Leeds Library hosts Drag Queen Story Hour on June 22nd

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DeployTheTut Sun 21-Jun-20 12:03:14

I could weep, I really could.
Leeds City Council is planning a Drag Queen Story Hour with “Aida H Dee”, to take place tomorrow, 22nd June.

Local hero, Councillor Sarah Field, is requesting any comments or complaints you may have, to assist her in objecting to this event. Email: Sarah.field@leeds.gov.uk

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DeployTheTut Sun 21-Jun-20 12:10:49

It’s being advertised here, too www.leedsinspired.co.uk/events/drag-queen-story-hour-uk-leeds-libraries

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Durgasarrow Sun 21-Jun-20 12:22:01

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Xanthangum Sun 21-Jun-20 12:28:09

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PumbaasCucumbas Sun 21-Jun-20 12:30:26

Is the name a play on a learning difficulty? That’s appropriate hmm

MotherForkinShirtBalls Sun 21-Jun-20 12:30:46

Mocking women and people with ADHD. Nice look, Leeds.

KaronAVyrus Sun 21-Jun-20 12:35:04

What is the educational value in drag queens reading to children?


Dreeple Sun 21-Jun-20 12:36:28

People making a noise outside would spoil it.

PumbaasCucumbas Sun 21-Jun-20 12:36:56

Just looked at the website as Aida has done an online story time at our local arts centre... I presume they got permission to put photos of people’s children on their facebook page?

PumbaasCucumbas Sun 21-Jun-20 12:37:25

It’s nationwide but nobody noticed 😂

DeployTheTut Sun 21-Jun-20 12:41:25

The photos I’ve seen break every safeguarding rule. And these are ones that he posts on his own social media!

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DeployTheTut Sun 21-Jun-20 12:42:23

Oh, and he doesn’t just have physical contact with the kids. He indulges in fetish play

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Whatsnewpussyhat Sun 21-Jun-20 12:42:41

Suitable for ages 2+.
Why the fuck does anyone think an adult entertainer is remotely suitable for a children's reading session?

StealthPolarBear Sun 21-Jun-20 12:45:47


Is the name a play on a learning difficulty? That’s appropriate hmm

Well spotted. She also has ADHD on her necklace.
But she's lgbtqia+++++++. Therefore everything she does is fine and if you object you're a bigot.

StealthPolarBear Sun 21-Jun-20 12:46:52

That second picture with the heavy blue lipstick is terrifying. In amazed that baby's not screaming.

DeployTheTut Sun 21-Jun-20 12:49:21

Here’s Kitty Demure on Drag Queen Story Time: youtu.be/fMSZdI2KVko

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Divoc2020 Sun 21-Jun-20 13:03:04

Leeds Libraries on twitter here: @leedslibraries

DeployTheTut Sun 21-Jun-20 13:05:05

Message from Cllr Sarah Field: “please email with your views!”

I’ve emailed, and I encourage you to, too. We have to go on the attack whenever they try this nonsense on.

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Jintyfer Sun 21-Jun-20 13:12:48

I'm sorry but anyone also mocking ADHD would be crucified. Why do they get a pass? It's highly inappropriate. All of it.

StealthPolarBear Sun 21-Jun-20 13:24:08

Because they are lgbtqia++ and are therefore untouchable.

DeployTheTut Sun 21-Jun-20 13:25:56

His social media posts are celebrations of unrestrained male sexuality. And not in a good way

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DeployTheTut Sun 21-Jun-20 13:26:34

I’ve got some that are worse. You’ve been warned

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bloodyhamabeads Sun 21-Jun-20 13:30:31

I’ve emailed my concerns to Sarah Field too.

NotBadConsidering Sun 21-Jun-20 13:46:34

🚩 🚩 🚩

I mean seriously, do the people that organise these things have any idea how to search for this stuff? That middle picture is particularly abhorrent. It’s like to be a stock photo of a kid and it’s been appropriated into a joke like that. It’s why I always tick no when asked if I’m ok with my kids’ photos going on social media. You’ve no idea who is going to right click and save it and use it for whatever they want.

DeployTheTut Sun 21-Jun-20 13:46:45

Brilliant! She is going to try to get it cancelled. Every little helps!

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