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Anybody else doing Exante or some other VLCD and wants to buddy up?

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ShyOyster Thu 04-Aug-16 20:27:58

I started Exante on Monday so on day 4 now. I'm not in ketosis yet though, which I find odd because normally it kicks in roundabout day 3 (I've done plenty of ketogenic diets before).
I don't have anyone in real life who wouldn't totally condemn me for doing a VLCD so looking for someone on here grin

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Myusername2015 Thu 04-Aug-16 21:24:29

Ha I'm on day 3 of Cambridge and so hungry I had to come to bed at 6pm! I haven't even told anyone i'm doing it: shows how much notice my husband takes :-) what are you hoping to lose? X

ShyOyster Thu 04-Aug-16 21:36:09

Hello! I have LOADS to lose, ideally 4.5 stone, I'll be happy with 3.5. But I'm being realistic about it - it will not happen in one go, definitely not the whole lot on VLCD. This is to help me start. I was 16 and a half stone on Monday morning. That is the heaviest I've ever been sad
We're going on a fancy cruise in 6 weeks so hoping to be 2 stone down by then..
What about you? Lots to shift or just a few pounds?

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GipsyDanger Thu 04-Aug-16 21:44:47

I got to my goal weight 2 years ago through lighter life, I was maintaining fine until we moved in with my parents due to our flat being sold but house not ready. My df can be a bit of a food shamer and I began eating in secret again, amongst other unconscious sabotage it began to creep back on, add in a pregnancy and in back to square one. I'm hoping to be wrapping up breastfeeding in the next couple of months and will be doing the plan again.

ShyOyster Thu 04-Aug-16 21:49:52

I do secret eating too. sad
I have a whole array of food issues - you name it, I've probably done it wink but when I'm slim I find it easier to control it.
flowers for you

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GipsyDanger Thu 04-Aug-16 22:01:13

I honestly recommend LighterLife, but for the counselling side. It gave me a load of 'a-ha!' moments of my childhood growing up that caused my issues with food. Most of my family are heavily overweight/obese. For example, I was never guilted into clearing my plate, but I was constantly rewarded and told I was a 'good girl' if I did. If we are out at a restaurant, my we often have tastes of each other's dish, my df can be quite aggressive/forceful if you say you don't want any. They also finish their own meal and vulture on other peoples plates as well.
I'm on maternity leave and eating out of boredom and I'm hardly active which has lead to my gain.

Myusername2015 Thu 04-Aug-16 22:33:43

I've lost a few stone recently so have about 2 to go; I'm never going to be anything resembling thin but less like a giant Apple would be good! You'll definitely lose that for your cruise; you'll have to let me know what exante is like; lot cheaper than Cambridge!

ShyOyster Thu 04-Aug-16 22:50:58

I love Exante, I prefer it to Cambridge, mainly due to meals. I can't live on soups and shakes. You could order the 2 week taster thing because there will be things you'll find unpalatable. I hate mushroom soup and the so called eggs.
I don't think I will ever be slim either. But I would like my hips to be wider than my waistline - I am apple shaped and carry all my weight on my stomach.

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Myusername2015 Thu 04-Aug-16 22:53:12

Great; let's buddy up and encourage each other; I'm going to have a look at Exante especially for the cost; Cambridge is costing me nearly £70 a week. What day are you weighing in?

ShyOyster Thu 04-Aug-16 22:56:55

GipsyDanger I know exactly where my issues come from, I've done counselling. But I keep falling into a trap of "I ate too much and feel guilty so I will eat some more..and some more". It's actually a bit embarrassing...

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ShyOyster Thu 04-Aug-16 23:03:32

Myusername I weigh in on Mondays. Decided to stick to once a week so that I don't get disheartened if my weight happens to fluctuate. When's your weigh in day?
I ordered 6 weeks worth of food this time, breakfasts, lunches and dinners, £90 in total! After I got rid of the crap I can't stomach, it's about 5 weeks 3 days, still v cheap!

