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doctorbarbie Tue 18-Dec-18 22:17:21

Does your local police force have a dedicated service staffed by trans people for trans people to report hate crimes?

Probably not. It's interesting that West Yorkshire does.

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R0wantrees Tue 18-Dec-18 22:19:46



NotMeOhNo Tue 18-Dec-18 22:22:16

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Sportsnight Tue 18-Dec-18 22:22:44

That’s just weird. Do they have sections of different identity groups logging crime related to only their group? That sounds unlikely inefficient.

NotMeOhNo Tue 18-Dec-18 22:22:55


R0wantrees Tue 18-Dec-18 22:23:18

see Mermaids current threads:
(includes MESMAC thread links page 16)


Mumfun Tue 18-Dec-18 22:25:42

wtf. private compliance force for certain individuals. Should not be allowed!


ChristmasWrappingTheWaitresses Tue 18-Dec-18 22:26:56

Are they the police force who are now interviewing Posie Parker once again with regards to the complaints being made against her by Susie Green?

littlbrowndog Tue 18-Dec-18 22:33:57

That’s the wanky police force

littlbrowndog Tue 18-Dec-18 22:35:05

Do they have a women’s report line for those of us who,might have hate crime to report

doctorbarbie Tue 18-Dec-18 22:35:14

The Posie Parker thing was what set me a-googling. Google West Yorkshire police trans and see what comes up. Lots. They've obviously been putting relevant non-stories out to local press as well. It all looks like a very efficient, targeted campaign.

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Sarahjconnor Tue 18-Dec-18 22:39:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

martinidry Tue 18-Dec-18 22:40:12

I hope that they also have a department staffed only by gay people and solely for the purpose of reporting gay hate crime.
Also a department of ethnic minority officers solely to investigate crimes of racism. An office full of women domestic violence survivors to deal only with women victims of domestic abuse. A department of over 60 year old to deal with crimes against older people.

But do I think that they have these? No, I do not.

doctorbarbie Tue 18-Dec-18 22:42:08

They've been very busy this year anyway.

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littlbrowndog Tue 18-Dec-18 22:46:18

Well yes Martin exactly
Whining bout austerity the police but look 👀

Finfintytint Tue 18-Dec-18 22:49:57

Most forces have a hate crime unit staffed mainly by officers who only want to work Monday to Friday 9-5 and have no desire to do any actual policing (you know, catch the baddies). It's a PR excerise and it's usually a very small unit with a handful of officers who win many brownie points for being sooooo inclusive. Any actual reports of hate crime get swiftly dumped on the common or garden plod to investigate.

fidgetspinner555 Tue 18-Dec-18 22:50:30

Christ my local Police all go home after 5pm. But you know, W. Yorks Police are Susie Green's personal "hate police". They are busy these last couple of days as Big Lottery Fund check to see if Mermaids are dodgy or not....

RedHoodGirl Tue 18-Dec-18 22:50:45

When crimes are committed, it is the police force local to the perpetrator (if known) that investigates and prosecutes the crime (it makes sense, as if the same person commits a number of crimes, then the police will be able to build up a picture of the individual). I suspect it’s actually Wiltshire police force that has investigated Posie Parker on this occasion, as they now know where she lives.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Tue 18-Dec-18 22:51:13

I remember the ‘good’ old days when the police wouldn’t attend ‘just a domestic’ incidents. Oh hang on... so why the focus on a tiny minority? Who is pulling the strings?

CrunchieFriday Tue 18-Dec-18 22:51:32

Words fail me.

Dragon3 Tue 18-Dec-18 22:56:23

But if TW are 100 percent women and TM are 100 percent men why would they need a dedicated service?

Insisting that TW are absolutely, definitely women, no difference whatsoever, and then highlighting the fact that they are not by offering an 'othering' service, seems...inconsistent.

LordProfFekkoThePenguinPhD Tue 18-Dec-18 22:56:49

So who is it in that force who is so wedded to the trans ideology? There must be a source for a this.

littlbrowndog Tue 18-Dec-18 22:59:35

Ffs u can’t get police here for love nor money yet the feckers is running on round to posies
As she got cake for them like really really special cakes

Finfintytint Tue 18-Dec-18 23:02:19

LordProfekko, some senior Police managers are very hard of thinking such is their desire to be inclusive at all costs. We have guide dogs for the blind, etc and now we need "thinking dogs for the stupid" in the guise of TRAs

AspieAndProud Tue 18-Dec-18 23:06:46

So women can’t depend on the NHS providing women for intimate examinations but the police have an infinite supply of transwomen to answer endless complaints about people being rude to them on Twitter?

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