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Facemasks on for a trip to the Bluestocking

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CaraDuneRedux Tue 20-Oct-20 20:33:28

We haven't had a Bluestocking thread for fucking ages.

Anyone fancy a socially distanced, tables of no more than 6, Bluestocking?

The goat has been covid tested and the patriarchy busting canon polished up to remove all possible virus traces from its surface.

Remember, MN spans the globe, and it's always before the 10pm curfew somewhere.

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EvenSupposing Tue 20-Oct-20 20:40:37

I invoked the Bluestocking so I think I'll have a <scans ironic cocktail list> Screaming Orgasm while I wait to see if Jane Garvey wants rescuing from Broadcasting House.

Spoiler - she doesn't.

CaraDuneRedux Tue 20-Oct-20 20:42:22

Mixes Screaming Orgasm for Even.

Mixes Long Slow Comfortable Screw Against A Wall for self.

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EvenSupposing Tue 20-Oct-20 20:44:14

Hey there barkeep. You seen the Harrop video? <snorts Baileys out of her nose> grin

CaraDuneRedux Tue 20-Oct-20 20:45:10

Gestures at the big screen in the corner, currently showing YouTube on a loop. Shoves beer towel Even's way.

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FeckTheMagicDragon Tue 20-Oct-20 20:48:33

Would anyone mind pouring me a very large G&T please? My company based in the Deep South has just started to ask for our pronouns. I/me/mine did not go down very well ...

EvenSupposing Tue 20-Oct-20 20:50:24

A fine establishment you have here wink

I am missing actually going to feminist events and seeing people and talking about all this in the pub afterwards.

EvenSupposing Tue 20-Oct-20 20:51:16

I/me/mine grin


drspouse Tue 20-Oct-20 20:53:21

Oh hello! I have missed the pub!
Mine's a Harvey Wallbanger.

FeckTheMagicDragon Tue 20-Oct-20 20:55:22

Oh I haven’t had a Harvey Wallbanger since the 80s! Have a craving now.

NeurotrashWarrior Tue 20-Oct-20 20:58:33


Pulls up at separate table 2.3 m away. Unfoggs glasses.

Large Sloe Motion please!

I think after today it's going to be a long night!

FeckTheMagicDragon Tue 20-Oct-20 21:00:11

Fuck/right/off would have not been accepted by the diversity rep who mildly chastised me in this org where sexism and racism is rife, and barely disguised with ‘woke’ tokens unfortunately. I could use my blunt Yorkshire woman identity as a shield and ask them if they need to re-do their cultural diversity training again smile

ErrolTheDragon Tue 20-Oct-20 21:00:31

Hurray for the Bluestocking! I was thinking it should reopen when the news re GRA and schools guidance came out. wine(virtual only... we don't keep much drink in but DH has reordered some lovely Malbec so that's what mine shall be)

I observed the first set of pronouns on a work email today, but I think she's an outlier.

Whatwouldscullydo Tue 20-Oct-20 21:00:35

Jug of purple rain please...

Do you have any kettle chips

drspouse Tue 20-Oct-20 21:01:39


Oh I haven’t had a Harvey Wallbanger since the 80s! Have a craving now.

I used to be a fan of the band of that name too.

ErrolTheDragon Tue 20-Oct-20 21:01:41

* Do you have any kettle chips*

Silly question. What flavour(s)?grin

ChazsBrilliantAttitude Tue 20-Oct-20 21:02:44

I will have to be the designated driver

Tonic with ice and lime.


Whatwouldscullydo Tue 20-Oct-20 21:06:50

Salt and vinegar please

CaraDuneRedux Tue 20-Oct-20 21:18:48

It's on the house, Feck, on account of your fine choice of pronouns.

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FeckTheMagicDragon Tue 20-Oct-20 21:37:15

Why thank you Cara, jolly civil of you 😊 I’m making lunch - tortilla chips with melted cheese &bacon with a side of mashed avocado - please help yourselves.

Mammatino Tue 20-Oct-20 21:42:41

Can I have a fiery witches tit please? It’s a gigantic slug of squeezed grapefruit a touch of lemon and some strained raspberries. Then a little crushed mint in your ice and a spell. Turn it to the sun and tell it your heart.

NeurotrashWarrior Tue 20-Oct-20 21:53:51

Oooh me too please!

ChattyLion Tue 20-Oct-20 21:58:47

<arrives with plate>
I really fancy an Amaretto Sour.. but in honour of the occasion I think it should be a Naked Lady grin

InTheShadowOfTheMushroomCloud Tue 20-Oct-20 22:04:38

I will have a Cosmopolitan....

Yes I know .....but I am not much of a drinker and it tastes like pop...

CaraDuneRedux Tue 20-Oct-20 22:05:23

Mumfle mumfle mumfle.

(I have my mouth full of tortilla chips and avocado).

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