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Spanish Big Brother films contestant being raped then makes her watch it

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Clymene Mon 02-Dec-19 23:20:21

Sorry that is such a horrendous click bait title. But it's what they did. They watched her being raped while she was passed out drunk, then played the tape back to her in the diary room

I hope she sues Endemol

ARoombaOfOnesOwn Mon 02-Dec-19 23:22:42

Just horrific. Short thread here -

theflushedzebra Mon 02-Dec-19 23:22:52

Oh my god!

Gingerkittykat Mon 02-Dec-19 23:25:02

This is horrific.

The production team stepped in after she had been being raped for several minutes, why the hell did they not stop the man as soon as he got into bed with a barely conscious woman.

BadgertheBodger Mon 02-Dec-19 23:51:18

That is utterly horrific. How could you do that to anyone? Yet more proof that many men don’t see women as fully human sad

DramaAlpaca Mon 02-Dec-19 23:52:39

Dear God, that's awful. Just horrific. That poor woman.

TheProdigalKittensReturn Mon 02-Dec-19 23:54:50

I hope she takes them for every penny they have, the exploitative misogynistic bastards.

Goosefoot Tue 03-Dec-19 00:01:21

I hope she takes them for every penny they have

In terms of using the footage, I wonder if she'd be able to. Reality shows seem to have really iron-clad and IMO horrible contracts about what they film and how they can use it. A lot of people seem to sign them without realising all the implications.

7Days Tue 03-Dec-19 00:02:28

That's fucking shocking.

Amiable Tue 03-Dec-19 00:24:03

Fucking hell. I hope she sues, and he is jailed

Tartyflette Tue 03-Dec-19 00:25:06

They kept on filming because they thought 'oh, wow, this is great telly! A first for BB'. Utterly sickening.
The poor woman was clearly unimportant and didn't feature in their thinking at all. They were too stupid and too caught up what they fondly imagine is their own importance and that of this fifth-rate, barrel-scraping, past-it programme.
I wonder if they could be prosecuted for aiding and abetting. At the very least they do not deserve to keep their jobs, or work in TV ever again.

Gibbonsgibbonsgibbons Tue 03-Dec-19 00:33:27

Utterly despicable angrysad

stumbledin Tue 03-Dec-19 00:41:08

You would like to think who ever regulates tv in Spain would immediately take this show off the air. They have aided a crime and then inflicted cruelty on the woman. And distributed pornography.

But then Spanish courts dont seem to recognise rape, or when they do dont seem to think its a crime.

Just disgusting. The morality of people in tv seems to have no depths to which they wont go.

Am hoping that some international campaign starts.

No women should agree to take part.

CabbagePatchKids Tue 03-Dec-19 01:25:48

Absolutely shocking. That poor woman.
Am I right that I read he went back into the BB house 5 days later?!

WeDieAndSeeBeautyReign Tue 03-Dec-19 03:38:52

Am I right that I read he went back into the BB house 5 days later?

No it was the female contestant ,Carlota Prado, who left and returned.

OvaHere Tue 03-Dec-19 08:37:36

This is horrendous. They should be prosecuted and taken off the air.

Fandoozle1 Tue 03-Dec-19 08:47:35

That’s horrifying. Beyond cruel and sinister! I really hope that this lady gets justice and also sues the tv company!

Clymene Tue 03-Dec-19 08:56:21

Sorry didn't see the other thread blush

Maybe the advertisers pulling out will make Endemol realise they've crossed a line because clearly there were a lot of people involved who were only thinking 'wow great telly'

artisanparsnips Tue 03-Dec-19 09:27:55

I suspect that any contract she had would be invalidated by illegal behaviour and the assault on her human rights. At least I hope that was the case.

artisanparsnips Tue 03-Dec-19 09:29:09

Also, it's not made by Endemol in Spain, they just own the format.

powershowerforanhour Tue 03-Dec-19 11:40:46

What the fuck
What the fuck
What the fuck
That poor woman.

Goosefoot Tue 03-Dec-19 12:21:24

I suspect that any contract she had would be invalidated by illegal behaviour and the assault on her human rights. At least I hope that was the case.

Would they have to show first that the company was in fact at fault in some way? That seems like it could be touchy even in a place with a fairly good system. I've not watched any footage and I'd rather not, how clear would it have been to the guys watching over the video what was going on?

Qcng Tue 03-Dec-19 13:58:16

Omg! Is that man going through be served a prison sentence?

Mind you, it's Spain...

Clymene Tue 03-Dec-19 14:21:39

Have you read the article @Goosefoot? They knew he was raping her. They told him to stop. But not immediately

MockersFactCheckMN Tue 03-Dec-19 14:24:32

Bienvenido a España, where as a recent court case confirmed, the events described above are not rape when no force or threat of force is used.

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