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This is just. I have no words.

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ReappearingWoman Sat 31-Mar-18 16:15:35


This is from a tweet by @mayday4women. I can't figure out how to get the link with the accompanying screen shots but you need to read those to get the full picture

So Pink News writer, Benjamin Butterworth, who today criticised Dawn Butler MP for discussing concerns around sex becoming self-defined, pretended to be black to attend a LGBT event.
Here’s the open letter LSE students wrote to Ben asking him to give up the black reserved space

If someone else can add this bit, it'll make my post coherent grin

So PN - so open minded their brains have long scuttled away after collectively bolting from residence - the 'writer' of a piece criticising Dawn Butler for meeting wimmin <gasp, the horror> to discuss women's concerns on GRA etc. has form for sharp elbows & a staggering lack of self awareness.

Who knew eh? 🤦‍♂️

ReappearingWoman Sat 31-Mar-18 16:16:11

Well clearly I do have words, just not links to make enough sense...grin

AsAProfessionalFekko Sat 31-Mar-18 16:21:38

Eh what?

SimonBridges Sat 31-Mar-18 16:25:16

Screen shots to help make all that make sense.

CircleSquareCircleSquare Sat 31-Mar-18 16:30:18

Do the yoof still use the phrase “facepalm”? Because it would be apt here.

lougle Sat 31-Mar-18 16:32:05

Is there no adjudication system that can judge that the candidate is not valid for the role?

ReappearingWoman Sat 31-Mar-18 16:32:39

Thank you Simon smile

CapnHaddock Sat 31-Mar-18 16:34:08

He has a black stepmother apparently so that's why he feels it's okay to do that.

Here's Ben, getting in touch with his BME roots

Mogleflop Sat 31-Mar-18 16:35:04

Well this was only a matter of time wasn't it? If you can identify as a different sex then you can logically identify as a different ethnicity or skin colour.

SimonBridges Sat 31-Mar-18 16:36:00

It makes interesting reading if you replace the word black with lesbian or woman.

Who is Ben? Was he doing this to make a point?

Backingvocals Sat 31-Mar-18 16:36:15

They rather sweetly think he'd attend a women's group on the basis of having a mother. Actually he'd take a woman's place on the basis of being a man who feels momentarily like a woman. Hope this alerts some of the lefties to the crapness of this position. It's not ok for white people to say they are black and it's not ok for men to say they are women.

TERFragetteCity Sat 31-Mar-18 16:37:00

Why doesn't someone pull fucking rank on these utter narcissistic twats? Why are they letting THEM do what the fuck they want?

CircleSquareCircleSquare Sat 31-Mar-18 16:38:02

When is he going to start using the term WERBME (White Exclusionary Radical Black Minority Ethinic)?

TERFragetteCity Sat 31-Mar-18 16:39:46

White Exclusionary Radical Black Minority Ethinic

Now now, it would be White Exclusionary Black Minority Ethnic Radical Feminist...they never have a go at blokes pointing these things out. WEBMERF.

LangCleg Sat 31-Mar-18 16:40:57

Dear lord. I think I might still be laughing on Easter Saturday next year! Butterworth's an arse, yes, but it's the pompous sanctimony of the objections that tickle me.

I identify as... a clarion call for anyone who enjoys tying themselves into knots of ludicrous cognitive dissonance all day long and lets all the ne'er do wells wreak havoc while you're still at the half hitch stage, never mind the Gordian.

These dingbats have political ambitions, you know. I have two words for them: piss-up and brewery.

OohMavis Sat 31-Mar-18 16:45:16

This is so weird.

concretesieve Sat 31-Mar-18 16:48:22

Posted a day early ? I wish ...

<goes to find straws to stick in hair>

YourVagesty Sat 31-Mar-18 16:49:28

I actually hope this becomes more commonplace. We need more Rachel Dolezal's to bring out the fury around self ID

People self IDing as black are not tolerated by society. It's massively offensive to dress up as a black celebrity for fancy dress. But both are permissable and the former even lauded by society when it comes to self IDing as a woman, or dressing up as a woman for comedy value. That duality needs to be more closely considered by people who haven't thus far made the link.

turnipfarmers Sat 31-Mar-18 16:52:03

Maybe all the Morris Dancers who follow the black country traditions should self id as black. They don't blacken up for reasons related to race it's a disguise for historical reasons.

hackmum Sat 31-Mar-18 16:53:49

I'm really glad this has happened. It completely points up the absurdity of self-identification.

I look forward to the bros tying themselves up in knots as they explain why self-ID is OK when it comes to men calling themselves women, but not OK when it's white people calling themselves black.

BlytheByName Sat 31-Mar-18 16:55:58

He should be self iding as the 'complete wanker' that he is.
White male privilege at its finest.

FreiasBathtub Sat 31-Mar-18 17:07:21

This is very interesting. Seems to have been from a few years ago, I don't think that LSE students would necessarily make that same comment about taking a woman's place today. Sadly. Hope this gets picked up more widely.

SusanBunch Sat 31-Mar-18 17:07:23

hahahahahahahaha. I hope there are MANY more stories like this to really drive home the point that self-ID is a load of shit and that people go through certain experiences solely because of biological and physical characteristics that they have and people who do not have these cannot know what this is like, even if they self-ID.
What. A. Knob.

viques Sat 31-Mar-18 17:08:33

He's a determined little critter isn't he? Can he be black because he wants to go to the conference ? No dear. Can he be black because he is Jewish? No dear. Can he be black because he had a black stepmother? No dear.

It appears he ain't black at all. (Sad face) Don't cry Ben, the opportunity still exists for you to attend lots of things you wouldn't normally get a place for, you just have to say you are a woman and the world will open up and encompass you like a welcoming vagina.

TerfsUp Sat 31-Mar-18 17:13:27

If a man can self-identify as a woman, a white person can self-identify as another race.

The genie is out of the bottle, I'm afraid.

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