Love Island 7 - in with the old, out with the new…

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AngeloMysterioso Fri 23-Jul-21 08:44:04


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GreenSpiral Fri 23-Jul-21 08:45:13

Hahaha Chloe got what she deserved! I'm just gutted she didn't go grin

EsmeraldasTambourine Fri 23-Jul-21 08:50:22

Starting to love Liam as much as Millie now!
They're so good together 🥰
Tyler is hot but I could not understand the brief kiss with kaz then the look over the balcony so see if hopefully they'd been seen.. not lustful at all!!!!!

AramintaLee Fri 23-Jul-21 09:04:16

Watched this go down last night and I think Hugo is allowed his opinion on how Toby behaved towards Chloe... but he should have addressed it privately. Kicking off like he did means he's involved the whole group and made everyone feel awkward. I also felt really sorry for Georgia as all this happening resulted in her getting dumped and no one was really focussing on that.

I thought Hugo was quite mature, but now I think he used the opportunity as a declaration of love for Chloe whilst simultaneously shitting all over Toby. Kaz's look of disgust said it all.

MummyJ12 Fri 23-Jul-21 09:07:34

I missed the last bit!! Bloomin Sky tv!!!

PennyRoyal Fri 23-Jul-21 09:13:35


I missed the last bit!! Bloomin Sky tv!!!

I think it was itv2's doing. Lots of PPs with same issue. It was advertised 9-10:05 but there was an ad break at 9:55 and it actually finished around 10:15pm. The whole choosing and dumping was shown rather than keeping us waiting on a cliffhanger for the next episode as they usually do!

AngeloMysterioso Fri 23-Jul-21 09:17:52


I missed the last bit!! Bloomin Sky tv!!!

My virgin media box cut out too

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MummyJ12 Fri 23-Jul-21 09:20:16

Thanks @PennyRoyal I’ll have to catch up and watch ‘the speech!’

MrsElijahMikaelson1 Fri 23-Jul-21 09:23:14

Tbh I like Hugo. He’s straight as an arrow and clearly doesn’t believe in messing people about. He could have done it differently but I think he has been quietly simmering for a while about how some people are behaving and it all spilt out in a big word vomit.

unique1986 Fri 23-Jul-21 09:27:38

Rubbish indeed. Hate Hugo.

Terriblecreature Fri 23-Jul-21 09:32:19

I absolutely loved this last night, best bit of drama and entertainment that has happened on it. Toby is extremely immature and to be fair he has now done this to two girls, kaz and Chloe so he deserved to have been called out in front of everyone. In there they r all sucking up each others backsides so I liked what Hugo done. Chloe was a bit smarmy in her reaction. I definately got the vibe that Hugo likes Chloe romantically, I doubt Chloe feels the same though.

Liam and Millie seem like the only genuine couple in there, I hope they win

queenjaneappro Fri 23-Jul-21 09:32:25

I thought Faye and Toby hated each other. Then last night she was outraged on his behalf and the first one over hugging him?
I was starting to warm to Faye but this has put me right off again- she just wants to be in the middle of the drama.

MummyJ12 Fri 23-Jul-21 09:32:26

I was a fan of Hugo but I’m questioning as to why he’s in there?! At the moment it seems it’s just for the tan and the holiday! He doesn’t seem interested in finding anything but a friendship couple. I do think he genuinely likes Chloe but she’s made it clear that he’s got zero chance there…..

unique1986 Fri 23-Jul-21 09:36:59

I thought the drama at the end was boring and contrived.
Give me a organic argument without rehearsals any day.

Mummylin Fri 23-Jul-21 09:39:05

Just to let you know, Hugo,s speech is on YouTube.

Ourlady Fri 23-Jul-21 09:41:12

I couldn't understand Faye's outrage on behalf of Toby. I thought they couldn't stand each other.
There's no way Amy fancies Toby. She's far too mature for him but she done a good job of pretending and got to stay.
Poor Georgia. She was so lovely but just didn't fit with all the fakeness. She was just cannon fodder.

TheRebelle Fri 23-Jul-21 09:42:56

I think they should’ve kept Georgia and sent in two new boys, she didn’t get a chance, it was either go for Hugo or split up another couple and she definitely wasn’t the man eater type like Abi and it would be so much better for the young girls watching to see someone with no cosmetic surgery do well rather than be rejected within hours of entering.

Vodkabulary Fri 23-Jul-21 09:43:37

On the last thread it was mentioned a few times that Toby prob jumped ship because he and Chloe weren’t popular. I think that’s right which is a shame because Chloe did make the point she wasn’t bothered because she liked him and what they had. I think Tony is just too arrogant or tough to realise he’s unpopular because he’s acting like a bellend

Kaz was clearly pissed that Chloe didn’t get the boot. I guess you can’t blame here but she was clearly very excited that Chloe would get a humiliating exit after being dumped by Toby

Faye just infuriates me she needs to make the drama about her. I like her and Teddy as a couple but I just find her so annoying that I can’t get past that. Poor Teddy

I think it was pretty clear all the boys apart from Jake agreed with Hugo or at least thought what Toby was doing was crap. They even said it at one point that he can’t have abi and expect Chloe just to be waiting.

My sky box cut out too! Had to re watch it in itv2+1 to get the ending!

Millie and Liam to win!

blossomhillx Fri 23-Jul-21 10:05:06

I also think Hugo is a bit pissed off with Toby over not even getting a chance to speak with Abi as he seemed to think both girls had come in solely for himhmm he defo fancies Chloe though but I agree she will probably make a beeline for Tyler now
I imagine casa amor is next week I can see Toby switching again
Feel sorry for Georgia she came in with the big announcement about wanting to get to know Hugo and I think from the get go he thought he was better than her

AngeloMysterioso Fri 23-Jul-21 10:24:12

Is Chloe dumb enough to go after Kaz’s guy twice in a row though? She must know that’s at least part of the reason she and Toby are always bottom of the popularity pile…

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JacquelineCarlyle Fri 23-Jul-21 10:26:18

I didn't think Hugo fancied Chloe but rather he didn't fancy Georgia and does like Chloe as a friend so saved her, especially as he didn't agree how Toby had treated her. Chloe had also previously saved him so he was returning the favour.

Even if his speech was scripted by producers, I liked it and loved Toby hearing the truth of the situation!

jay55 Fri 23-Jul-21 10:26:26

I can understand Faye getting in the drama, they all must be bored to tears by now.

Noterook Fri 23-Jul-21 10:27:14

I don't dislike Hugo as obviously we only see a small snippet, but I find him boring from what we do see, and he doesn't seem genuine.

livingoffcoffee Fri 23-Jul-21 10:27:53

I can't tell if Faye was saying that was rude - as in rude to Toby, or rude to Georgia? As it looked like her and Georgia had been quite friendly

unique1986 Fri 23-Jul-21 10:34:32

On weds episode of love island - ian stirling made s comment about getting georgia extra leg room on the flight home on FRIDAY. If that that doesn’t prove
is completely fixed idk what does #loveisland

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