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Tabby appreciation thread (with pics)

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Hmmingbird Tue 07-Aug-18 21:57:30

Hi all,

I have a 4 month old tabby kitten called Ellie (tortie sister called Esme), and she's been very shy until yesterday when she wanted to play and purr and snuggle. First time for her, yet her sister is the opposite and won't leave me alone. I'm so happy she's finally mellowing, so thought I'd start a tabby appreciation thread smile

This is Ellie.

Lynne1Cat Tue 07-Aug-18 22:00:37

What a gorgeous girl!

My Mr Cooper is a Mackerel Tabby. He was feral, until I took him in 7 years ago

Lynne1Cat Tue 07-Aug-18 22:02:26

My boy again

MrsBertBibby Tue 07-Aug-18 22:03:29

Here's my old lady. Stripey cats are fab.

Hmmingbird Tue 07-Aug-18 22:05:40

Oh Lynne I love the tongue out photo - cats can look so adorably daft sometimes can't they?

Hmmingbird Tue 07-Aug-18 22:06:53

MrsBertBibby she's very regal. Definitely a duchess smile

Wellmeetontheledge Tue 07-Aug-18 22:07:06

Surprised tabby!

iloveredwine Tue 07-Aug-18 22:08:14

I have a big boy tabby

iloveredwine Tue 07-Aug-18 22:11:07

my sis new tabby kitten

Wellmeetontheledge Tue 07-Aug-18 22:11:09

@iloveredwine his expression!!! He’s so fluffy!

MrsBertBibby Tue 07-Aug-18 22:11:17


Knittedfrog Tue 07-Aug-18 22:11:30

My two!

iloveredwine Tue 07-Aug-18 22:12:03

he is amazing. always looks depressed or is it thoughtful?

Hmmingbird Tue 07-Aug-18 22:12:06

Wellmeet haha, so cute!

Iloveredwine - that is one big grumpy looking cat! Does he have some Maine coon in him? Bet he's a complete softie

Hmmingbird Tue 07-Aug-18 22:13:41

I love these, thanks everyone. Feeling the tabby-love grin

sweetkitty Tue 07-Aug-18 22:14:23

I lost my tabby boy last year. Couldn’t face another tabby so have a tortie and a ginger now. Tabbies are fab

iloveredwine Tue 07-Aug-18 22:17:14

he is a total softie. loves being stroked and brushed! Not sure if any Maine Coon in him as he was a rescue but he is amazing with the kids.

YouveCatToBeKittenMe Tue 07-Aug-18 22:19:11

Here’s mine
I’ve had him from 3-4 weeks old, when he was found as a stray, he’s now about 2, he’s very naughty!

iloveredwine Tue 07-Aug-18 22:19:15

feeling the heat!

EachandEveryone Tue 07-Aug-18 22:19:45

My gorgeous girl Daphne shes just turned two and shes the most friendliest cat. She wont let me out of her sight though!

YouveCatToBeKittenMe Tue 07-Aug-18 22:20:37

I’ve got a grey tabby too
She’s quite old

Icequeen01 Tue 07-Aug-18 22:22:43

We are currently in Cyprus on holiday and this little tabby lady (we've called her Tabitha) turned up at our villa on our first evening and hasn't left us since. I think she's been spayed as she has a nick out of her ear. She in pretty good shape but can be a little feisty and I've been swatted and hissed at a few times. She also inexplicably loves my DH's feet! Tonight she bravely crept onto my lap whilst I was lying on a sunbed reading. She was in total heaven and purring like a car engine as I gently stroked her. I'm already upset at the thought of having to leave her 😢

eddiemairswife Tue 07-Aug-18 22:23:52

I love tabbies, but have only ever had one. This is because all my other cats have been 'acquired' rather than chosen. My present incumbent is a worried looking black and white female.

chicken75 Tue 07-Aug-18 22:25:46


Liz38 Tue 07-Aug-18 22:27:20

My tabby girl has just been spayed. She didn't like the buster collar and took it off very quickly so she's in a football sock! First time I've tried to post a pic so hoping it's worked.

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