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HOT MAMAs redefining HOT BODIES after AUG08 BIG BABIES!!!

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TwilightSurfer Tue 23-Sep-08 21:11:46

Welcome ladies of the Due August 2008 thread. Today is your day to begin REDEFINING your Post-Baby Body.

Please take a moment to STATE your SHORT TERM goal(s) and to STATE your LONG TERM goal(s) for overall health. This may include a weight you would like to reach, a fitness level you would like to attain, or size you would like to fit into.

I ask that you post at least twice a week. First to state what you plan to do during the week to reach your above goal(s). Then an end of the week post to let us know how you faired. BE HONEST! This is a SUPPORT THREAD so if you didn't find time to run a mile, admit it. Maybe someone else did the same and needs a running partner...thus a MEET-UP a might solve the problem. If you went above and beyond your expectations for the week, tell us and be an inspiration.

Now let's get

TwilightSurfer Tue 23-Sep-08 21:15:15

TwilightSurfer, here. I am 37 and have lost all my baby weight but would like to rehab my body post emCS. I have two more weeks until I have medical release to do anything.

Until then I plan to walk 20minutes a day and do breathing exercises to help tummy muscles regain strength.

SazzlesA Tue 23-Sep-08 21:17:19

Message withdrawn

dizzydixies Tue 23-Sep-08 21:19:02

oh good grief, count me in then sad

not sad at being here with you lot but sad at how much I have to loose

I would like to get to 10 stone.
So am currently 10st 12.which was my pre pregnancy weight.
But obviously I am wobbly iykwim
want to lose and btone up.
Ihave a gym at home and a dance pole too.
pole dancing for fitness is fantastic.
had to stop lessons/classes when pregnant.
So basically waiting for all clear 6 week check.
Just been walking for now.

dizzydixies Tue 23-Sep-08 21:22:27

shall report back shaming myself with weight and how much I want to loose as soon as I get a chance to get on some scales - we don't have such things in our house - possibly part of the problem hmm

TwilightSurfer Tue 23-Sep-08 21:26:07

The 7th of October is my POST-CSection FULL EXAM. I have told by my doc that I will be allowed to proceed with any exercise program following that exam.

I have signed up for a Mommy & Me Yoga class that will be every Wednesday beginning 08Oct.

I am interested in a Tai Chi class that takes place on Tuesdays or Thursdays or Saturdays...will have to see what fits my schedule.

I have been sort of asked to be another mom's running partner while our girls are in preschool but getting to the point of running may take me until January. In the mean time I'll stick to gradually building up my walking times EACH AND EVERY DAY.

I wish I could run.
I try on the treadmill but can only manage a few minutes at a time.
I seem to get stitch but not tired or out of breath. So have to slow down.
Prefer fast walk tbh.
Would love to go swimming or back to pilates, but no one to watch dc really.
Or should I say, dont really like puttng on people.

Can I just change the subject briefly blush
I have seen the perfect pram today, but I cant find anywhere in us that will ship to uk. sad
It is called Kolcraft tandem contour.

TwilightSurfer Tue 23-Sep-08 21:32:39

No1! POLE DANCING!! OH MY!! is there a video you go by or do you just make up your steps on your own??? totally curious!!

TwilightSurfer Tue 23-Sep-08 21:33:57

Hmmm....will research pram....

hi i went to fitness classes at first.
hen bought my own pole, then a dvd off ebay and tought myself.

It was very hard at first, they make it look soooo easy, i couldnt even pull my weight off ground at first. but after few weeks can climb/shimmy to top of polegrin
learnt lots of differnt spins/twirls
the instructer also teaches pilates so all pole work involves your core and correct posture.
best thing is its so much fun you dont realize your working out.

i might add i had terrible bruises at first, on inner thighs and shins from gripping/bashing the pole.blush
not sexy at all grin

if you, you tube 'swan lake' pole dance and watch her she is amazing. she starts of slow then music changes and she goes for it.think she is called KT.

SazzlesA Tue 23-Sep-08 21:57:46

Message withdrawn

poppysocks Tue 23-Sep-08 22:21:52

Hoping to be back down to 9 stone, although a little more would be better and would really be pre-preg weight. Scales this morning said 9,8,0, but had said 9,10,4 yesterday so hmm. Suspect I've got about three quarters of a stone to lose.

