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another motivational monday, another reason to continue

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StealthPolarBear Mon 10-Sep-12 10:31:52

New thread for those of us who need a little kick every now and again. Remind me of your reasons for doing this again? I need to be a healthy weight for possibly the first time in my adult life.
We all have blips. Days, sometimes even weeks off. And the scales stay the same or even go up. But long term, you should be losing weight and learning new habits to maintain. Think of it like house prices - they fluctuate and go down as well as up (apparently they do go up!). But over a long period of time you're unlikely to regret buying a house.
welcome yoghurt smile you'll find all the support and virtual kicks up the bum you need here.

reastie Mon 10-Sep-12 18:22:18

Is our starting weight our fattest weight before current weight loss or our weight at the point of joining this thread?

BonkeyMollocks Mon 10-Sep-12 18:34:56

reastie My starting weight is both of those grin I found this thread about 5 days after i decided fat need be gone!

fivegomadindorset Mon 10-Sep-12 18:35:11

Oh Fuck, a friends daughter has just been diagnosed with leukaemia, went into Southampton yesterday and started chemo today. We sat down on the beach the saturday after Expats daughter died, having a bottle of fizz, throwing flowers in the water and praying that none of our children got it.

StealthPolarBear Mon 10-Sep-12 18:36:24

shit. that;s awful. I hope her treatment is not too demanding. How old is she?

fivegomadindorset Mon 10-Sep-12 18:37:29


MilkshakeMaker Mon 10-Sep-12 18:42:36

Goodness me what's happening at the moment, so sorry five, that's dreadful.

fivegomadindorset Mon 10-Sep-12 18:44:18

Awful, my SIL is in contact with her, she is meant to be moving house on Friday so offered mine and DH's help for that, practical is the only thing I can think of at the moment.

Anyway my statistics

Starting weight 18.10
Last Friday 17.13

fivegomadindorset Mon 10-Sep-12 18:44:33

And Actually this morning 17.13

BonkeyMollocks Mon 10-Sep-12 18:47:46

sad Five I'm so sorry!

TheOneWithTheHair Mon 10-Sep-12 18:48:31

Oh fivego how awful. sad

Staring weight 12lb 4
Weight this morning 11st 9

MilkshakeMaker Mon 10-Sep-12 18:51:07

Starting weight - 12st5
Current - 11st8

fivegomadindorset Mon 10-Sep-12 18:51:40

Sorry for rambling, they are the nicest and unconventional family, she is moving in with her boyfriend, their one year old baby, her two children from her first marriage and her ex husband grin to help with the rent.

TheOneWithTheHair Mon 10-Sep-12 18:53:06

Sounds like an interesting one. No way I could do it. grin

BonkeyMollocks Mon 10-Sep-12 18:54:06


sleepychunky Mon 10-Sep-12 18:59:10

five that's terrible. Prayers for them all.

My starting weight - 16lb 5
Weight this morning - 14lb 13

Off for my first ever zumba class later - absolutely bricking it! Hope I'm not the fat one in the corner without a clue what to do, although to be fair I do have good rhythm and I can follow instructions, so hopefully that's good enough. Won't have time to eat anything before I go though as have to get DCs in bed first, so will be starving when I get home. Wish me luck smile

fivegomadindorset Mon 10-Sep-12 19:00:26

Good luck at zumba, I will be there in spirit.

InMySpareTime Mon 10-Sep-12 19:31:31

Wow! Loads of posts since lunchtime.
My starting weight was 14st 0
My weight now is 12st 7
Aiming for 11st by Christmas.

TheOneWithTheHair Mon 10-Sep-12 19:40:06

Good luck sleepy enjoy it. smile

fivegomadindorset Mon 10-Sep-12 19:44:11

And the drama continues, we now have first responders and a car ambulance here as one of our guests isn't well.

BonkeyMollocks Mon 10-Sep-12 19:51:27

Do you think we should start a soap? confused

TheOneWithTheHair Mon 10-Sep-12 19:54:00

I still want to know about the prisoners revolt. grin

fivegomadindorset Mon 10-Sep-12 19:56:27

OK, I work for the clinical side of the substance misuse team in a prison, we run iinformation groups for the prisoners who are on prescriptions to help, the other side of our team want to take over these. The prisoners are not happy, they are putting in complaints and one of them is starting a petition.

TheOneWithTheHair Mon 10-Sep-12 20:40:10

Well I hope it's resolved peacefully!! shock

StealthPolarBear Mon 10-Sep-12 20:44:02

Not sure how much I weighed when these threads started. I was 16st6 in July 2011. Am now 11st13.

BonkeyMollocks Mon 10-Sep-12 20:46:22

stealth Thats really impressive, be very proud!

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