easter so I can’t find out direct, but the application deadline is Friday.

How do I find out what a full time working week is here? And are all LA state schools 39 weeks?

Would there be any holiday entitlement on top of this or would it be included in overall?

Thanks for the help

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DancesWithDaffodils Thu 08-Apr-21 10:59:06

Is 18k about right for a full time role at that level? Most school adverts round here are very clear the amount is a total pay.

My FT on the days I work is 37.5h/week.
I get paid 39 weeks (term plus 5 development days) plus statutory holiday allowance, so end up on about 85% of the quoted band.
I'd guess you'd be on 13k.

Missingthesun Thu 08-Apr-21 19:32:47

I have no idea as there’s so many different bandings for this role. It definitely says £18k pro rata, term time only. Is it 39 weeks per year plus holiday?

I’ll work off 37.5 hours as full time as that is what I do currently. Thanks

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ItsSnowJokes Thu 08-Apr-21 19:37:00

I have worked out it will be about 12,720 a year including your holiday pay. This is before tax and NI but you will pay minimal tax on that if no other income and a basic rate taxpayer.

Missingthesun Fri 09-Apr-21 10:09:41

Thank you!

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