The murder Sophie Moss, he'll serve 4 years

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katemuff Tue 07-Sep-21 15:41:22

So the "rough sex" defence continues, despite the assurance it was not admissible. Another vulnerable woman with mental health issues is killed, 2 motherless children left to deal with their pain and trauma for the rest of their lives. He get's 4 years.

Why don't women's lives matter?

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RedDogsBeg Tue 07-Sep-21 15:54:40

Why don't women's lives matter?

They never have and they clearly never will.

We are dispensable, detested, barely considered human.

AssassinatedBeauty Tue 07-Sep-21 15:58:43

Oh, that is horrific. This is what should have been stopped already. The cause of death was manual strangulation and this man's hands were still sore from it when questioned. He killed her with his bare hands, but because she (may) have agreed to sex with him it's not murder but only manslaughter.

EmbarrassingAdmissions Tue 07-Sep-21 16:04:16

I've just seen it.

The horror of the young woman's death.

TonyThreePies Tue 07-Sep-21 16:09:04

I think it still needs to go through the House of Lords before it becomes law.
Sickening. Men really hate women don't they?

Thelnebriati Tue 07-Sep-21 16:15:40

Can the sentence be challenged?

PaleGreenGhost Tue 07-Sep-21 16:18:03

This has happened too many times.

If my "kink" had such a high rate of killing a more vulnerable class than me I'd consider giving it up. I'd find a different way to get an orgasm.

Easier than giving up dairy and fast fashion I'd have thought.


prettypinkflamingo Tue 07-Sep-21 16:21:29

Just awful. Her poor family, children and friends. What an absolute bastard.

Eyesofdisarray Tue 07-Sep-21 16:27:25

Absolutely disgusting
It's an insult to the victim as she can't speak for herself.
Credit for turning himself in? Wouldn't he have been caught anyway?
RIP Sophie

MrsTerryPratchett Tue 07-Sep-21 16:31:29

I believe he was sentenced to 4 years 8 months, which means he'll serve about 2 years, surely.

Poor woman and her poor kids.

Passmeamenuatthetottenham Tue 07-Sep-21 16:33:37

There was 'insufficient evidence of his intent'? He strangled the literal life out of another human, stopped her breathing for so long that she died? WTF?

Awww, was it because he cried when he was arrested? Poor bloke..... hmm

EmbarrassingAdmissions Tue 07-Sep-21 16:40:16


Can the sentence be challenged?

Recalling similar calls for sentence revision (e.g., the Natalie Connolly case - the man responsible for her death was released recently) there is little chance of a change.

katemuff Tue 07-Sep-21 16:40:26

He just murdered her in a drunken act of insane violence. I can't believe he got 4 years.

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MrsOvertonsWindow Tue 07-Sep-21 16:41:08

He cried because he was caught! Poor Sophie and her children.
Men like him will carry on murdering women and claiming "rough sex gone wrong" while the judiciary continue handing out derisory sentences like this. And all the creeps that pop up on here to lecture us about porn and pearl clutching will continue unabated until society views it as a serious crime to strangle women to death, no matter how sad the murderer is.
I'm going to use the link that Thelnebriati posted upthread to ask for the sentence to be reviewed.

CornishTiger Tue 07-Sep-21 16:52:11

MonsignorMirth Tue 07-Sep-21 16:59:08

It's so depressing. Poor woman. Femicide is a real problem, even in 2021 - we've a long way to go.

katemuff Tue 07-Sep-21 23:16:28

At least 100 women have been killed by men in 2021

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BreatheAndFocus Wed 08-Sep-21 07:16:18

So very sad - poor Sophie. Nobody should be allowed to say that they’re strangled and killed someone by accident. The act of strangling itself should be seen as intent to kill ie murder not manslaughter.

What turned my stomach as well as the bit about his sore hands was that he apparently sat in his car for 15 minutes ‘deciding what to do’. If you’d strangled someone ‘by accident’, you’d think the first thing you’d do was phone an ambulance not sit there feeling sorry for yourself. He also said he’d drunk 24 bottles of beer and ‘didn’t remember’ what happened. I think that’s complete rubbish personally. He wasn’t too drunk to arrange to meet and have sex.

RIP Sophie

guinnessguzzler Wed 08-Sep-21 08:02:25

Poor Sophie and her wee boys.

The scary thing for me is that given his age and the short sentence he is going to come out just as strong and dangerous. The idea that someone could behave in that way without being seriously disturbed and problematic to society is just bizarre. Judges see it all, they should be able to grasp the basics of human behaviour.

Why is it now just accepted that a bit of light strangling is part of sex? My young children know you never put your hands on anyone's neck. Why are grown men thought not to be able to predict it may well result in injury or death? Do we honestly believe a man behaving this way doesn't have seriously problematic attitudes towards women?

NeverTalkToStrangers Wed 08-Sep-21 08:04:59

Harriet Harman has already gone to the Attorney General to ask for a review.
The law currently going through the House of Lords would make no difference as I understand it.

Leftbutcameback Wed 08-Sep-21 08:06:19

So a jury didn’t even get a chance to hear the evidence, they just accepted what he said? That’s appalling.

Gasp0deTheW0nderD0g Wed 08-Sep-21 08:07:07

What everyone else said - plus, he left his wife sleeping at home, and with 24 bottles of Amstel inside him, drove off to see Sophie for sex. When he realised she was unresponsive, if not actually dead already, instead of dialling 999, he left the flat (does this mean her very young children were alone in the flat with their mother's body?), sat in his car for a bit, and then drove to the police station. It's a miracle he didn't kill anyone on the roads.

His sentence was reduced because of 'previous good character'. I wonder if all that means is 'I never got caught drink driving before'.

Sentence is ludicrously short. Tears of self-pity should not have had any effect on it. What sort of deterrent is a sentence of under 5 years? How can it possibly be enough for the loss of a life?

Felix125 Wed 08-Sep-21 11:04:24

I often think the same for the sentences imposed for death by dangerous driving - I know its a different set of circumstances - but some people just receive a fine!

ShallWeStartTheMeeting Wed 08-Sep-21 12:42:50

So in worsening order- cheater, drink driver and murderer.
All this and 4 years....WTF

CatNamedEaster Wed 08-Sep-21 12:45:15

It's on Jeremy Vine on R2 now. Just had a lawyer on who was talking about it so eloquently in the wider context of violence against women and girls.

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