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Don't be an April Fool! Join the Slenderistas. We are supper busy losing 7lbs in a month

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BitOutOfPractice Sun 01-Apr-18 10:03:45

Welcome to the brand new shiny daffodil-strewn April thread for annihilation of the Lindas.

Here's a link to the old thread

And happy Easter today tbuwinktbuwinktbuwinktbuwinktbuwinktbuwink

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BitOutOfPractice Sun 01-Apr-18 10:05:44

Once again apologies for the crap title. Bit of a panic.

I am allowing myself one day of indulgence today then I am on it like a car bonnet in April.

Have s lovely day my lovely mn friends

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Softpebbles Sun 01-Apr-18 10:25:54

Cheers BOOP. Have a great day. Just checking in.

KickBishopBrennanUpTheArse Sun 01-Apr-18 10:28:17

Happy Easter everyone. Signing in to say thank you all very much for the kind words at the end of the last thread.

I'm going away today for a couple of nights and there will be walking and swimming and possibly running going on, but also roast dinners and afternoon teas tbuwink

I think I would like to lose a few more lb gradually but I'm not going to beat myself up about it if I don't.

BitOutOfPractice Sun 01-Apr-18 10:40:59

@KickBishopBrennanUpTheArse I meant to post on the last thread as I'm exactly in the same position as you. Basically maintaining around 11 stone for 9 months now. I look ok in my clothes (only ok. Hate my stomach) and am fit and healthy. But I'm still half a stone over my original target.

My friends (Chardonnay I'm talking about you!) day it's because I'm sub-consciously happy with where I am and don't need to lose any more. Maybe they're right.

I lost the first 4 stone easily (relatively) but this last half stone is eluding me.

Not sure how useful that was, just wanted to say that you're not alone. And have a lovely break.

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Feezles Sun 01-Apr-18 10:43:18

Checking in for the new thread - onwards and downwards after a cracking March went to pot in the last few days.

I did my indulgence over the last few days so I'm back on it today. But I can't bear to weigh myself so that horror will have to wait for tomorrow.

I'm my defence, it's kind of hard to diet while attempting failing to toilet train your toddler. However, we've decided this morning she isn't ready and that we'll try again in a few weeks. So I no longer have an excuse for chocolate consumption!

KickBishopBrennanUpTheArse Sun 01-Apr-18 11:04:25

Thanks Boop. Yes that's it. I think you really have to want it and I'm not sure I do. But I definitely don't want to regain so a slow loss will prevent that.

IheartCaptainHolt Sun 01-Apr-18 11:20:40

Thanks for the new thread BOOP

I seriously indulged over the last two days so back on it today. It is SO hard to get back on it!! I don't find it this hard day to day but I always struggle to get back on the wagon after a fall.

MajestyRoyal Sun 01-Apr-18 12:36:28

Happy Easter everyone smile

I will be back tomorrow weighing in at 9am sharp, just after I sob in the bathroom at my chocolate induced weight gain. For now, I'm off to enjoy my Easter eggs and roast dinner tbusmile

Not2bObvious Sun 01-Apr-18 13:27:30

Marking place, back later

ponygirlcurtis Sun 01-Apr-18 13:36:20

Happy Easter everyone tbusmile tbusmile And thanks for the new thread, lovely BOOP.

I totally dropped off the last one as I was in denial but I have been bunny-brave and weighed this morning. I am same as you BOOP and BishopBrennan (my favourite episode!) - I have been hovering around 11st for months and months. Sometimes I can get down to 10st 12lbs. Sometimes now I go up to 11st 3.5lbs. That's a whole Linda heavier than after Christmas. I am going in the wrong direction. tbusad I need a plan. I am hoping two weeks off over Easter will help me reset things. And getting back on the thread for guidance and support from you lovely lot.

keeponkeepinon Sun 01-Apr-18 13:36:22

Place marking, back after the chocolate and fizz has gone...happy Easter to you all tbusmile

poorpaws Sun 01-Apr-18 15:59:00

Thank you BOOP for our shiny new April thread, this is the month we will all have golden days and angel weeks.

It is exactly a year today since I joined you lovely lot. Yes it really was 1st April. Since I joined I have read every single post, never missed one. I’ve had tears, tantrums, smiles and laughs in the past year but I have enjoyed every single minute. Thank every one of you for kind words, endless support and leg up back on the wagon with the occasional kick up the bum when I’ve needed it. Thank you all, really genuine thank you. Here’s to another great year, you are not getting rid of me, it really is the best thread on Mumsnet. 😘

BitOutOfPractice Sun 01-Apr-18 16:09:06

What a lovely post paws thanks

I always read every day too. It's a lovely place to be part of. I'm guessing it'll get busier as summer approaches too.

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Not2bObvious Sun 01-Apr-18 17:21:23

Arg I’m a veteran of the failed toilet training feezles, or more accurately the mistimed TT. Took 2 goes with the bigger one and it was clear on the 2nd attempt we’d tried too early before. And no, eating won’t make her use the potty but hey as excuses go it’s solid as never a more head wrecking experience you’ll find with littlies.
Tales from the holiday scales which I’ve visited twice, managed to find a pharmacist scales and the good news using the average method I’ve maintained last weeks weight. So that’s cause for celebration, pass the chocolate & crisps, it’s been a lonnnnnng lent! Probably be Tuesday before I weigh in again. Having a lovely time, lots of walking/yummy food/drinks - kids having a ball too. Despite not a lot of sun I managed to get fried at ackward spots so look like a red/white zebra! Not a great look🙄

Softpebbles Sun 01-Apr-18 18:43:24

I read everyday too, I don't always post but I'm here 😊

ponygirlcurtis Sun 01-Apr-18 20:15:03

Lovely post, paws. smile

Ellieboolou27 Sun 01-Apr-18 21:05:47

Hi all, I’ve been following your threads for ages and would love to join! Am I too late? I love the idea of 7lb a month off, I’m getting bigger every week! I’m all egged out on for a 7lb April loss grin

KickBishopBrennanUpTheArse Sun 01-Apr-18 22:23:39

Welcome ellie

It's never too late to join.

And happy threadaversary paws flowers

menacetosobriety Sun 01-Apr-18 22:28:59

Hi all,

can I jump in - lost 2 1/2 stone 2 years ago - kept most of it off - now creeping the wrong way and only 1 stone off my original weight 😮.

7lb this month sounds like a good target I am away for a week but if I do not start some time I will always be starting "next month"

Ellieboolou27 Mon 02-Apr-18 00:42:40

Thanks kick I’ve a lot to lose 3 stone, ideally 4, I’m a whole 2st heavier than when I was full term with my second, she’s 2.5 now and I can’t use baby weight as an excuse any more blush

lastqueenofscotland Mon 02-Apr-18 07:49:57

Hi everyone! This weekend was a writeoff of heavy drinking and takeaway carbs but I'm back on it 200% today

Belonger Mon 02-Apr-18 07:58:54

Can I join? Could do with being accountable somewhere! Weight has crept up over last couple of years, and body changing shape a bit due to being perimenopausal! Happy to accept changing body shape as part of life but for health reasons I don't want my weight to just keep increasing.

TheHoundsofLove Mon 02-Apr-18 08:15:20

Can I join too please?
I've got about 3 stones to lose too. If I manage to lose half a stone a month, I'll be thrilled! So, I'm doing MFP and have started running again. I'm so cross with myself that I ever stopped, but life just got in the way. Onwards and upwards...

elizabethdraper Mon 02-Apr-18 08:26:33

i am going to join you blush

I don't have a scales at home and don't want one. Am going to find a chemist with a scales and weigh myself once a week

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