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Myusername2015 Fri 05-Aug-16 08:09:17

Monday too op; I'm on holiday in 2 weeks so hoping for a stone off and then I'm going to attempt to stick to a version of it while away. Weird isn't it I actually find vlcd's easier than something like weight watchers....I think having to be so structured works for me and doesn't allow the "just a bit won't hurt me" to creep in. Though I've woken up with horrendous breath this breath; joys of ketosis! Hope you have a good day

ShyOyster Fri 05-Aug-16 17:29:05

Hello! Just finished work, weekend yaaayyt
I totally agree with you that VLCD is easier in some respects. No meal planning and I get my shakes/soups whatever and that's it. No cheating.
I've never really had any typical side effects of ketosis, no initial headaches or bad breath. It makes me incredibly thirsty though (which is not a bad thing) and I can't sleep. This is really crap sometimes. I'm on a costant high and CANNOT SLEEP.
Had a good day, you?

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GipsyDanger Fri 05-Aug-16 18:26:33

Water is magic. When I was VLCD I drank 2lt a day, if I drank more I lost more weight.

ShyOyster Fri 05-Aug-16 19:28:44

I tend to get through 3.5-4lt a day atm which is crazy.
I am really grumpy, want a takeaway and wine, poor DP doesn't know where to hide from me grin

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Msqueen33 Fri 05-Aug-16 19:33:56

Not exante but another and I plan to start tomorrow. I'm really struggling and need a buddy. I could use a loss of about two odd stone as I feel really bloated and uncomfortable.

ShyOyster Fri 05-Aug-16 21:12:50

Hello Msqueen33
Good luck for tomorrow for your first day! What programme are you starting?

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GipsyDanger Fri 05-Aug-16 21:36:13

... If you want to never eat again, check out my thread on food/recipes, this is why I need pre made food, left to my own devises I make custard monsters blush

Myusername2015 Sat 06-Aug-16 09:50:09

Good luck msqueen33! Saturday...always the hardest day of the week for me to not give in and eat junk but feeling determined today

ShyOyster Sat 06-Aug-16 15:23:28

How's everyone doing today?
I've gone wild and replaced one of my shakes with two slices of ham and three cucumber sticks. I have also carefully added carbs contents so fairly confident it won't take me out of ketosis. Nutritionally crap though.

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Myusername2015 Sat 06-Aug-16 19:43:57

Ooh that sounds nice shyoyster. I'm still on plan but get very grumpy doing this diet on a Saturday night when all I can smell is people eating bbq's!

LewisAndClark Sat 06-Aug-16 19:52:13

I've been on Exante for a couple of months now, but not religiously. I've just been on the shakes as I found most of the food completely unpalatable. Some days I'll have dinner with the rest of the family but mostly I'm just having shakes and the occasional low calorie lunch.

I've lost 2.5st so far.

ShyOyster Sat 06-Aug-16 20:45:30

LewisAndClark that's a fab result! And in just 2 months. I don't mind some of the food (I've just had "shepherd's pie" and actually enjoyed it) but some of the stuff makes me gag.
Myusername2015 weekends are so hard aren't they. I nearly gave in when DP made cheese and ham toasties and him and DS sat next to me stuffing their faces.

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amusedbush Mon 08-Aug-16 09:30:09

I'm meeting with a new Cambridge consultant on Wednesday night but I'm starting today with some old supplies because I can't bear to look at myself in the mirror anymore.

I weighed myself first thing this morning - 16st 5.8lbs and I'm only 5' 4. I was 14st when I got married in April this year so that just shows how out of control my binges have been since then. I was a sturdy size 16 in April but now nothing in my wardrobe fits me apart from leggings and swing dresses. Even my bras are so tight the band has broken the skin under my right armpit sad

Something has to change right now.

Msqueen33 Mon 08-Aug-16 09:33:43

It ended up not working so I'm starting today. I'm doing something called slim and save. It's not terrible food wise and it's not too pricey either. I've lost so far two stone on it but feel some creeping on and I'd like to shift another stone and a half so here I go. Off on holiday in a few weeks so will be taking bits with me in the hope that a warm country will dull my appetite. Good luck all x

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