Right, that's the bit I know. What I don't know is how I know what i'm like. Could say all the usual stuff, but not realistic. Therefore, in real world and hoping this will work:

1. Not tooooo much chocolate post DD bedtime, which is the usual vice
2. Alcohol limited to 1 glass (well bf anyway), but 3 times per week max
3. Brisk walk with pram to town and back (4 mile round trip) at least 3 times/wk

That's for now. Suspect I'll have to:

1. Cut out biscuits/cake. Will try no chocolate/anything sweet shockshockbefore DD bedtime.
2. Will not have cakes when out with friends for coffee.
3. Will go to exercise class at least once/wk.

Haven't had ok to exercise yet, but fear it will come on Thursday. Think I will only resort to the second set of plans on 1st November if/when the first have proved useless.

SazzlesA we cancelled our gym membership and converted our garage instead, but I do miss the pool.
Am thiking of maybe putting dd in creche for few hours so will only have to find someone for ds .
When expressing properly will leave with dh when he is off.

poppysocks Tue 23-Sep-08 22:28:27

Oh and have serious toning issues. Don't feel the urge to start on the sit-ups again yet, but don't mind that so much, so will prob. get going on those once I feel that my stomach is, largely, in one piece beneath the blubber. My sis is a personal trainer and taught me how to find out if my stomach muscles have come back together yet. Nowhere near at present, so I at least have an excuse for hauling the flab for the timebeing. Do kind of hope I can do something about it soon. Partic. as bf means that I'm confronted with it more than I would be otherwise/would like to be.

TwilightSurfer Tue 23-Sep-08 22:52:38

"one piece beneath the blubber"...according to Julie Tupler RN, perfect abs is all about correcting your diastasis and doing tummy strengthening exercises correctly. She has a video and a book, Loose Your Mummy Tummy.

TwilightSurfer Tue 23-Sep-08 22:55:06

Tupler gives a plan for fixing the diastasis (where the muscles are seperated) then proceeds with instruction on flattening & firming.

Correcting the diastasis is basically a lot of breathing exercises...very easy.

VintageGardenia Tue 23-Sep-08 23:26:47

I'm in.

Short term:
Lose one stone (ie 14 pounds) minimum and tone up
Plan meals properly and shop properly
Much salad and protein little carb
Eat a lot at meals so not shaky with desperation for chocolate
Swim when allowed length & frequency tbc
Pram walk avec chien every day, resulting in walking 10 miles a week.
Run as soon as allowed?
Postnatal yoga (can't start for another 6 weeks)

Long term:
Lose two stone
How tbc - maybe not poss till post bf?

General aims: look like old self by Christmas, look stunningly drop dead sexy by brother's wedding in France in May! Problem: hips are wider now than pre-preg, but not with flesh, with the actual hip structure hmm. I swear I am not making this up as an excuse for myself, my actual bones have changed. Is problematic jeans-wise.

Will start after 6 week checkup (even though am 7 weeks now have to wait for consultant to come back from holiday as he is consultant and therefore always on holiday)

Sorry my plan is probably a bit ill-defined. Am crazed for sleep and am getting up early. Will review and refine.

Love this thread. Could be the making of me grin

longwayfromhome Tue 23-Sep-08 23:53:33


Currently 11 stone. And feel like I have a flabby belly.

Short term goal:
Would like to be 10 1/2 stone. Less flabby belly.

Aim for the week:
More salad and fruit. Less junk food between meals. No crisps.

Long term goal:
Would like to be fitter, but we'll concentrate on losing weight for now.

Can anyone give me any advice about sit-ups - as this may be an aim for a coming week.

TwilightSurfer Wed 24-Sep-08 01:34:30

Advice About Sit-Ups: DON'T DO THEM!

Instead do CRUNCHES.

THIS YOU TUBE video shows how to properly do a crunch, why you shouldn't do a "sit-up" and how to take the crunch up a notch.

TwilightSurfer Wed 24-Sep-08 01:41:10

Perfect Form for Crunch Explained HERE

sarahnh Wed 24-Sep-08 07:23:02

hey everyone, i'm in...

short term go.. want to lose 3/4 of a stone...

long term.. maintain it!!!

I am right there with you vg, my hips seems to have grown but unfortunately i have lost all my boobs and i didn't have very much to begin with.. ( boob job maybe hmm grin)

How do i plan to do this???

emm... not sure.. have been doing tummy and leg exercises every morning since 2 weeks post baby.. trying to walk everyday for at least 1/2 an hour weather permitting..

We also have a gym in our garage.. rowing machine and threadmill...

6 week check on thursday so hoping to start working out properly then...

this all sounds great in theory but i know i am going to need lots of support from you guys to get motivated....!!!!

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