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Can anyone recommend a diet pill that works?

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sleepysox Fri 14-May-10 20:53:27

I'm on a diet and have managed to lose 10lbs! Woo Hoo!

But I've reached a plateau and have been looking on the web at some of the diet pills available to help break this 1lb on, 1lb off thing I'm caught up in.

Does anyone know of one which actually works?!?

I'm especially interested in Acai berry or natural things, I'm not keen on ones that contain stimulants as I have trouble sleeping at the best of times.

Do any of them actually work?!?

Here's hoping ...

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FeedTheBeast Fri 14-May-10 21:29:14

well, my sister has lost 2.5 stone after years stuck at the same weight using transform waistline. lots of her friends have tried it and got good results. she has one pill every other day, finds that it is enought to supress her appetite and speeds metabolism.

may affect your sleeping tho i'm not sure?

i would love to try it but still breast feeding!

j0807bump Fri 14-May-10 21:56:42

i don't think its v.natural but this time last year i was 17.2 stone and today i am 13.7 about to have dd in 2 weeks.

i went on those alli tablets the day they came out, took a months worth and dropped a stone. i went back to gp with this and they agreed to let me have the orilistat(sic).i did another couple of months and was at 13.7 when i found i was pg so stopped.

it's gross. i'm sure you know what they do to your poo but they worked for me.
i think it changed my attitude to slimming as i havent put on a pound in 9 months though iv had morning sickness and been running around after toddler.

i still have the tabs and will be going back on them to get the rest off asap.

don't think theyll work if your on a verry low fat diet anyway or if you don't have too much weight to lose but they really helped me. good luck wink

sleepysox Sat 15-May-10 09:17:31

OMG your two accounts are amazing.

Jbump- I'm astounded that you lost all that weight so quickly and kept it off whilst pg- as babies, placenta etc weigh quite a bit, I bet you'll be even more lighter after bubs is born!

I'm a bit worried about what I've read regarding the side effects. How low fat do you have to go with food to stop the, ahem, bottom problems?!? I have skimmed milk, lowfat yoghurt and oatcakes- would these cause problems?

Feedthebeast- 2.5 stones is exactly what I have left to lose. I'm concerned about the lack of sleep though. I might buy some and then just have 1/2 every other day until I get used to them (if the pills can be cut in 1/2). I tried diet pills (Phentermine)after I'd had DS1 and I was so wired that I used to be doing housework through the night! I don't want that to happen again! I might see if there are any reviews on the net, or I could email their customer service, as it does say on their site that they contain caffeine- and I can only tolerate 1 cup of tea or coffee per day blush

If anyone has any other ideas, please keep them coming!

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j0807bump Sat 15-May-10 23:20:53

hi again thanks for the compliment blush actually i find i can eat pretty much anything when pg, i just gotta remember to stop afterwards this time!!!

if its a pretty low fat diet anyway, which it sounds i think you'll do ok. you have to have some fat in the meal for the tablet to work.

the side effects are gross but in a weird way satisfying to know that what comes out is not going to turn into fat. i know that sounds really odd but its true, sorry.

anyway, i don't know if you have one in your area, but i noticed our co op pharmacy has a half price offer on the alli which i started on.

i would recommend it to anyone because it worked for me, but i'm sure there's others who it doesnt suit. good luck either way wink

gailforce1 Wed 19-May-10 09:07:04

FeedtheBeast - can you tell me anymore about Transform Waistline, where do you get it? Anyone else have sucess with this?

MegSophandEmma Wed 19-May-10 09:12:43

I have just started taking Alli (a week ago) and have had no horrid side effects. If you just stick to the 15mg fat per meal you should be fine.

Naetha Wed 19-May-10 14:24:49

Also just started taking Alli, and have had no nasty side effects with a normal low-fat diet. It's a good incentive not to sneak in the odd pack of crisps or bit of chocolate though.

Gamam Wed 19-May-10 14:27:20

God, just put the bun down

cocolepew Wed 19-May-10 16:38:27

Go for a frigging walk.

Or a run.

Or eat less.

You're welcome.

gingernutlover Wed 19-May-10 19:55:31

what very helpful comments hmm

what makes you think the OP isnt already doing those things?

VoulezVouzCrochezAvecJACK Wed 19-May-10 20:02:43

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Naetha Wed 19-May-10 20:08:28

Well aren't you great Ms Lost-16-lbs-the-hard-way.

The rest of us mere mortals struggle with weight loss, and don't always have the time to go for longer walks or runs. Feel free to babysit for me so I can run.

I hope everyone is as sympathetic with you when you hit a weight loss plateau.

ABitBatty Wed 19-May-10 20:12:40

How sanctimonious hmm

fin54 Wed 19-May-10 20:13:09

Why are some people so nasty ?????

ABitBatty Wed 19-May-10 20:13:19

Not you Naetha!

ABitBatty Wed 19-May-10 20:13:51

So they can feel superior or smug. Yuk!

TotalChaos Wed 19-May-10 20:18:00

advice re:exercise was a bit blunt but is correct. medical advice I have had about plateauing is to increase exercise. chances are that any diet pills that are effective enough to work rather than just placebo effect will have nasty side effects of one sort or another. If childcare is an issue (it also is for me) then you can put an exercise video/dvd on after kids have gone to bed.

VoulezVouzCrochezAvecJACK Wed 19-May-10 20:19:25

Oh, ouch, that really hurts.

I wasn't being nasty, I was being serious. Don't you think if there was a magic pill we would all have found it by now?
yes, I am fucking smug for losing weight The hard way considering that, barring a gastric band, it is the only way to lose weight that works.

I bet I weigh more than you lot anyway, so grow up, eat sensibly and exercise more like normal people. Stop looking for an easy solution.
I run in the evening when DH is home, or when DD's are at nursery for the 2 hours a week I get free, otherwise I do exercise dvd's at home with them.

Naetha Wed 19-May-10 20:28:49

Good for you Jack.

I've lost 24lbs the hard way, and I'm proud of that, but not too proud that I'm not prepared to consider other ways of keeping up my weight loss until I reach my target.

Enjoy your running.

fin54 Wed 19-May-10 20:34:24

Not getting into a slanging match about this but why answer the question with nasty comments if you don't know the answer, the question being "does anyone know of a diet pill that works "
Well done to the two of the posters who have managed to lose weight with hard work.
In addition, as to the question why not try Xenical or Alli.

gingernutlover Wed 19-May-10 20:37:22

i think anyone who can lose wieght and keep it off permanantly has the right to feel a little smug.

It doesn't matter how you lost the wieght IMHO.

I am following wieght watchers and exercising several times a week and the wieght is coming off, but I clicked on this thread because I am finding the wieght loss very slow and thought that maybe some herbal pills would help speed up the process thus making me more motivated.

To be told to "put down the bun" or "go for a frigging run" is quite offensive - it suggests that the OP is lazy/greedy to me. The OP is obviously not looking for an easy way out - she, like me is looking for some added motivation.

gingernutlover Wed 19-May-10 20:42:48

anyhoo - I was thinking of trying adios max as my friend who takes them along side ww says she reckons they have supressed her appetite.

Anyone tried them?

cyb Wed 19-May-10 20:47:07

The OP IS looking for an easy way out, and not motivation. She is looking for diet pills.

Any diet pill will just make weight pile back on afterwards.

VoulezVouzCrochezAvecJACK Wed 19-May-10 20:49:10

OKay, in answer to the OP.

No. I have tried a lot. None of them work long term.


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