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Catsandkids78 Tue 15-May-18 16:07:48

Hi, I have a friend looking for a Maltipoo breeder in the UK - prepared to travel for the right puppy & must be able to see it with Mum.

Struggling to find a reputable breeder.

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tabulahrasa Tue 15-May-18 16:59:15

“Struggling to find a reputable breeder.”

That’ll be because there aren’t many... if any.

Catsandkids78 Tue 15-May-18 17:32:33

I am well versed in purchasing pedigrees etc and understand your statement but there will be some highly recommended hobby breeders I am sure... I am just not aware of them myself as I am personally into WD's

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JustHereForThePooStories Tue 15-May-18 17:35:15

But you know that isn’t a breed, don’t you?

Praisebe Tue 15-May-18 17:36:56

A Maltipoo is a puppy farm breed no such thing as a "Hobby breeder" or a reputable breeder of those types

starryflamingo Tue 15-May-18 17:38:28

It's not a breed, its a mutt. Therefore there are no reputable breeders because there is no breed standard.

TheHodgeoftheHedge Tue 15-May-18 17:48:00

Exactly what the others said.


SlothMama Tue 15-May-18 17:53:16

You won't find a reputable breeder, people who breed these designer dogs are purely after the money.

A decent breeder will have performed health checks on the bitch and the dog, so look out for that.

Praisebe Tue 15-May-18 17:58:30

And also seeing a pup with its mum means zilch that dog could be anyone's dog And Not related to the pup in the slightest its a common trick used by backyard breeders and puppy farms to lull people into a false sense of security

fivedogstofeed Tue 15-May-18 19:46:06

A good 'Maltipoo' breeder is just not something you will find I'm afraid.
No doubt someone will come on saying they have one that came from a lovely family home, but the reality is likely to be something quite different.
There's really no reason to breed this cross other than for money. 'Maltipoo' puppies will either come from a puppy farm, or from a poodle breeder wanting extra money (having KC registered all possible poodle litters, unscrupulous breeders will produce some non KC registered crossbreed litters)
If your friend really isn't aware of puppy farming then please point her in the direction of this website.

Catsandkids78 Tue 15-May-18 21:19:59

I’ve talked her through puppy farming, I’ve read the sites etc - either way she is going to buy one of these dogs so I’m looking for the best option.

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Catsandkids78 Tue 15-May-18 21:23:06

Also do you have the same thoughts on cockapoos? Out of pure interest

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fivedogstofeed Tue 15-May-18 21:40:45

Frankly, yes.
If she's determined to buy one then pointing out the number in rescue probably won't change anythingsad
Doodle Trust is a good guide to buying a puppy ( maybe the link will lead her to the rehoming page....) . There's a lot of useful info on that site about poodle crosses.

tabulahrasa Tue 15-May-18 22:32:06

“Also do you have the same thoughts on cockapoos? Out of pure interest”

Pretty much... though because cockers are more plentiful to start with you up your chances a bit of finding a backyard breeder, but still slim to none of actual decent ethical breeders.

Appletreecorner Wed 16-May-18 02:02:03

Also do you have the same thoughts on cockapoos? Out of pure interest

As you will have already discovered the MN standard response to any post regarding poodle crosses is Puppy Farm!

This doesn't seem to apply to the thousands of pets4homes and preloved adverts for 'pedigrees' without papers or any other of the other crosses that are popular these days.

Maltese pups are very cute BTW. Before you buy make sure you have researched the breed and potential breeders. Exactly the same as any other breed really.... Waiting for the holler of 'It's not a breed! Its a mongrel!' "😂

If a Maltese is your your preferred breed go for it and middle finger up to those who think their 'pedigree' is somehow superior. All dogs have been crossed somewhere along the line and not all breeders are puppy farmers. You will spot a puppy farmer a mile off..

90sBrows Wed 16-May-18 02:34:00

In Australia, they are known as moodles (or mutts), if that helps with your search terms? As it's not a breed, the dogs themselves vary widely in looks, health and temperament. My friend has two from the same puppy farm mother and they couldn't be more opposite if you tried.

tabulahrasa Wed 16-May-18 07:12:28

“This doesn't seem to apply to the thousands of pets4homes and preloved adverts for 'pedigrees' without papers or any other of the other crosses that are popular these days.”

Of course it does.

fivedogstofeed Wed 16-May-18 07:14:14

Appletree many purebred dogs also come from puppy farms, this is well known. Poodle crosses do get singled out because their huge popularity has fuelled the trade and because the chances of finding one bred for good reasons are virtually zero.

The attitude that you should buy whatever puppy you want regardless of where it comes from and fuck what people say is what keeps puppy farming going.

The idea that people will spot puppy farmers a mile off is also clearly wrong. It's a multibillion pound industry designed to dupe people and the ways this is done get better all the time.

Veterinari Wed 16-May-18 07:19:43

You will spot a puppy farmer a mile off..

Interesting because the vast number of clients I see with puppy-farm purchased dogs had no idea that they were buying from a puppy farm and were utterly duped.

Please do enlighten us as to the obvious signs Apple

Noqonterfy Wed 16-May-18 07:25:23

Maltipoo? That's not a breed confused

drearydeardre Wed 16-May-18 08:00:04

I am shocked at the prices of these 'hybrids' and how they are described shock

Praisebe Wed 16-May-18 09:00:36

1950 ?? hmm they go for £500 tops where i live. Disgusted

Appletreecorner Wed 16-May-18 10:24:44

Appletree many purebred dogs also come from puppy farms, this is well known.

I'm well aware of that. It's only on MN someone mentions cockapoo and everyone screams PUPPY FARM!

If someone posts a pic of a Labrador/JRT/Spaniel/Poodle or any other breed puppy nobody mentions puppy farms.

Amazing isn't it?

fivedogstofeed Wed 16-May-18 10:33:04

I may not jump on every lab/poodle/ beagle thread screaming " puppy farm" but sadly I am thinking it sad

pigsDOfly Wed 16-May-18 10:44:09

I was going to ask about how you can spot a puppy farm Appletreecorner but see Veterinari got there before me.

They don't invite most buyers to come to their disgusting breeding premises, they will set up 'home' situations with a 'mother' in place. And they will often provided buyer with 'KC papers'.

Most puppies bought in this country come from puppy farms and no most people cannot spot a puppy farm a mile off.

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